Nutrition, Exercise and Stress Relief in your Backyard

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Sometimes the best things for stress relief can be found right at home.

So last time for Wellness Wednesday , we took a stroll in nature on a camping trip and looked at the therapeutic effects of camping out in Nature. While camping can be a planned weekend or vacation event that really does us well to recharge our spirits to face a world filled with stressors, there are days when a dose of nature cannot wait for a weekend trip at a campsite.

This is where the hobby of gardening comes into play. Some people have gardens of flowers, vegetables or fruits trees. Others have more elaborate gardens, containing it all; complete with lush foliage and fish ponds, bird baths and garden benches. Your back yard garden can be your place of reconnecting with nature, of finding solitude or sharing time with loved ones. Hey, you might even be able to pitch a tent and camp in your backyard! Click here to see how that’s done.

Gardening, as explained in my book Gardening for Stress Relief, reveals the benefits of exercise, stress relief through the sights, sounds and smells of nature. This book references recommendations of doctors and physical therapists on the benefits of gardening. It talks about its physical benefits on the body, to the feeling of personal satisfaction and creativity when your garden produces beautiful flowers, vegetables or fruits that can be of good nutrition for yourself or even be shared with others.

Discover how easy it is to take up gardening as a hobby. Learn the ins and outs of just what you need to create a backyard garden that brings you happiness and stress relief at the end of the day.

My book covers the different types of gardens, horticultural programs, even how to treat the soil before planting. It also focuses on the healing effects of gardening for children, the elderly, the physically or mentally challenged, and the highly stressed woman who needs that relief.

Whether your thing is planting your own fruits and vegetables, herbs or flowers, watching fish jump in the garden pond as birds bathe in the bird bath, this book covers it all.

Click here  for  some quick links to help you find guidelines on having a better garden experience.

You will walk away educated, with a new hobby and a great way to get exercise, have fun, be creative and experience nature while creating something beautiful that can be shared.

If you are just learning about gardening, Click this link on how to start a garden.

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How to Fight Stress With Innovative and Inexpensive Gardening Therapy!


Today I wanted to talk a little about gardening and the way that it can really make a huge difference in your stress levels. There are SO many reasons that gardening is a perfect way to reduce stress so it’s important that it gets a mention – even if it’s something that, at first, you didn’t think you would be interested in!

To reduce the friction of high stress levels and their negative side effects, you may fight back through innovative and inexpensive gardening therapy!

Any Type of Gardening

All types of flower and vegetable gardens reap produce and afford healing properties for their proprietors. Beneficial plots of gardening space may be found right outside your back door or at community gardens in locales across metropolitan areas. Women of value are constantly seeking to improve their mental faculties through natural remedies, and gardening is at the top of the list.

Exercise and Stamina

Improve your stamina through a period of routine time spent in the outdoors and enjoy the physical stretching, walking and bending associated with gardening. Taking time to change your pace is an essential key in reducing your personal stress and increasing energy and mental sharpness.

Gardening ForStress ReliefCheck Price

A New Quest For Solitude and Wellbeing

Everyday gardening may bring the needed solitude to gather your thoughts and renew your ability to press on with family and career matters. Pulling weeds and tending to the essentials of raising flowers and vegetables is a practice that is uncomplicated and soul-soothing. You may quickly gain relief with an early morning routine in the garden area, small lunch time retreats or leisurely weekend afternoons.

Feeling Good In Nature

Choose the practice and release the good endorphins that stimulate pleasure through the indulgence of gardening practices. These simple rituals bathe your body and mind with a cleansing effect that is much needed to cope with the difficult emotional and financial issues of our times. Seek to provide yourself with a low cost, high personal benefit program that outdoor gardening provides. Learn about specific plantings for your gardening zone and enjoy a year round experience in many areas of the country. Spread your cheer from the garden to the dining room and beyond when this relaxation technique is included in your weekly or daily schedule.

Enjoy it!

Help yourself to a healthy dose of reality and take on the care of a garden. You may choose to work alone and enjoy the solitude or with others and enjoy conversations about new and different ideas. Keep yourself on the road to personal and mental success by digging in the dirt and bringing to life fresh flowers and a variety of seasonal vegetables. Gardening in the light of day is your personal mood lifter and may brighten many of your sad times, and the physical activity may rejuvenate your mind to slow down and think a bit clearer.

