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Believe it or not, there are many ladies out there who would love to know how other women manage their daily tasks and responsibilities. If you have any stress management inspirational stories you would like to share with other women, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Being able to juggle all our different tasks and roles on a daily basis is no easy feat and there are millions of women out there who could use your support, tips and practical ideas on what works and what does not work to stay balanced, happy, and healthy.

So why not share your wellness inspirational stories and secrets for a stress-managed lifestyle today?

At Natural Stress Relief for Women, we hope to help women who are facing undue stress and unhappiness in their daily lives. So now you can help by sharing your stress management inspirational stories with us on how you cope.

What do you do to manage your stress levels? Why do you feel it is effective for you? And you can learn from others too!  Sharing stress management motivational stories is a win-win scenario!

As you know you can read the wellness inspirational stories and profiles from many women of all walks of life through our Wellness Wednesday Feature segment. Now you can enter your wellness profile to win amazing prizes right here today.

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Glad you asked!  If we select your stress management motivational story for publishing, you will receive a copy of the Ultimate Stress Relief Toolkit”. This stress-relief toolkit will change your life.

It’s an 7 day program to help you become even more successful in the area of stress management. There is a tremendous amount of valuable information in this Stress Relief Toolkit! I promise you, it’s a resource you will want to turn to again and again.

This Stress Relief Toolkit contains the exact tools I use to respond to life’s challenges in a different way. You will actually learn the importance of arming yourself with practical ways to minimize whatever triggers your stress and anxieties – whether it’s money, your love life, your mother ( or mother-in-law), your job, sickness or anything else.

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Now you can share your stress management strategies and tips with others and also learn from the various profiles we hope to gather right here.

First-hand experience is certainly the best way to learn isn’t it?

So let us help one another conquer our tasks and responsibilities and live happier, healthier, stress-resilient lifestyles. Click here to share your wellness and stress management profile to inspire, motivate, and encourage other women today.

Against All Odds: Wellness Inspiration For Cancer Patients!

It’s Wellness Wednesday again, the one day ( A Wednesday) we select each week to intentionally discuss and explore the healthy choices we can all make to live stress-free, healthier, happier lives as well as to explore new ideas and options to live well.

Wellness Wednesday is all about inspiring, educating and motivating each other to live healthier lives. Each wellness journey and wellness story will inspire and motivate you to take steps to beat stress and regain peace and balance. It’s true inspiration for women, by women!

And today I have a TRUE inspiration for cancer patients and their caregivers! Today we feature the Wellness Profile of Cindy Seale van Hoogenhuize!

Cindy, tell us briefly about yourself. What do you do? Feel free to share your website and stores as well.

I’m an owner of Sharkys Athletic Club in Sarnia, Ontario.
I do every job from paper work to cleaning showers, customer service, and managing the club. I’d say my favorite thing about owning a fitness facility is helping people! I have helped people transform their bodies and helped them clean up their diets to become healthy and fit.

What Have You Done to Achieve Wellness?(i.e. physical, emotional, mental, social, and/or spiritual well-being):

I’m a cancer survivor, 15 years. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It was a large cell; I had 2 reoccurrences one in 2004 and 2006 large and small cell. I had chemo the first time and I puzzled the Oncologist in 2004.

He said I’m an unusual case and to keep doing what I’m doing! He said I should be full of cancer and they don’t know why I’m not? So I read and tried to eat healthy. My mom, dad, and brother all died from cancer, none of us had the same type.

I think it’s my outlook on life that got me through this disease. I’m not a quitter! I would say I’m a fighter for injustice but a lover at heart! I think if there’s a will there’s way!

I took it one day at a time and listened to my body! I took supplements, antioxidants, laughed as much as I could! I think if you’re going to war you better get yourself ready to win that fight and not give up because someone said you’re not going to make it! Your body is made up of cells, these cells need certain enzymes for optimal performance!

If you have a cancer cell in your body your immune system can get rid of it if it’s working properly. If your nutrition is bad and you don’t get enough sleep and you add smoking and drinking to that, all you need now is to pull the trigger with stress! I believe there is a certain kind of stress that triggers your immune system to fail. It’s the kind of stress that is overwhelming debilitating! The kind that’s like a heavy weight on you.

What do you to Maintain Wellness?

