Nutrition, Exercise and Stress Relief in your Backyard

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Sometimes the best things for stress relief can be found right at home.

So last time for Wellness Wednesday , we took a stroll in nature on a camping trip and looked at the therapeutic effects of camping out in Nature. While camping can be a planned weekend or vacation event that really does us well to recharge our spirits to face a world filled with stressors, there are days when a dose of nature cannot wait for a weekend trip at a campsite.

This is where the hobby of gardening comes into play. Some people have gardens of flowers, vegetables or fruits trees. Others have more elaborate gardens, containing it all; complete with lush foliage and fish ponds, bird baths and garden benches. Your back yard garden can be your place of reconnecting with nature, of finding solitude or sharing time with loved ones. Hey, you might even be able to pitch a tent and camp in your backyard! Click here to see how that’s done.

Gardening, as explained in my book Gardening for Stress Relief, reveals the benefits of exercise, stress relief through the sights, sounds and smells of nature. This book references recommendations of doctors and physical therapists on the benefits of gardening. It talks about its physical benefits on the body, to the feeling of personal satisfaction and creativity when your garden produces beautiful flowers, vegetables or fruits that can be of good nutrition for yourself or even be shared with others.

Discover how easy it is to take up gardening as a hobby. Learn the ins and outs of just what you need to create a backyard garden that brings you happiness and stress relief at the end of the day.

My book covers the different types of gardens, horticultural programs, even how to treat the soil before planting. It also focuses on the healing effects of gardening for children, the elderly, the physically or mentally challenged, and the highly stressed woman who needs that relief.

Whether your thing is planting your own fruits and vegetables, herbs or flowers, watching fish jump in the garden pond as birds bathe in the bird bath, this book covers it all.

Click here  for  some quick links to help you find guidelines on having a better garden experience.

You will walk away educated, with a new hobby and a great way to get exercise, have fun, be creative and experience nature while creating something beautiful that can be shared.

If you are just learning about gardening, Click this link on how to start a garden.

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How to Fight Stress With Innovative and Inexpensive Gardening Therapy!


Today I wanted to talk a little about gardening and the way that it can really make a huge difference in your stress levels. There are SO many reasons that gardening is a perfect way to reduce stress so it’s important that it gets a mention – even if it’s something that, at first, you didn’t think you would be interested in!

To reduce the friction of high stress levels and their negative side effects, you may fight back through innovative and inexpensive gardening therapy!

Any Type of Gardening

All types of flower and vegetable gardens reap produce and afford healing properties for their proprietors. Beneficial plots of gardening space may be found right outside your back door or at community gardens in locales across metropolitan areas. Women of value are constantly seeking to improve their mental faculties through natural remedies, and gardening is at the top of the list.

Exercise and Stamina

Improve your stamina through a period of routine time spent in the outdoors and enjoy the physical stretching, walking and bending associated with gardening. Taking time to change your pace is an essential key in reducing your personal stress and increasing energy and mental sharpness.

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A New Quest For Solitude and Wellbeing

Everyday gardening may bring the needed solitude to gather your thoughts and renew your ability to press on with family and career matters. Pulling weeds and tending to the essentials of raising flowers and vegetables is a practice that is uncomplicated and soul-soothing. You may quickly gain relief with an early morning routine in the garden area, small lunch time retreats or leisurely weekend afternoons.

Feeling Good In Nature

Choose the practice and release the good endorphins that stimulate pleasure through the indulgence of gardening practices. These simple rituals bathe your body and mind with a cleansing effect that is much needed to cope with the difficult emotional and financial issues of our times. Seek to provide yourself with a low cost, high personal benefit program that outdoor gardening provides. Learn about specific plantings for your gardening zone and enjoy a year round experience in many areas of the country. Spread your cheer from the garden to the dining room and beyond when this relaxation technique is included in your weekly or daily schedule.

Enjoy it!

Help yourself to a healthy dose of reality and take on the care of a garden. You may choose to work alone and enjoy the solitude or with others and enjoy conversations about new and different ideas. Keep yourself on the road to personal and mental success by digging in the dirt and bringing to life fresh flowers and a variety of seasonal vegetables. Gardening in the light of day is your personal mood lifter and may brighten many of your sad times, and the physical activity may rejuvenate your mind to slow down and think a bit clearer.

Gardening is one of my personal favorite ways of relieving stress and I just know that if you find the time to get to enjoy it, it’s likely to be one of your favorites too! Nothing beats blending the calming feeling of nature with the attention to something that you enjoy while you’re out in the fresh air!

If you’re interested in taking up gardening as one of your stress relief solutions, be sure to check out my Kindle book – GARDENING FOR STRESS RELIEF!

