Outdoor Furniture Cushions: Perfect For Lulling You Into A Peaceful Outdoor Nap

Having backyard furniture can be a real treat for the whole family to enjoy. There’s nothing like relaxing on a chaise lounge, sipping an ice-cold lemonade and watching the lazy summer days come and go. When you’re finished with your refreshing dip in the pool, it’s nice to have a chaise lounge that you can stretch out on. The cushions are enough to lull anyone into a peaceful outdoor nap. Chaise Lounge Comfort  Requires A Quality Cushion That comfort can be interrupted. Over time, the cushions can lose their shape, lose their color and even get holes in them from sharp objects or frisky pets using it as a scratching post. Or maybe you’ve inherited some used outdoor furniture like a chaise lounge from family or friends and the cushion just isn’t what you would prefer it to be. If that’s the case, you can easily replace it with a Strathwood Chaise Lounge Cushion and enjoy comfort for years to come. This cushion will make any chaise lounge look like it got an instant upgrade in fashion and style. It’s soft and has just the right amount of fill (you get a cushy four inches) to make sitting on the chaise an exercise in comfort. The cloth covering the cushion isn’t stiff like you can sometimes get with other cushions. Instead, the polyester material is loosely designed so that the cushion isn’t hot or sticky to sit on, even on those scorching summer days. The cushions hold on their color because the material opposes the damage caused by the sun’s light and it won’t easily absorb dirt or discoloration from spills. Cleaning is a breeze. The Best Chaise Lounge Cushion The length and width of the Strathwood Chaise Lounge Cushion is fairly universal, so it can easily fit any standard chaise lounge chair. We all know how kids love to jump on indoor or outdoor furniture no matter what might be on the bottoms of their shoes. In the event that someone does accidentally get something on a cushion, all you have to do is shake off any debris. If it’s food or drink that gets dropped onto the cushion, just sponge it up immediately and the cushion will be as good as new. You can get the cushion in a choice of four colors – black, red, neutral or mist (which looks like a mint green). Once you get the cushion you’ve selected, all you have to do to be ready to use it is tie it to the chaise with the handy cushion ties. Like any cushion, if they’re left outdoors in the elements, they’ll get soggy with water – so you’ll need to either protect them by buying a chaise lounge cover or store them out of the elements when the weather is bad.   Image: Amazon.com

Chaise Lounge Cover: The Best Solution To Prevent Sun Damage To Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is a great way to expand your living space and enjoy some fresh air. Relaxing outside on the deck can be a great way to spend an afternoon or an evening. Kicking back, grilling out, sharing delicious food and conversation with friends can be enjoyable when you have backyard seating so no one has to stand around.

But that backyard seating can turn useless after a rainstorm where all of the cushions are drenched with water. Even though they’ll eventually dry, after awhile, the cushions will start to hold on to an odor and you don’t want yourself or any guests sitting on furniture that reeks.

Chaise Lounge Covers Is The Solution

Thankfully, there’s a solution that you can get right now to prevent soggy furniture cushions and sun damage from happening to your yard furniture. With the Mr. Bar-B-Q Premium Chaise Lounge Cover, you can safely protect your furniture from the elements – including any wear or warping by the sun’s heat.

This cover won’t let water penetrate the protective shield it gives your furniture. It’s like having a fitted umbrella closing around your furniture so that it stays nice and dry for you to use. Each cover will fit one lounge chaise, so you’ll want to make sure you get one for each chair.

Many Plus Points Worth Considering

The cover is made of strong canvas without the addition of PVC – that toxic product that isn’t good for your health or the environment. Having a cover does more than keep the rain (or snow depending on where you live) off of your chaise.

It also acts as a barrier that helps keep your chaise clean, and you won’t have to worry about bird droppings on your cushions. The canvas is strong enough to protect your chaise even when the rains are heavier and you have dirt splash up from the water.

Your outdoor chaise lounge will still remain clean and dry. The canvas is durable enough so that all you have to do to keep it clean is to run a washcloth over the material.

As you know, no matter how well you seal wooden furniture, anytime it’s left openly exposed to the elements, the wood is going to begin to crack because of the weather and heat. This chaise lounge cover can help keep the wooden parts of your chaise looking like it was just bought.

Who Else Needs An Outdoor Patio Table For A Relaxing OutDoor Space?

If you’re in need of a new outdoor patio table for your outdoor space, you want to make sure that you get one that’s top quality. Not all outdoor furniture can stand up against what nature throws at it.

Buy Durable Pieces

Over time, tables that are less than best at outdoor living just won’t hold up. Since you don’t want to buy furniture that you have to constantly replace, it only makes sense to buy the most durable pieces when you make your first purchase.