I take supplements, vitamins and phyto-greens. I try to stay away from grains. I use all natural tooth paste, I drink purified water.
I don’t drink juice or pop or any other processed drinks. Just water with lemon or lime. I DO drink tea and coffee, but I don’t use artificial sweeteners. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. I laugh as much as I can and even laugh at myself!:-) I read to stay informed on what is happening to the food we eat. I look for the studies and who’s paying for the research.

What is Your typical week of wellness activities?

I’m a big gardener! I have 35 gardens. I do landscaping around my home. I exercise, weight training. I’m very active. I’m 55 and I’m 130lbs and I feel like I’m 30. lol I ride a Harley just started that 3 years ago.

I’d say I’m a workaholic. I like to keep busy. Biggest thing I do is stay positive and laugh as much as I can! I love making others laugh too!

What is Your favorite indulgence?

I’m not a big eater, but I do like my own home made chocolate macaroons once in a while. You know cream, butter, powder, sugar, coconut and oat meal. I eat a high fat diet. But I stay away from bad fats! I never eat anything that says low fat or no fat! It’s full of chemicals!

Who Is Your Wellness & Lifestyle mentor?

I don’t have one. lol I mentor people every day but I don’t have one. My go to person would be my husband! He reads everything and is good at sifting through the tons of information that is available. We work together helping people get off their medications and live a healthier life.

Why do you do what you do?

Because I care about people! I don’t like seeing people suffer!

What does your lifestyle say about you?

I’m happy, fit and healthy!

What would you tell someone who wants to follow your lifestyle routine?

It’s easy! I help people every day follow my same routine. That’s my purpose in life. To help others.

Thank You Cindy!

Cindy, a BIG THANK YOU for sharing your Wellness Profile with us! Your story of survival and triumph over cancer is a true inspiration for cancer patients and their caregivers, and by extension for us all. One important lesson I learned from you is that if you are going to war, you have to get ready to fight and not give up. My goal here is to inspire, motivate and encourage all women to go to war against stress and its devastating effects on our health and happiness. That means we have to be prepared for the battle, both mentally and physically!

You are a true inspiration to us all!

Now…it’s YOUR turn.

Are you paying attention to what you eat to ensure a healthy immune system that can fight off stress and disease? As Cindy mentioned, your immune system can get fight off stress and disease, BUT ONLY if it’s working properly. If up to you to follow Cindy’s example of healthy eating, regular exercise, and balanced living to ensure optimal health and genuine wellness!

If Cindy’s wellness profile has been an inspiration to you, please share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.

Wellness Wednesday—2 Simple Healthy Living Tips And Advice For Women!

Making the decision to embrace a healthier lifestyle is the first step toward reaching your Wellness goals.  But you also need to get proactive! 

To help point you in the right direction and keep you on track, just bookmark these quick and simple healthy living tips and advice for women.

1.    Food & Drink: The Simple and Healthy Way!


First things first, it’s time to start with your menu!  The simplest changes in your diet can make a huge difference, but staying motivated can be a challenge.  Fortunately there’s plenty of delicious recipes for healthy snacks you can quickly prepare yourself.

Eating more vegetables is one of the best healthy living tips for women who’re looking to make proactive changes right away.  Not only are vegetables delicious and easy to prepare, but it can even reduce your risk of heart disease, which is a leading fatality of women today.  Prepare this quick and yummy snack right now at home!

  • Introduce veggies back into your life with a refreshing bowl of crisp, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, watercress, and baby carrots; topped with healthy ranch dressing of course!
  • To make your healthy dressing: Mix a pack of your favorite ranch dressing powder with plain nonfat Greek yogurt and whisk until blended.  You can also make your own ranch seasoning with some onion and garlic powder, ground black pepper, dried chives, a little dill weed, and a pinch of sea salt.
  • And did you know that drinking water before you eat is one of the most effective healthy living tips for women?  In fact, drinking at least two glasses of water before a healthy breakfast and dinner helps with digestion and improves your body’s ability to absorb and use nutrients more effectively!


2.     Stay Active & Alert


After changing your diet, you’ll have more energy to reintroduce exercise, outdoor activities, and even brand new sports into your life!  Going out and being active is fun, in addition to being one of the most vital healthy living tips for women.  To start, try some of these fun tips to get you back into the spirit of being active again.

