How to Eat Clean and Never Succumb to Chronic Stress

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It may seem surprising, but eating the wrong foods can contribute to stress. Read on to find out what you should be eating to combat stress.

The foods that you eat actually have a huge impact on how stressed out you are. The more junk you eat, the harder your body has to work in order to process that food and the less energy it can glean from it, which stresses your system out. When you eat clean, however, the food that you eat efficiently and effectively fuels your body and makes you much more capable of fighting stress. Here’s how to eat clean and fight that chronic stress:

Cut Down on Processed Foods

What are processed foods? These can be admittedly difficult to identify. In short, a processed food is anything that has had artificial flavors added to it. These foods have been refined, preservatives have been added, or they have been manufactured in a lab. Even applesauce made with organic apples and no added sugars is considered processed because the apples have been altered from their original state. Not all processing is bad—but most processing is. Avoiding anything that’s been produced in a lab is one of the best ways to eat clean and reduce stress on your system.

Add in Fresh Fruit and Veggies

Even if you do eat some fruits and vegetables throughout the day, you’re probably not eating enough. Look for organic fruit and veggies and make sure they make up the majority of every meal and snack. Why is eating organic so important? If you can find certified organic (the term “organic” is not well regulated—any brand can smack it on their fruit or vegetables, only certified organic foods are guaranteed to be organic) fruit and vegetables, this means that they were raised without hormones or genetic modification.

Choose Farm Fresh Diary, Eggs, and Meat

You don’t have to cut out milk, eggs, chicken, pork, or steak, but you do have to look for products that are ethically raised. This means that they are fed foods that they would naturally find in the wild and that they are never given hormones or chemicals to make them grow faster or fatter. Usually anything with the label “farm fresh” or “certified organic” will meet these criteria.

Following these simple rules and cutting out junk and processed foods can seriously reduce the strain that your food puts on the body, which combats stress and makes you healthier.


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