Treadmill Desk For Work: Get Healthy & Work at the Same Time

Did you know that sitting for more than a few hours a day can actually contribute to chronic diseases like heart disease and even cancer? Our bodies want to be active, they want to move, even when we force them to sit still, for example, when we work a desk job. That’s why a treadmill desk for work can be such a fantastic tool to work AND stay healthy.

Whether you are a high-powered lawyer or a stay-at-home mom, you probably spend a lot of time at a desk or table, paying bills, helping with homework, writing briefs, etc. A treadmill desk for work may therefore be ideal for you.

Even if you simply surf the internet all day, you probably do it sitting or lying down. You may want to get healthy, but you don’t want to sacrifice work or relaxation time, just to walk on the treadmill.


One of the biggest complaints about exercise is that it is boring. And walking on a treadmill can certainly be boring. Nothing says, “You’re going nowhere,” better than staring at a blank wall as you jog. Even watching television rarely holds the attention long enough to make it viable exercise entertainment. Even more women complain that getting healthy is simply too time consuming.

Think about it. If you don’t own your own machines, you have to get ready, drive to a gym, work out (for at least an hour, according to most studies), drive home, shower, and then get for the day. Before you know it, two to three hours of your day has been eaten up by working out. And for busy mothers and business women, it simply isn’t practical.

Instead of cutting out exercise altogether, which can be damaging to your system, you’ll need to find another solution. Finding a way to incorporate working out into your daily routine, without disrupting the work you need to get done, is the only way that getting healthy actually makes sense.

This is where the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk actually spans just about any treadmill and is fully adjustable, so you can place it at the perfect height. As you answer emails or scroll through Pinterest, you are walking along, getting healthy as you relax your mind. It even has holders to secure documents, telephones, drinks, and computers during a vigorous workout.

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Whether you simply prefer to watch your favorite shows online, or legitimately want to get computer work done while you walk your way to a better life, this is the best way to set up your computer for use on the treadmill. The best part is, because it is not eating away at your work time, you can actually work out longer than you would otherwise.

We are all looking for ways to streamline our lives. There simply isn’t any better way than to combine two of the day’s most necessary routines into one, more fun routine.

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