    • Swimming is a wonderful way for women of all ages to get back on track.  When your body is submerged underwater, it actually becomes lighter; that is, your body bears a much smaller percentage of its weight.  That’s why swimming and water aerobics is highly recommended for senior aged women, women with joint, muscle or back pain, and arthritis patients. But swimming is excellent for younger women too. I have recently added swimming to my weekly physical activity routine. I go swimming on Friday mornings, and it really gets my heart pumping. I plan to add snorkeling and maybe even scuba diving to the routine, just to keep it exciting.
    • Taking time for a 30-minute walk is a great start toward becoming more active.  As one of the most accessible healthy living tips for women, 30-minute walks can involve safely walking home from work instead of driving, taking a quick stroll before leaving for the day, or going on groups walks with friends around town. If you’ve been reading my blog and social media posts for a while, you know I am a BIG walking fanatic. I walk just about every day ( weather permitting) for about 20-30 minutes first thing in the morning, usually around 6 AM. I really treasure that time to clear my thoughts, breathe in fresh air, and prepare for the day.

It’s the time to turn over a new leaf!  Share these simple tips with your family and friends to enjoy a healthier lifestyle together.

Now it’s your turn.


In the comment section below, tell me:

  1. Which of the two healthy living tips above would be easiest for you to implement.
  2. Share one way you may be able to squeeze in 20-30 minutes of walking in your daily hectic routine.

Wellness Wednesday: How To Live A Healthier Happier Life!

Every week, we select one day  ( A Wednesday) to intentionally discuss and explore the healthy choices we can all make to live stress-free, healthier, happier lives as well as to explore new ideas and options to live well.

Feeling Overwhelmed? You are Not Alone!

If you’ve every asked yourself how to live a healthier happier life, I can assure you that you are not alone.

I don’t know about you, but the changes I needed to make to improve my health physically and relationally seemed just too overwhelming.  Even recently, I realized that life has gotten so busy, that I have (again) slackened off on my weekly exercise routine. 

So starting last week, I made a new commitment to walking just 20-30 minutes each day, 6 AM-6:30 AM, 1-2 blocks around my house,  then drinking a fresh glass of homemade juice!

Taking Small Steps Builds Success, Confidence, & Momentum!

The first few days of walking after a long hiatus was tough but by day 5 my body was already getting accustomed to the old routine.  A cough I have been struggling with for weeks, has cleared up significantly since I started juicing daily again.

Just about everyone who has been successful in transitioning to healthier living and sustaining that behavior  will tell you that the stress-busting lifestyle changes needed to regain balance, wellness and happiness, are best started with small, intentional steps of just doing the next right thing rather than a massive overhaul in behaviors.
So make a commitment to yourself to get started with a small intentional step today!

Wellness Wednesday:YOUR Starting Point To Develop New Health & Wellness Habits

That’s what Wellness Wednesdays is really all about.  It’s about taking one day to intentionally take a small step that can lead to new habits that improve your quality of life.  So for instance, you can choose to start drinking more water on Wednesdays by making sure you carry a bottle of water with you all day every Wednesday.  Or, you could take a decision to bring fruit for a snack at work to share with others every Wednesday rather than a donut.

Join in our Wellness Wednesday Journey

My goal with Wellness Wednesdays is for all of us to reserve this  mid-point each week to take inventory on our health and the choices we make daily, at times without even thinking.  This midweek check point should be a time for us to reflect and redirect not just what we eat but also the direction our life may be going, deliberately reevaluating how we are coping with stress and intentionally taking the small steps that can lead to big changes in our lives and those we impact.

Share Your Wellness Journey & Challenges with Us!

Want to share your Wellness profile with us?  It’s easy.  Click here!

Stay tuned and stay connected with us.  We plan to offer Wellness Wednesdays give-a-ways  and Wellness Profile contests to engage all our readers in taking small steps to healthy living and inspiring others to join in.

Take a look at the our Wellness Wednesdays archives for more information, inspiration and motivation on living healthier happier, lives. Feel free to and share your experiences, profile, and ideas that might encourage other women in living well on Wednesdays, and every day of the week!

Attention: Health And Wellness Enthusiast! Share, Inspire, Educate & Motivate!

We all need to lead a healthier and higher quality of life.

Do you have a plan that’s working for you for losing weight, getting fit, managing  stress, balancing your work and home life, raising teenagers, running  a home business while at the same time maintaining your sanity?