It has everything that you need to help you with gardening for stress relief – with detailed information about why gardening is so good for your stress levels, how it can relieve your stress levels, how you can enjoy it, and great tips to get you started!

To your stress relief success!

Vegetable Garden Planner: What’s In Your Patio Vegetable Garden?

Let’s start of by stating an important fact: not all vegetable gardens are created equal. Gardens are as individual and different as the people who plant them. You see, gardeners have needs and desires, and they plant accordingly.

So what’s in my patio vegetable garden may not be in yours…unless maybe if we worked with the same vegetable garden planner!

That said, even though each vegetable garden may be different, there is usually a theme to each one. Most folks use some sort of vegetable garden planner to determine what kind of vegetable garden they want to plant and what crop to grow in their vegetable garden. Let’s explore some of these.



4 Vegetable Garden Planner Ideas for Beginners

A kitchen garden. This is usually a smaller vegetable garden grown close to the house, preferably close to the kitchen. Imagine the convenience of having your choice of veggies right outside the kitchen door. All you would need to do is step outside and grab whatever you need for your daily cooking. Making a salad? Grab a couple handfuls of lettuce, a tomato, some radishes, green onions, and whatever else works in a salad. Fresh and organic. Stright from your own kitchen garden.

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A herb garden. This is a collection of herbs, planted in an interesting design such as a spiral. You can be as creative as you want to be. It’s fun to get creative with both the planting and using of herbs. I refer to use containers for my herb garden. Some common choices for a herb garden are oregano, rosemary, basil, mint, thyme, parsley, dill, and sage. Basil, mint and sage are my all-time favorites, since I love making and drinking fresh home-made herbal teas. An ornamental vegetable garden. There is an element of surprise with ornamental vegetable gardens. At first glance it looks like flowering shrubs with pretty ground cover and neat hedges, but then you realize it’s a variety of pepper plants (the flowering shrubs), strawberries (the ground cover) and cabbage (the hedges). Ornamental vegetable garden planners like their food to look good in the yard. If that sounds like you, then an ornamental veggie garden may be perfect for you. Kids Veggie Gardens. The name says it all. These gardens are planted and tended by the kids of the family so you probably won’t find a lot of variety. There will be their favorite fast growing veggies plus the ones that grow underground and add an element of surprise when digging up. Don’t be surprised if your kids prefer growing weird stuff like freckled beans or black tomatoes. Kids may enjoy planting veggies, but it doesn’t mean they’ll eat them! So make extra effort to encourage kids to eat healthy and ensure that the eat the delicious organic veggies they have planted and harvested.

Which Vegetable Garden Planner Appeals To YOU?

By now you will agree that vegetable gardens are as unique as the people who plant them, but they’re also grown around a theme or a purpose. As you can see, the above gardens all have their own special purpose and deliver accordingly. Which one appeals most to you?

Starting a Garden: Guidelines For Having A Better Gardening Experience

Gardening is one of the best stress relievers I know, unless you unintentionally turn it into a stressful experience. Starting a garden and maintaining it is supposed to be fun and the end results of your efforts should be pretty flowers, healthy bushes, beautiful trees, not to mention…herbs and veggies galore. Sadly for some wanna-be gardeners, it doesn’t always turn out that way. So what should you do to have a better gardening experience? Fortunately, there are common sense guidelines that work. Here are three good ones worth considering!

Image: Backyard Garden by cwwycoff1, on Flickr

1. If You Are a Beginner–Start Small!

Don’t be like the kid who heaps way too much food on his plate – his eyes are bigger than his stomach. If you are just starting out, start small. Focus on getting good at small this season and then you can go bigger and better next season. I started out with just 7 tomatoes slips and three peppers. It was small and manageable. I called it my “test garden”. I was so excited when it turned out great and my family and friends gave raving reviews about how delicious my tomatoes and peppers were. Now…I am ready for bigger and better.

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2. Pace Yourself To Avoid Physical Burnout.

Fight the urge to do too much! Whatever you do, don’t jump out the door and go gung-ho all day without thought to your rarely-used quivering muscles, the sunburn taking place on the back of your neck and arms, or your body’s need to take nourishment on occasion. You’ll end up exhausted and with severely aching muscles, and that’s a terrible way to start your new gardening experience.

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Remember, starting a garden is supposed to be fun! So instead of doing the equivalent of a triathlon your first day out and sincerely regretting it the next day, try just doing an hour of manual labor and see how you feel tomorrow. Enjoy your gardening journey, not just the destiny.