Gardening is one of my personal favorite ways of relieving stress and I just know that if you find the time to get to enjoy it, it’s likely to be one of your favorites too! Nothing beats blending the calming feeling of nature with the attention to something that you enjoy while you’re out in the fresh air!

If you’re interested in taking up gardening as one of your stress relief solutions, be sure to check out my Kindle book – GARDENING FOR STRESS RELIEF!

It has everything that you need to help you with gardening for stress relief – with detailed information about why gardening is so good for your stress levels, how it can relieve your stress levels, how you can enjoy it, and great tips to get you started!

To your stress relief success!

Backyard Water Fountain Ideas: Perfect For Ambiance, Peace & Serenity

Backyard water fountains for stress relief? Who would have thought? But think about it. Our homes are becoming cocoons that we want to enjoy – and, it’s important to decorate and bring an air of serenity into our environments to escape the stress and sounds of the outside world. Backyard water fountains are perfect for adding ambiance and serenity to any outdoor setting.  Read on to get some backyard water fountain ideas to create an ambiance of peace and serenity.



Indoor Water fountains Are Soothing Too!

You can transfer the soothing sounds of a water fountain indoors too. There are many indoor water fountains to choose from as well. You can search online, department stores and in home and garden shops. Choose from tabletop, floor or wall-mounted models. So many great designs exist that it will be a problem to make a choice.

The sound of water has long been known to calm the senses and relax the soul. Just as people flock to outdoor water fountains, you’ll find that your indoor water feature will make friends, family and clients gather around. That’s because of the sense of calmness it brings to any space.

Having a water fountain nearby is like experiencing a constant walk on the beach or reading next to a pond or waterfall. Choose from large art-like fountains that make a statement or small, but effective fountains that become delightful conversation pieces. An indoor tabletop water fountain can do just that.

You’ll also benefit from the air purifying qualities of an indoor water fountain. Water released into indoor air clears dust particles that may cause allergies and helps with dry skin problems caused by heating and air-conditioning.

 Kenroy Home #50238BL Curves Indoor Floor Fountain, Black FinishCheck Price Ore International FT-1186/2L Bellezza Floor Fountain, 33.5-InchCheck Price Kenroy Home #50620SL Brook Indoor Table/Wall Fountain in Natural Slate FinishCheck Price Kenroy Home #50151COP Montpelier Indoor Floor Fountain in Natural Slate with Copper FinishCheck Price

Backyard Water Fountains Bring Tranquilty To The Soul

Many are now using the tranquil art of Feng Shui to set the mood of ambiance and serenity in their homes or offices. Feng Shui teachings incorporate wind and water into an environment to transform and enhance any space into a pleasing place to reside.

Landscapers and interior decorators are also taking advantage of the many styles of backyard water fountains or indoor ones to decorate homes and offices. It’s a sure way to please the senses of the eyes and ears – and bring tranquility to the soul.

 Welland Old World Tiled Water Fountain, 53-Inch HighCheck Price Bond Y95113 Glenville 25-Inch Tall FountainCheck Price Kenroy Home 53200PLBZ Costa Brava 46-Inch 56-Pound High Outdoor Fountain, Plum Bronze FinishCheck Price

Before you purchase any water fountains, be sure to research the various styles and types so that you can choose one that will be perfect for your needs and environment. You’ll find very inexpensive ones and some that are made from designers and the best-grade materials.

Some backyard water fountains come with a guarantee that ensures you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. If you’re spending quite a bit of money on the fountain, be sure it comes with a warranty.

You might prefer the sound of a mountain stream or want to experience cascading waterfalls or ocean surf. You’re sure to find just the look and sound you find appealing by surfing the Internet and the wide variety of sites that offer indoor water fountains. Most sites post photos and size of the fountain, plus an explanation of how it works.

De-Clutter Your Yard, Deck, or Garage with Handy Home Storage Sheds

No matter how neat and tidy you are, the longer you live in one place, the more stuff you are going to accumulate. This means that eventually, you will run out of places to put all the things you own, and this can turn into a messy situation very quickly. If you don’t want to buy and set up an entire shed, the Suncast Horizontal Storage Shed is a great solution. It’s one of the best handy home storage sheds worth buying.