Having an outdoor patio table is a must have for any backyard deck, patio or gazebo. They’re perfect to use when you want to eat outdoors or when you want to have a couple of friends over for a few hands of cards and a relaxing time together. They’re also a perfect place to hang with a drink when you want to chat with family while the steaks grill.

Get The Right  Size For Your Outdoor Space

You don’t want to get a big, bulky table that will diminish your outdoor living space. You want one that’s just the right size. The L.B. International Shanghai 91160 Resin Wicker Table is attractive to look at as well being perfectly suitable in the size department.

It’s one of the top selling outdoor patio  tables on the market. Though the table is sturdy and long lasting, it’s also lightweight at under 15 pounds, so if you don’t like it where you first set it up, it’s easy to move to a new location.

The table has a wicker weave and the top of the table is glass that’s thick enough to handle hot or cold dishes served right on it. The black edging around the tabletop and for the legs make it an attractive addition to any outdoor furniture set.

Right Size, Great Style

The size and style make it a great choice for wicker furniture. The frame of the table is made of steel, so it can withstand the elements and the heat of the sun, too. Because it has a finish on the top of the glass that’s smooth rather than bumpy, any debris wipes off of it easily and the glass is easy to clean.

The only downside to having a table that’s clear glass is that pets love to sit beneath the table while you eat in the hopes of getting a bite. Another drawback is that the table is attractive enough to be used inside the house as well, so you might find yourself still without an outdoor table if you decide to steal it for indoor use from time to time.

 Want more Options For an Outdoor Patio Table?

Click the images below to check out some more outdoor table options.

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A Must Have Accessory For Outdoor Chaise Lounge Owners

The outdoors is a lovely place to be.  You can soak up the sun, relax and rejuvenate after a long week at the office.  You can get some alone time with a good book and a glass of something refreshing. Not everyone can jet off to a spa, so we settle for carving out some time to restore our energy in our own homes and backyards.

If You Own An Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair You Need a Lounge Chair Towel!

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who own an outdoor chaise lounge chair, there’s a towel made specifically for the chair that helps you relax without having to get up and sit back down a million times.

You know how it is when you get ready to head outside onto your deck or patio or to hang by your pool. You have to gather up your lotion to protect your skin from the sun, and then you have to make sure you get a water bottle so you don’t dehydrate.

You would like to finish that book you never seem to have time to finish, so you gather that, too. Your arms are full of the goodies that you want to take outside and once you get outside, how can you keep track of everything and keep them handy so that you can reach them with ease?

A Lounge Chair Towel Can Simply Your Life

A Lounge Chair Towel can simplify things. These towels are super handy. There are pockets to store everything that you want to have with you outdoors. The pockets are deep and wide enough to hold a bestselling novel – and there are plenty of pockets for the other stuff, too.

You know you don’t want to hear your neighbor’s lawnmower or his dog barking, you don’t want to hear any noises to pull you out of your zone – so you bring your portable music device.

The towel can keep these devices safe and dry and away from prying eyes if you’re in a public place like a beach. You won’t have to worry about water splashing onto any of your expensive goodies or sand scratching and ruining them or thieves making off with them because they’re lying out in the open.

A Lounge Chair Towel Soaks Up Water Too

The Lounge Chair Towel was made to soak up water with the thickness of the cloth. Made of terry that can drink up water with the absorbent properties, you’ll stay comfortable and dry no matter where you are.

This isn’t a tiny towel that you can barely wrap around you. This one gives you 7 feet of pampering comfort and plushness. Once you get the towel, head for your chaise lounge chair and it will cover the chair completely so that you sit in comfort with all of your belongings within easy reach.

It’s one of the best stress relief summer gifts you’ll give yourself and it even comes in different colors. If you’re planning some summer fun with the family, these towels are the perfect way to keep everything handy and add some sweet softness to your rustic outdoor moments.


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An Outdoor Chaise Lounge Can Create A Relaxing Backyard Escape

A chaise lounge is known for its elegance. It just oozes appeal for those who want to create a backyard escape. But because it’s placed in often harsh conditions, it has to be crafted in a way that makes it last for years to come.

Many people think that harder is stronger. But that’s not always the case. Strong wood can sometimes crack or fade in sunlight, especially when it’s not taken care of with proper oils and protection.

What To Look For

You should have a chaise lounge that maintains its aesthetic appeal, looking just as new on the second year of use as it did the day you brought it home.

Aside from looks, it should also be durable in the functioning department. Some chaise lounge chairs have little tables or drawers that slide out, and in time, they begin to lock up and don’t work properly.

Great Option To Choose From

If you are looking for a chaise lounge to create your own relaxing backyard escape, the options we selected below are great choices worth considering:


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