If so …we want to hear from YOU!

You do NOT need to be a fitness guru to motivate others to be healthy.  

Your wellness journey and wellness story can inspire and motivate someone to take steps to beat stress and regain peace and balance. 

Be a part of this inspiration for women, by women!

Need some Inspiration?

Take a look at these awesome Health and Wellness Enthusiast Profiles

Aysha :  Mompreneur Extraordinaire!

Gina: Inspiration to beat Caregiver Stress!

We would love to hear from you. Will YOU be next?

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Wellness Profile For Gina Molitor– How To Manage Caregiver Stress!

Today, we have a special treat for you! We feature Gina Molitor in our Wellness Profile.

If you are a caregiver, this is especially inspirational! Learn how to manage caregiver stress from Gina inspiring example!

Tell us briefly about yourself. What do you do? Feel free to share your website and stores as well.

After the decade of my forties was realigned by being the sole caregiver to my Alzheimer’s-afflicted dad, I was quagmired by different forms of stress–from dashed career expectations to fear and financial.

Since stress undermines human health in many ways (the medical community now sees a direct link to ALZ specifically), and since women disproportionately fill the caregiver role, I wanted to help others while getting my own butt out of the pit. So I started so all us gals can cope better!

What Have You Done to Achieve Wellness?(i.e. physical, emotional, mental, social, and/or spiritual well-being):

Writing, for me, is very cathartic. So I wrote a memoir about dad and this epidemic disease in hopes of shining an emotional and pragmatic light so that other caregivers may see ahead.  I explore self-awareness, rejuvenating diversions and humor as key, general-life coping skills in my blog posts too.

What do you to Maintain Wellness?

– I exercise outdoors (no biggie!; see below)

– I try to keep a grip on my inner monologue… I constantly work at keeping my future-thinking, what-if mind chatter (read: worry) to a minimum. I also try to flip the switch from any piss & moan thoughts to “I’m just grateful to be _____” affirmations.

What is Your typical week of wellness activities?

Either everyday or every other day I go outside for a fast walk or a constantly-peddling bike ride. 20 to 30 minutes. No electronic gizmos in my ears… I believe half of the benefit is communing with nature, fully, with all of your senses and attention.

Daily doses of pet schnoogying keeps me wagging more and barking less too.

What is Your favorite indulgence?


Who Is Your Wellness & Lifestyle mentor?

I like Oprah, Chopra and Dr. Daniel Amen.

Why do you do what you do?

To have a life purpose. To help others. To live the most soul-nourishing life possible.

What does your lifestyle say about you?

Carpe diem, I hope!

What would you tell someone who wants to follow your lifestyle routine?

All of us are able to learn to be more resilient to stressors in life, even if we cannot control what rolls downhill towards us.

There are mindset tactics, biochemical secrets and feelin’ the love from others to see us through more smoothly. We just have to keep chipping away at it.

Thank You Gina!

Gina, a BIG THANK YOU for sharing your Wellness Profile with us! As my mom and dad age, I too am very mindful of the need, and obligation on my part, to take care of them. My grandmother recently died at age 99, and that further impressed upon me the blessing and responsibility of still having my parents around.

Gina, your profile is an inspiration to me to make sure to make time to take care of my aging parents, but also to make time to take care of myself, and my own emotional, physical and mental well-being!

You are a true inspiration to us all!

What about you?

Are you taking care of aging parents, or someone special? As Gina mentioned, women disproportionately fill the caregiver role, and along with that role comes a huge amount of stress! How do you cope?

If Gina’s wellness profile has been an inspiration to you, please share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.

Wellness Profile For Aysha Iqbal-Mompreneur Extraordinaire!

Aysha Wellness Profile Image

Tell us briefly about yourself. What do you do? Feel free to share your website and stores as well. My name is Aysha and I work freelance from home. I operate 2 websites and have a photo gifts store and do some freelance online marketing as well. I am also mom to a 6 year old kid. W

hat Have You Done to Achieve Wellness?(i.e. physical, emotional, mental, social, and/or spiritual well-being): It of course is a work in progress but I have been taking steps to achieve and ensure my wellness. Firstly, I have made it a point to exercise more often for better physical and mental health. Then I keep a check on my stress level and act on it right away if I find myself getting easily worked up or frustrated. All in all, I have started doing what is necessary to keep ME well. And I have been more consistent of making lists – for the day, week and for each project I am working on. This helps me decide what is more urgent and important for me.

