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Now, what exactly is Resolutions For Stress Relief?

This ebook is the culmination of years of trial and error in coping with stress, and months of research regarding practical stress relief strategies that work.

Women everywhere are experiencing severe amounts of stress in all aspects of their lives, on the job and at home. Everyone spends those last few weeks of December trying to come up with the perfect New Year’s resolution. Yet, everyone spends those first few weeks of January ignoring those resolutions and slipping back into our old habits. Really, you never have to wait for that time of year in order to start making resolutions to change your life and change your thought habits – especially when it’s about reducing stress; something that’s vital to your overall health and wellbeing.

This delightful, self-help book specifically targets the most important resolution for 2013. The one and only resolution to be made for a happier, healthier new year is reducing stress. Compassionately, this book is designed to help women reduce stress in the coming New Year.

It’s difficult to take active steps to lower the stress levels in your life and to move from motivation to permanent lifestyle changes. A resolution is simply a promise to yourself to reach the goal that you have set. The tough part about a resolution is that it is much easier to let those goals slide than it is to accomplish them. In this book I show you how to set “SMART” stress reduction goals AND achieve them.

I start out on a strategic and informational journey offering valuable methods of stress management for women. Pertinent, goal-reaching information and interactive methods of direction emphasize key points for embracing and enjoying daily, stress-reducing habits and routines. Under the terms of the acronym, SMART, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely, ultimate goals reached instill renewed balance and joy.

My life use to feel like a pressure cooker. And I used to think that I was the only woman in the world in that predicament. But I am FAR from alone. Women today are under a lot of pressure. We have more choices and more opportunities than our mothers and grandmothers did. We can have anything and everything we want, as long as we’re willing to work for it. But we must not lose sight of what is most important in life. To live a stress-free happy life, it’s vitally important to be balanced, in every aspect of our lives, at work, at home and at play! I feel confident that my self-help stress solutions book series will help women around the globe do just that.

My book “Resolutions For Stress Relief” is a definite read-all for all women, learn why stress-reducing solutions are the most significant New Year’s resolution of our time. The perfect book to pass down from generation to generation, I certainly hope that Resolutions for Stress Relief (Self-Help Stress Solutions) becomes a household resource for years to come.

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Darlene is passionate and enthusiastic about helping women simplify their lives, develop stress resilience, regain balance, and find happiness, despite the personal storms life throws at them. She has published a popular series of stress management books which focus on simple, practical and healthy stress relief strategies, as well as provide FREE resources and services that help women become more stress-resilient.

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