Backyard Bird Watching: An Untapped Natural Stress Relief Source

When was the last time you looked out your window? There are natural stress relief therapists just outside your window that can help to alleviate the stress and anxiety that you may be experiencing.  Who are these therapists?  Chirping, worry-free birds.

Enjoy The Birds for Natural Stress Relief

It’s amazing how just watching the birds as they go about their stress free life, can help you calm down and put things in perspective.  Nature has a calming effect on our mind and body.

How To Enjoy The Birds

Instead of paying lots of money to a human therapist, you can get natural stress relief by spending ten dollars ( or less) to get a bird feeder.  Then all you need to do is place the bird feeder outside your home window or outside your office window.

Next, you can spend a few dollars on birdseed. The return on your modest investment would be the frequent visits of a wide verity of birds stopping by for breakfast each morning, or for dinner if you add more seed in the afternoon.

Learn From The Birds

As you admire the birds and enjoy their unique songs, think about how hard they have to work every day to find food and water.  Despite their hard routine work, they always sing.  You would think they did not have a care in the world.   In fact, their lovely songs will undoubtedly make you feel more relaxed and less stressed too.