What do you to Maintain Wellness? Essentially I prioritize at each stage – no matter how big or small. Then I maintain a to do list that I can check out of to ensure I did everything I set out to do that day – no matter how tiny a task. Always having an idea of the big picture and prioritizing keeps me more organized and help me decide better. That way, I ensure that all is well and I feel accomplished instead of stressed.

What is Your typical week of wellness activities? Going for a walk, exercising, playing and watching some TV with my kid and family. Making my list each day so the following day starts off clear and productive.

What is Your favorite indulgence? Hmm…. Watching TV …although too much can’t do much for my wellness I know … and Ice cream of course

Who Is Your Wellness & Lifestyle mentor? All mothers in general – if you have more than 1 kid, you are a super mom in my books.

Why do you do what you do? To ensure I am there for what matters the most – my child. If I am not healthy and well, who can he rely on? Besides as a mother, I need to set a good example for him! How can I ask him to stay calm, prioritize and live well if I do not comply by those standards? We need to take care of ourselves so we can be there for everyone we love.

What does your lifestyle say about you? I am not sure what others think, but to me, I am at least trying to do everything that is needed to stay on top of everything, without spreading myself too thin.

What would you tell someone who wants to follow your lifestyle routine? I am not perfect but I am trying. The first thing you need to do is prioritize, divide and conquer. And follow the system that works for you. Remember what matters the most – your welfare and your family, career and anything else. So always set that up front and don’t get swayed by distractions. I wish you the best and a life with no stress and all the wellness possible. Do good and only good will come your way.

Thanks so much for sharing your Wellness Profile with us Aysha. You are an inspiration to us all!

Get Featured on Wellness Wednesday!

One of the best ways to help women find practical, natural stress relief and stress management strategies that work, is to hear from other women who face similar challenges and overcome them! Women who are managing stress and heavy workloads at home and at work effectively and are still living balanced lives.

In other words, we want to hear from YOU! What do you do to manage your stress levels, maintain balance and improve your overall wellness and well-being? In order for us to thrive we need to pay attention to our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. It’s not always easy to do in our 21st century world where global economic crisis seems to be followed by one local crisis after the other. So how do you cope with life’s challenges and still maintain your health and sanity? Your example could be a source of much-needed inspiration for others!

Share Your Wellness Tips & Stress Management Success!

Now is your chance to share your secrets and success with other women who could use your support, tips, suggestions and practical wisdom for finding more balance and happiness in life. Ordinary women, just like you, can learn not only from what you say, but more importantly from what you DO!

Someone May Benefit From YOUR Experience & Example

You need not be a health guru, professional or a fitness pro to send us your stress management and wellness ideas and to be featured as a wellness profile on Wellness Wednesday. Each and every one of us women are gurus in our own ways as we handle all the different roles and chores in our lives.

There are many women out there who need straightforward advise and tips from real women who go through their day with challenges that are similar to yours. Now everyone could benefit from your expertise and experience.

Getting Featured Here Is Easy…& You Can Win Prizes For Best Profile Too!

It is REALLY easy to get featured on Wellness Wednesday at Natural Stress Relief for Women. Simply fill the form below and submit it to us. Once it is approved, we would contact you and then add your wellness profile right here on this site. You can also choose to submit photos, videos and other relevant files to add to your Wellness Profile.

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Wellness Inspiration… For Women By Women!

Every women seeking natural stress relief would certainly appreciate getting practical and simple ideas that WORK from real life women who are experiencing the same thing! While nothing in our featured Wellness Profiles is intended to replace professional advise, reading wellness profiles written by women for women who are facing similar problems and life challenges and learning how they cope will be reassuring and highly motivating for all.

Can We Manage Stress Successfully? YES! We CAN!

It is important to believe that you CAN manage your stress and live a happier life, everyday. Share how you manage the stressors in your life and help other women improve their wellness by your example. Join us on Wellness Wednesday! You can help someone beat stress, regain balance, and find joy & inner peace.

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What do you to Maintain Wellness?

What is Your typical week of wellness activities?

What is Your favorite indulgence?

Who Is Your Wellness & Lifestyle mentor?

Why do you do what you do?

What does your lifestyle say about you?

What would you tell someone who wants to follow your lifestyle routine?

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