Unlike a garden shed, which either has to be built from scratch or purchased and set up in the yard, the Suncast shed has a simple assembly process, making it quick and easy to start organizing your yard. How do you know if this is the right shed for you?


Take a look around your yard. Do you have errant tools, bags of fertilizer or weed killer, pest killers, hoses, or trash cans lying around? Without dominating your entire yard, the Suncast shed is big enough to hold all of those necessary but unsightly yard tools, in a neat, beige package.

 Suncast GS2000 Horizontal Storage Shed, 30-cubic ftCheck Price

Even if you are not especially handy, this shed is easy to put together. It just snaps into place, and it is light enough to move it when you need to, without losing any durability or strength of materials. It is so self-explanatory that you might not even need to use the instructions.

Let’s face it, we all have stuff  lying around in the yard or taking up space in the garage, that could be somewhere else, if we only knew where to put it. Garden sheds are often too complicated, and if you have a small yard, just impractical. They take up too much room, have far more storage than you need, and can be difficult to clean, which means mold, dirt, and rats can collect in it. This storage shed, made of durable plastic, can easily be hosed out, and has just enough room to hold the things you want to clean up from your yard.

The feature that most people like best about this shed is that it can be opened from the top, or from the front. This means that if you have tools too heavy to lift (like a stubborn lawn mower), it can be easily wheeled right into the front. Those who have had the shed for years love that it holds up well in the elements, warping neither in direct sunlight nor in freezing temperatures.

As an extra bonus, this shed has locking doors. Not only do they lock together, but they can be secured with a padlock. You can now safely de-clutter your life. Just as a clean desk reflects a clear mind, a clean yard helps to ease the mind of worry, tension, and stress. When you know that your things are all easily accessible and protected from the weather, you can worry less about where you’re going to store them and actually get yard work done!

Vegetable Garden Planner: What’s In Your Patio Vegetable Garden?

Let’s start of by stating an important fact: not all vegetable gardens are created equal. Gardens are as individual and different as the people who plant them. You see, gardeners have needs and desires, and they plant accordingly.

So what’s in my patio vegetable garden may not be in yours…unless maybe if we worked with the same vegetable garden planner!

That said, even though each vegetable garden may be different, there is usually a theme to each one. Most folks use some sort of vegetable garden planner to determine what kind of vegetable garden they want to plant and what crop to grow in their vegetable garden. Let’s explore some of these.



4 Vegetable Garden Planner Ideas for Beginners

A kitchen garden. This is usually a smaller vegetable garden grown close to the house, preferably close to the kitchen. Imagine the convenience of having your choice of veggies right outside the kitchen door. All you would need to do is step outside and grab whatever you need for your daily cooking. Making a salad? Grab a couple handfuls of lettuce, a tomato, some radishes, green onions, and whatever else works in a salad. Fresh and organic. Stright from your own kitchen garden.

 Simple Garden Junior Herb Garden KitCheck Price EarthBox 1010002 Garden Kit, Terra CottaCheck Price

A herb garden. This is a collection of herbs, planted in an interesting design such as a spiral. You can be as creative as you want to be. It’s fun to get creative with both the planting and using of herbs. I refer to use containers for my herb garden. Some common choices for a herb garden are oregano, rosemary, basil, mint, thyme, parsley, dill, and sage. Basil, mint and sage are my all-time favorites, since I love making and drinking fresh home-made herbal teas. An ornamental vegetable garden. There is an element of surprise with ornamental vegetable gardens. At first glance it looks like flowering shrubs with pretty ground cover and neat hedges, but then you realize it’s a variety of pepper plants (the flowering shrubs), strawberries (the ground cover) and cabbage (the hedges). Ornamental vegetable garden planners like their food to look good in the yard. If that sounds like you, then an ornamental veggie garden may be perfect for you. Kids Veggie Gardens. The name says it all. These gardens are planted and tended by the kids of the family so you probably won’t find a lot of variety. There will be their favorite fast growing veggies plus the ones that grow underground and add an element of surprise when digging up. Don’t be surprised if your kids prefer growing weird stuff like freckled beans or black tomatoes. Kids may enjoy planting veggies, but it doesn’t mean they’ll eat them! So make extra effort to encourage kids to eat healthy and ensure that the eat the delicious organic veggies they have planted and harvested.