3. Work Early Morning or Late Afternoon.

The quickest way to have a bad gardening experience is working in the garden in the blistering heat of the day. Here’s a better idea: get out there in the early morning and walk through your garden first to see what needs attending to the most. Remember, you don’t have to do everything in one day! Start you gardening early in the morning with a meander around the yard. Pick some flowers, pull up veggies for your lunch, and check that the tomatoes are growing nicely. Can you think of a better way to start your day? This is exactly the refreshing and stress-busting experience that gardening is supposed to be about.

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That really sums it up. If you want to have fun starting a garden and maintaining it, just start small, grow what you love, and don’t pretend you still have the body of a 21 year old.

Gardening books to get started:

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Revealed: My Ultimate, Top Ranking Stress-Buster!

I come from a family of farmers, so gardening should be in my genes, but until recently my life was just too busy to “get dirty” in the garden.

Gardening takes time and I just had too much to do. Well, about a year ago, I had an ”aha-moment” and the light bulb finally went on. I said to myself…”That’s precisely the point – I need to get away from the stress of my daily schedule and gardening is great way to do that!”

I bought a few gardening books, basic gardening tools, visited my dad on his plantation more regularly for insider tips and inspiration on how to start a garden, and never looked back!

Whether you have a large backyard or a few containers on a patio, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening too. It’s the ultimate stress-buster activity!

Did you know that more and more psychologists and physicians are prescribing gardening for stress therapy?

Gardening allows you to enjoy an activity that’s nurturing and gives back whatever you put into it. In our instant gratification world, gardening changes the importance of time. Plants don’t grow overnight.

During the growth time, plants need attention and depend on you to protect them from bugs and disease.

I spent the last 3 months researching information on identifying tomato plant problems and protecting my budding tomato plants from those dreaded tomato horn-worms. Tomato horn-worms are those large, slimy, green-grayish caterpillars that feed off of tomato fruits and plants.

Removing them manually each day was a chore I seldom looked forward to, but it had to be done to protect my prized tomato plants!

Gardening teaches patience that over-stressed, highly anxious people don’t seem to possess. If you’re facing burnout and stress from work or your personal life, I highly recommend gardening for stress relief.

Gardening is an activity that gets you outdoors and actually helps to lower your blood pressure. Gardening can also give you a safe place to take out your frustrations.

Mad at your co-worker? Imagine that face on every shrub you prune. Need to work out some anger? Pull weeds.

And if you really want to work out some emotions, get an ax and chop the dead branches into mulch.

In these ways, you get something constructive out of negative emotions.

Even if your thumb isn’t very green, you can set up a Zen rock garden surrounded with easy care plants in small containers. If you use small containers, you only stand to lose a small amount of plants at once. Then you replace the container and don’t have to dig in the dirt. That’s much easier and faster.

Another way to make your garden a peaceful place is to add a water feature. Local home improvement stores have kits with everything you need and classes on how to set up the fountain.

Even a small water feature on the patio can bring a sense of peace to your garden that you can’t even imagine. As you gain more gardening experience, you can try growing different types of plants.

Check with your local plant nursery for suggestions on what types of plants fit into the limits of your outdoor environment and within your skill-set. Gardening might just become addictive, it surely did for me.

I now share my fresh, home-grown tomatoes with family and friends, and I welcome the positive comments when people drive by and rave about my visually appealing tomato plants.

Gardening is a good addition to my lifestyle- one that diminishes my stress and provides tranquility. It’s at the top of my list of resolutions for stress relief which I intend to keep throughout the year! Gardening is hands-down my ultimate, top ranking stress buster!!

Plant A Perennial Flower Garden for Natural Stress Relief

Planting a perennial flower garden can be one of the best ways to get natural stress relief. You don’t have to be a professional planter and you do not need an acre of land.

Plant Flowers

Planting flowers requires little space and little effort, but the rewards are gorgeous blossoms that can help alleviate stress naturally.  All you have to do is plant the right kind of flowers outside your window.  If you do not hard yard space, you can even use container plants.

Plants Attract Butterflies

Your flowers will quickly become a main attraction for a wide variety butterflies.  Butterflies are excellent for natural stress relief.  They are quiet, so you really have to pay attention to see them and marvel at their natural beauty.

Butterflies Can  Provides Natural Stress Relief

Take just a few moments to marvel at the delicately colorful wings of butterflies as they flutter around on your plants just outside your window could be a most relaxing and stress relieving experience.

Learn From the Butterflies

Butterflies only live  a few days, but they bring joy to everyone who sees them.  You can do the same too! Start planting a perennial flower garden today and reap the rewards.  You can get natural stress relief and bring joy to everyone who sees your beautiful garden and enjoys the butterflies.

Your Perennial Flower Garden Is Just a Few Clicks Away!

All the tools and supplies you will need to start your perennial flower garden is just a few clicks away.  Just click on the images  below to buy your perennial flower garden supplies on  There is no better time than now to get started!