Does The Lack of Time Management Skills Make You Feel Stressed?


Today I wanted to give you some tips for time management so that you can see just how important it is for stress relief.  If the lack of time management skills makes you feel stressed you are definitely not alone.

Most of us women feel stressed about not having enough time at one point or another and, when you really think about it, time is at the heart of much of the stress that we feel. Doesn’t it always feel like there’s never enough of it?

The idea about time being at the basis of much of your stress is something that I covered in great detail in my TIME MANAGEMENT FOR STRESS RELIEF book that I’d love you to pick up when you get a chance.
But, besides that, here are some perfect tips to get you started!

Getting everything done that you need to accomplish everyday can be stressful. As a busy mom, career woman, grandma, or housewife, you can take steps to make the day more productive and relaxed with just a little planning. You will find that this extra preparation allows you to focus and take things in stride, even when life is more than a little chaotic.

Get Up Early

Getting out of bed earlier than necessary may not, at least at first glance, seem like a good way to reduce stress. There is a great advantage to getting up a little earlier than your family. You can have a little time to organize things for the day ahead without being distracted, and you can spend a little time doing something that relaxes and inspires you. Reading, meditation, or even exercise are all options that you can choose. Do something you love and the rest of the day will be more enjoyable.

Know What to Expect

Stress levels peak when you are trying to accomplish several things at once. For example, dinner time is among the top stress causing times of day for families. Your family may experience higher stress at other times, as well. Planning for these times can help you focus on completing necessary tasks with minimal frustration.

You can try introducing a new routine that fits the needs of your family better. For example, if the kids are cranky during dinner preparation because they are hungry, you may want to move the meal up an hour or offer a healthy snack while the meal cooks. Taking the time to experiment with routines and schedules can really help you find patterns that fit the needs of your family best.

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Be Flexible

Stress also happens when it seems like nothing is being accomplished despite your best efforts. Having children requires being able to decide which tasks are most important and what can be changed to fit into your day better. Sometimes, it is better to leave chores for tomorrow and simply order dinner in. Know what absolutely must be done beforehand each day and focus on those tasks when things go awry.

Find Peace

Inner calm is the key to reducing stress. Both gardening and yoga are well-known for their relaxing benefits. Signing up for a gardening class, or using a yoga DVD at home, is a great way to become less stressed. If you don’t have a space for a traditional garden, try growing herbs and vegetables in containers.

Above all, you should expect the unexpected. Sick children, running late, or burning dinner don’t have to ruin your day. Make a list of things you are thankful for, take a deep breath, and think about the things on your list when the going gets tough.

I hope that you can feel some relief just from reading these tips!

If you’re looking for an in-depth delve into the idea of time management for us busy women, you’re going to love my Kindle book – TIME MANAGEMENT FOR STRESS RELIEF so I’d love for you to get a chance to read it because I promise you that it’s something that will help you see the patterns that involve time that underlie much of your feelings of stress.

To your stress relief success!

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