Which Vegetable Garden Planner Appeals To YOU?

By now you will agree that vegetable gardens are as unique as the people who plant them, but they’re also grown around a theme or a purpose. As you can see, the above gardens all have their own special purpose and deliver accordingly. Which one appeals most to you?

Our Top Swimming Pool Safety Tips

It might sound obvious, but it is very important to remember and follow swimming pool safety tips and guidelines to ensure a safe and happy summer for everyone. Being negligent for even a second could change the course of your whole life for the worst. You need not be stressed out and fearful when hanging around the pool with young kids. Read on to find out tips on water safety for kids so you too can feel safe and stress-free while enjoying a day out by the pool.

Never swim alone!

You might be the best swimmer but anything can happen at any time. So it is important that you have someone near enough to be able to help you in the event something goes wrong. Always be sure you are not deserted and by yourself.

Don’t Allow Kids to Play Near The Pool

Unless there is a fence separating the land from the pool, do not allow kids to run by the side of the pool. Even though they may not dive in without your permission and supervision, you just never know with kids. They might run aimlessly without looking and fall in, or one child may push another child in for fun. Or kids might try to go grab their ball that fell into the water by mistake. Either way it is never safe to play close to a pool unless it is safely guarded by a fence.

If you have a pool, take a look at these pool fences. Having a pool fence will make your backyard a safer place for kids to play in this summer. These pool fences are easy to install and would certainly improve summer safety tips for kids at your house!

 In-Ground Pool Safety Fence – 4ft. x 10 ft. SectionCheck Price GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit (8 Section)Check Price Classic Guard Swimming Pool Fence Child Safety Fence 4 Feet Tall and 12 Feet LongCheck Price

Also be sure that the gate to the pool section is always locked and not just closed shut. You need to monitor and control who goes in and out the pool gate. You would never want your child to sneak in unsupervised.

 Poolguard GAPT-2 Outdoor Pool Gate AlarmCheck Price

Take a look at this pool gate alarm. It could significantly improve water safety for kids who live at your house or who visit your home for fun in the pool. Basically, the pool gate alarm ensures that no child can open the pool gate and get through without an adult present. Adults get a pass and do not trigger the alarm. But when a child tries to open the pool gate, the alarm would go off within seconds to alert the others in the household. If water safety for kids is important for you, then be sure to get one of these pool gate alarm systems.

Be Vigilant! Always Watch Your Kids

Never assume your kids can swim well enough. When your kids are in the pool always keep an eye on them and be sure you are there in case something happens. If you want them to only stay in the shallow end of the pool, then make sure to be firm on that and have them comply with it. Their safety at the pool is more important than them getting their own way.

Don’t Play Super Hero

Unless you are a trained lifeguard, never jump into the pool to save a grownup. When an adult runs into trouble in the pool, they panic and struggle and could climb on you. This may lead to unnecessary fatalities. Simply use the life buoy and pole by the side of the pool and help them get out of the pool… safe and sound.

 Cal June USCG Approved Ring Buoy (20- Inch)Check Price Lifeguard Pool Life HookCheck Price Foam Ring Buoy for Swimming Pool or LakeCheck Price

The Floaties Are Not Baby sitters

When young kids are wearing their floaties and rings, it does not mean that you can let them swim on their own. All those swimming accessories have is air in them and it could leak at any time. Therefore, when young children are swimming, always stay close to them and keep an eye on them. With toddlers and very young children, you should be by their side the whole time. It only takes a split second for a toddler to go under water, hit their head by the side of the pool or worse.

Learn Basic Response Strategies & Be Ready To Act

It is important and useful to learn how you can help someone who has gotten into trouble in the pool. It could come in handy if you knew how to revive a person who has swallowed the water or is unconscious. You should also know what needs to be done to stop the bleeding in case someone was hit on the head in the pool.

Is the Pool Really That Scary?

Of course not! Swimming and pool time is the most fun kids look forward every summer. However, it is important to stay safe so everyone can have a good time and build happy memories. Another important for in water safety for kids, is to make sure that kids feel comfortable in the water. To do so, make sure they attend swim classes each summer and that they develop basic swimming techniques over time.

