Inspirational Quote: Good Things Happen To Me Everyday…



How About You?

Tell us what you think about this inspirational quote. Leave a comment below and let us know…at least ONE good thing that happened to you this week!

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Darlene is passionate and enthusiastic about helping women simplify their lives, develop stress resilience, regain balance, and find happiness, despite the personal storms life throws at them. She has published a popular series of stress management books which focus on simple, practical and healthy stress relief strategies, as well as provide FREE resources and services that help women become more stress-resilient.


  1. A very good day to you

    This quote is a very good one and every one can make good things happens into their lives every day by being positive and always with that smile on their face.

    The good things am experiencing in my life so far every day is the courtessy and love that am being given by work colleagues and this brings so much joy and happiness in my every day life even if I’ve got my ups and down and I really look forward to being at my workplace. When you are nice to people, people are attached to you.



    • Hi Antoinette, Thanks for the comment. True, life can be full of ups and downs that cause stress, tension and anxiety, with we are not totally helpless. We determine how we react to situations in life, and a positive attitude really can make a profound difference. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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