Easy Divorce Stress Tips For Smart Moms and Their Kids

There’s no doubt that divorce stress can take a toll on every member of the family. Even in cases when divorce seems to be the best solution, in reality there are NO winners.

Divorce leaves a trail of broken hearts, broken lives and broken promises behind. For many women, it can be a devastating and shattering life experience. But women are not the only victims of divorce stress.

If there are kids involved, it’s usually the kids that are hit the hardest by the divorce. And the younger the child is the more difficult it may be for her to grasp what is going on.

She loves mommy and daddy and cannot understand why they won’t live together anymore. Seeing your child suffer as a result of divorce only adds to your own emotional pain the break-up is causing.

3 Tips For Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce Stress

1. Talk about what is happening. The more you talk to your children about the divorce the better it will be for both of you.

Talking is a good form of therapy. Don’t keep your pain all bottled up inside. Open and honest conversation that is appropriate to the age of your child help her sort out her own worries about what will happen next. Kids often blame themselves when their parents get a divorce so talking with your children is important in helping them to see that the divorce has nothing to do with them.

Whatever you do, do NOT act like nothing is going on. Kids instinctively know when there is a problem. If you do not talk to them, they are more likely to blame themselves for everything. That would be the ultimate tragedy.

2. Avoid The Blame Game. When a relationship ends in divorce, its easy to point fingers at the “guilty” party.

As much as the “blame game” may make you feel better temporarily, it rarely eases the pain and chaos that comes with getting a divorce. Regardless of which adult is to blame for the divorce, make sure your children know that the divorce is not their fault. Since the kids seldom know the true cause of the divorce, they often blame themselves.

Some kids may even start to believe that there’s something they can do to patch up the relationship and stop the divorce altogether. While dealing with your own broken heart, make sure you help your kids come to terms with their own feelings and hurt about the divorce as well.

3. Secure A Stable Parenting Partnership. If children are involved, this is where divorce stress can present a real challenge for women.

Your marriage is ending, but the parenting partnership has to continue. Your kids STILL need their Mom and Dad. You need to reassure them that mom and dad both love them very much.

With all the changes your child will be confronted with as a result of the divorce, she needs to know that one thing – the most important thing of all – isn’t going to change. She needs to know that her mom and dad still love her and that BOTH will be there for her, no matter what!

Coping with divorce can be especially challenging for women since you have to deal with your own shattered dreams of the “happily ever after” you envisioned when you got married. But when there are children involved, the situation is compounded many times over.

Divorce Is An Evil Reality Of Modern-Day Living

Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most evil realities of modern day living. As the statistics continue to rise exponentially so do the numbers of women, men, and children suffering from divorce stress.

If divorce is a necessary evil that you are currently coping with, it does not have to destroy your health or affect how you raise your children. Use the three tips above to cope with the situation and if you have kids, remember their needs too!

If you do that, you’ll both survive what could very well be the biggest challenge and most painful period you will ever face as a family.


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