How do you keep the pool safe for the whole family? What swimming pool safety tips do you use and what rules do you enforce with your children and family to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time? What do you do to minimize the stress of worrying about water safety for your kids? Share your tips so everyone could have a safe summer by the pool this year.

Starting a Garden: Guidelines For Having A Better Gardening Experience

Gardening is one of the best stress relievers I know, unless you unintentionally turn it into a stressful experience. Starting a garden and maintaining it is supposed to be fun and the end results of your efforts should be pretty flowers, healthy bushes, beautiful trees, not to mention…herbs and veggies galore. Sadly for some wanna-be gardeners, it doesn’t always turn out that way. So what should you do to have a better gardening experience? Fortunately, there are common sense guidelines that work. Here are three good ones worth considering!

Image: Backyard Garden by cwwycoff1, on Flickr

1. If You Are a Beginner–Start Small!

Don’t be like the kid who heaps way too much food on his plate – his eyes are bigger than his stomach. If you are just starting out, start small. Focus on getting good at small this season and then you can go bigger and better next season. I started out with just 7 tomatoes slips and three peppers. It was small and manageable. I called it my “test garden”. I was so excited when it turned out great and my family and friends gave raving reviews about how delicious my tomatoes and peppers were. Now…I am ready for bigger and better.

 Terra Collection Professional Rose Gardening Gloves – Womens MediumCheck Price Bond 6930 Pink 5 Piece Garden Tool Bag Gift SetCheck Price Sloggers Original Women’s Wide Brim Braided Hat with wind lanyard, Dark Brown, MediumCheck Price

2. Pace Yourself To Avoid Physical Burnout.

Fight the urge to do too much! Whatever you do, don’t jump out the door and go gung-ho all day without thought to your rarely-used quivering muscles, the sunburn taking place on the back of your neck and arms, or your body’s need to take nourishment on occasion. You’ll end up exhausted and with severely aching muscles, and that’s a terrible way to start your new gardening experience.

 The Original Pink Bo
PB2BELT Tool Belt, Pink
Check Price
 Picnic Time 5-Piece Garden Tool Set With Tote And Folding SeatCheck Price Delight Expressions™ Garden Tools and Goods Tote BasketCheck Price

Remember, starting a garden is supposed to be fun! So instead of doing the equivalent of a triathlon your first day out and sincerely regretting it the next day, try just doing an hour of manual labor and see how you feel tomorrow. Enjoy your gardening journey, not just the destiny.

3. Work Early Morning or Late Afternoon.

The quickest way to have a bad gardening experience is working in the garden in the blistering heat of the day. Here’s a better idea: get out there in the early morning and walk through your garden first to see what needs attending to the most. Remember, you don’t have to do everything in one day! Start you gardening early in the morning with a meander around the yard. Pick some flowers, pull up veggies for your lunch, and check that the tomatoes are growing nicely. Can you think of a better way to start your day? This is exactly the refreshing and stress-busting experience that gardening is supposed to be about.

 Angela’s Garden 7201-909 Womens Garden Brim Hat, Victorian RoseCheck Price Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat, Large, Chaparral/CharcoalCheck Price Angela’s Garden 7201-908 Womens Garden Brim Hat, Indigo BerriesCheck Price

That really sums it up. If you want to have fun starting a garden and maintaining it, just start small, grow what you love, and don’t pretend you still have the body of a 21 year old.

Gardening books to get started:

 Essential Vegetables Box Set (4 Books): Organic Gardening with Tomatoes, Potatoes, Peppers, Eggplants, Broccoli, Cabbage etc.Check Price The Veggie Gardener’s Answer Book: Solutions to Every Problem You’ll Ever Face; Answers to Every Question You’ll Ever AskCheck Price Vertical Gardening and Container Gardening – Ideas for Growing Vegetables and Herbs In Small Vertical Places Outdoors and IndoorsCheck Price Vertical Gardening: Grow Up, Not OutCheck Price Aquaponic Gardening: A Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish TogetherCheck Price Gardening For Stress Relief (Self-Help Stress Solutions)Check Price

Best Backyard Water Fountains: A Calming Backyard Escape!

Imagine the serene sounds of flowing water streaming in your backyard all day. Now you can enjoy the calming sounds with your very own backyard water fountains.

Studies have shown that the soothing sounds of a waterfall or a gentle water fountain can do wonders to calm your nerves and help you relieve stress. When you feel stressed, you need the right environment to sit and relax, so you can sort out your thoughts and recharge to handle the challenges and stressors ahead of you. Now you can enjoy the soothing sounds of water streaming right in your back yard.

Decorate your backyard and patio in a way that encourages peace and serenity and enjoy a relaxing evening with your very own backyard water fountain. Take a look at how the Smart Solar Ceramic Koi Fountain can be a gorgeous and stress relieving addition to your backyard.


Introducing the Solar Koi Water Fountain

Great Stress Relief Gift for Outdoor Peace & Serenity

 Smart Solar 21372R01 Ceramic Solar Koi Fountain, Blue Glazed FinishCheck Price

This backyard water fountain is extra light and comes in a lovely glazed shade of blue. Solar energy through a panel and a low voltage water pump is used to power this beautiful water fountain. The water fountain can be placed anywhere in the backyard, patio or garden as it stands freely on the ground. So you can make the Koi Water Fountain blend in well with your outdoor decor.

You can place this backyard water fountain by some relaxing chairs and patio furniture so you could enjoy a lovely afternoon or evening outdoors and feel like you are at a relaxation retreat in a beautiful garden away from the hustle and bustle of life. This would be a great addition to your outdoor space. It would add more to your patio or backyard decor and help you create your own calming backyard escape. It’s glazed blue color adds more to the serene feel that this backyard water fountain emits.

This Smart Solar Ceramic Koi Water Fountain is also very Eco-friendly. Since it runs solely on solar energy from the sun, you need not worry about using more electricity or even about where you would need to plug in this backyard water fountain for power. All you would need to do is place the solar panel in direct sunlight and this backyard water fountain would run smoothly for you all day.

There is a 10 feet wire provided to connect the water fountain to the solar panel, which can be mounted up high or left on the ground. This certainly makes it more effective as this water fountain creates the kind of backyard environment that will help you alleviate stress.

Find the Best Backyard Water Fountains

Best Natural Stress Relief Idea

Take a look at some stunning backyard fountains that could add to your outdoor decor and bring a smile to your face and peace to your mind. Enjoy a pleasant evening in your own backyard with these wonderful water fountains. Find one that would fit in the space available, would stay safe and be pleasant to the eyes and mind.

 Kenroy Home Costa Brava 46-Inch 56-Pound High Outdoor Fountain, Plum Bronze FinishCheck Price Malibu Creations Lion’s Head Courtyard FountainCheck Price Kenroy Home 50231TE Rialto Outdoor FountainCheck Price Rustic Three Tier Apple Barrel FountainCheck Price Kenroy Homes Watercross Outdoor FountainCheck Price Kelkay Lorca Spills FountainCheck Price

Natural Stress Relief with Backyard Water Fountains

Enjoy Your Sunset with A Backyard Water Fountain

It is really simple to manage your stress after a stressful day. Simply sit by your backyard water fountain, with perhaps a cup of tea and just relax and watch the sunset. The soothing sounds from your backyard water fountain along with the relaxing tea and the stunning sunset would certainly calm the scrambling thoughts in your mind. Once you have settled down the zillion thoughts in your mind, you would be able to think straight and actually face the challenges that have been causing you stress and anxiety. The soothing effects of the constant flow of water tricking from your water fountain certainly makes these backyard water fountains some of the best stress relief gifts for anyone.

Giving in to stress and worry won’t solve your problems – it will only make things worse. While your challenges and problems are probably the main cause of your stress, the best way for you to face these very challenges and problems is by calming your mind so that you can think straight and rationally decide the best course of action to improve your situation. Now you can find stress relief naturally and effectively, without relying on medications and other dangerous methods. A simple moment outside the house to recoup could be your key to a healthier life with less stress. And less stress means more happiness for you and everyone around you.

 Mosaic Courtyard Outdoor Garden Water FountainCheck Price Bronze Look Children Fun And Play Water Garden FountainCheck Price Laguna Complete Water Feature Kit, Water RippleCheck Price Fairy Maiden Outdoor Water FountainCheck Price Faux Stone Wishing Well Garden Solar Water FountainCheck Price

Use your backyard water fountains as more than a decor item – use it to live a better and stress free life. Wouldn’t you love to have one of these soothing backyard water fountains in your home? These would be so pretty and great outside or on the patio. What kind of water fountain would you like for your backyard escape?

Best Pool Toys for A Summer Filled With Fun & Relaxation!


Pool toys have certainly come a long way.

Back when we were kids, the only pool toys we ever had were squirt guns and inflatable floaties and rings. Apart from squirting water on one another or dunking each other into the pool, there weren’t many other games we enjoyed in the pool.

While those were fun days with amazing memories, it is pretty cool to see that pool toys have developed a long way and now we can enjoy endless fun in the swimming pool this summer. Take a look at some of the best pool toys kids and adults can enjoy this summer!


Poolside Basketball Hoop

How about a fun game of basketball right in the pool? You can enjoy a fun basketball game with family and friends with this poolside basketball hoop. Attach it to the side and use the included basketball and net to enjoy a vigorous and fun game right in the pool.

Super-Wide 44Check Price

Playing Volleyball By the Pool is Fun Too!

For those who enjoy ball games in the pool, you should also take a look at this poolside volleyball game set. Water volleyball is a great game that can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old. It is a fun way to give your body a great workout while you are enjoying the summer in the pool. It is also a great way to bond as a group of friends or family and discover the greatness of working as a team and family togetherness while having fun this summer.

 Dunnrite AquaVolly Pool Volleyball SetCheck Price Intex Recreation Pool Volleyball Game, Age 6+Check Price Cross Pool Volly Above ground Vollyball GameCheck Price

Playing ball games in the pool can be very refreshing and stress relieving as well. A fun game together can be great exercise and would help you spend time with your loved ones without worrying about chores, errands, agendas and the daily grind that stresses you out. You can forget the cares and worries for a moment and just focus on having fun playing games right at the pool.

Dive Sticks and Ball Makes Diving Fun

Remember those quarters Grandpa used to throw to the bottom of the pool for you to dive in and catch? Now these dive sticks come in many shapes and sizes for kids to enjoy on a fun day in the pool. Let kids enjoy the thrill of diving in to retrieve “treasure” with these fun dive balls and sticks. Which kid wouldn’t love the colorful fun dive sticks? These pool toys are a guarantee for some fun in the water.

 Wet Products Dive SticksCheck Price Intex Aquatic Dive BallsCheck Price Intex Dive RingsCheck Price

 Intex Floating Recliner LoungeCheck Price

And what about you…mom? ( or dad of course!) Looking for a more relaxed time in the pool? Then you should take a look at this recliner lounge that floats around the pool. With 2 air chambers, it can be set up very quickly for you to hop on and float around the pool as you lie in the sun, or read a book. Included are 2 cup holders so you can enjoy your favorite beverage as you float around the pool.

These water lounges are great for parents to watch over the kids having fun in the pool and relax all at the same time. It is durable and could help you unwind in the pool this summer.

Can you imagine a better way to get some much needed rest and relaxation this summer? Lounging on these recliners would be the ultimate in summer stress relief. You can relax, unwind, and settle down with your favorite beverage or your favorite book.

Roll Away in a Waterwheel

You can get rolling on one of these inflatable waterwheels this summer! Who says that rolling around in a wheel is just for hamsters? Now get into a waterwheel and roll up and down the pool however fast or slow you want to. Kids can get on their knees inside these easy to use inflatable wheels and roll all around the pool!

 Giant Inflatable Pool Water Wheel ToyCheck Price Water WheelCheck Price

Poolside Water Slide

Not all pools come with their own installed water slide. But does that mean that you need to make do without the fun of sliding straight into the water? Absolutely not! Take a look at these water slides. They are a perfect addition to any swimming pool this summer. And since they are inflatable, they can be set up easily and also easily stored away when not in use. Kids can enjoy a safe ride down the slide into the water for some splashing fun by the pool. Pool time certainly would be Lots and lots more fun with this poolside toy.

 Double Inflatable Water SlideCheck Price Wham-o Slip N Slide Wave RiderCheck Price SpongeBob & Friends Waterslide w Sports CenterCheck Price

The Noodle – Kid’s Favorite Pool Toy

A classic favorite among kids is this simple and fun filled noodle in the pool. These flexible foam tubes can be great fun for anyone to enjoy with just a little creativity. They are also a great swimming aid for those who are still learning how to swim and are trying to gain more confidence to swim better and more safely. Kids can use these foam tubes around the pool to gain more support as they learn how to swim better this summer. Check out some popular noodle pool toy sets below that you can enjoy this summer.

 The Original Fun Noodle Pool Noodle Swimming Aid-1 Noodle OnlyCheck Price 5pc Deluxe Wacky Noodles 52 Inch Foam Floating Swim NoodlesCheck Price Gladon Big Boss Noodle Pool Toy – 4 in. x 58 in. – Case of 9Check Price

There are also plenty of large inflatables that would fit perfectly in your garden or on your patio so you too can enjoy a fun day out at the pool. Take a look at this fun pool play set below. You can use it to make your own pool right at home and enjoy as a family. This is a great way to stay cool and have tons of fun this summer. The ultimate “staycation” during financially difficult times.

 Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play CenterCheck Price Hippo and Coco Fun Play CenterCheck Price Banzai Wild Waves Water ParkCheck Price

So as you can see there are plenty of fun pool toys for you to enjoy with family and friends this summer. Do you love playing in the pool all through summer? If you do, what is your favorite pool activity and what are the pool toys that you are looking forward to enjoying this summer? Playing in the pool could certainly be a fun way to de-stress and enjoy your summer. I sure hope that you have a splashing fun time in the pool with your family and friends! Remember to unwind and relax!

Revealed: My Ultimate, Top Ranking Stress-Buster!

I come from a family of farmers, so gardening should be in my genes, but until recently my life was just too busy to “get dirty” in the garden.

Gardening takes time and I just had too much to do. Well, about a year ago, I had an ”aha-moment” and the light bulb finally went on. I said to myself…”That’s precisely the point – I need to get away from the stress of my daily schedule and gardening is great way to do that!”

I bought a few gardening books, basic gardening tools, visited my dad on his plantation more regularly for insider tips and inspiration on how to start a garden, and never looked back!

Whether you have a large backyard or a few containers on a patio, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening too. It’s the ultimate stress-buster activity!

Did you know that more and more psychologists and physicians are prescribing gardening for stress therapy?

Gardening allows you to enjoy an activity that’s nurturing and gives back whatever you put into it. In our instant gratification world, gardening changes the importance of time. Plants don’t grow overnight.

During the growth time, plants need attention and depend on you to protect them from bugs and disease.

I spent the last 3 months researching information on identifying tomato plant problems and protecting my budding tomato plants from those dreaded tomato horn-worms. Tomato horn-worms are those large, slimy, green-grayish caterpillars that feed off of tomato fruits and plants.

Removing them manually each day was a chore I seldom looked forward to, but it had to be done to protect my prized tomato plants!

Gardening teaches patience that over-stressed, highly anxious people don’t seem to possess. If you’re facing burnout and stress from work or your personal life, I highly recommend gardening for stress relief.

Gardening is an activity that gets you outdoors and actually helps to lower your blood pressure. Gardening can also give you a safe place to take out your frustrations.

Mad at your co-worker? Imagine that face on every shrub you prune. Need to work out some anger? Pull weeds.

And if you really want to work out some emotions, get an ax and chop the dead branches into mulch.

In these ways, you get something constructive out of negative emotions.

Even if your thumb isn’t very green, you can set up a Zen rock garden surrounded with easy care plants in small containers. If you use small containers, you only stand to lose a small amount of plants at once. Then you replace the container and don’t have to dig in the dirt. That’s much easier and faster.

Another way to make your garden a peaceful place is to add a water feature. Local home improvement stores have kits with everything you need and classes on how to set up the fountain.

Even a small water feature on the patio can bring a sense of peace to your garden that you can’t even imagine. As you gain more gardening experience, you can try growing different types of plants.

Check with your local plant nursery for suggestions on what types of plants fit into the limits of your outdoor environment and within your skill-set. Gardening might just become addictive, it surely did for me.

I now share my fresh, home-grown tomatoes with family and friends, and I welcome the positive comments when people drive by and rave about my visually appealing tomato plants.

Gardening is a good addition to my lifestyle- one that diminishes my stress and provides tranquility. It’s at the top of my list of resolutions for stress relief which I intend to keep throughout the year! Gardening is hands-down my ultimate, top ranking stress buster!!