Sleeping Tips To Improve Natural Stress Relief & Beauty

Sleep is essential if you want to get natural stress relief and at the same time stay looking young and beautiful. Sleep deprivation can drain your energy.  You won’t look fresh and vibrant if you suffer from insomnia. Unfortunately, chronic stress robs you of your much needed sleep, so it’s important to learn tips that might help you sleep better and get rid of  sleep problems. Avoid Alcohol and Coffee before bedtime You definitely should not be drinking coffee or alcohol before going to bed because both coffee and alcohol can disrupt your natural sleep patterns.  Try a soothing cup of herbal tea instead, such as chamomile.  Linden tea is one of my favorite bedtime teas.  It induces sleep and helps me to stay asleep all night as well. Avoid Spicy Foods or heavy eating after 5pm What you eat in the late afternoon and early evening can also affect your ability to go to sleep and to stay asleep all night long.  Your heaviest meals should be earlier in the day.  Beware of eating spicy foods or foods that can cause gas.  Such foods can also make it more difficult for you to nod off at night.

Best Body Pillow: Things to Consider Before You Buy A Body Pillow

Body pillows now come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to correct various sleeping discomforts.  The best body pillow for you may depend on your specific needs. For example, if you’re uncomfortable because of a pregnancy, you’ll want to buy a pregnancy body pillow specially designed for maternity comfort.

Tips Before You Buy A Body Pillow

Look at the varieties of body pillows and what they’re designed to accomplish below before you buy body pillow:

•    Elongated, fiber-filled body pillows – Usually about 54 inches long and 20 inches wide, these body pillows can be filled with cotton, down and feather or memory foam materials. Wrap yourself around the comfort of the extra-long pillow to support your body and relieve back aches and other pain that keeps you awake. Perfect for those who sleep on their sides.
•    Total body support pillows. These pillows support your body in multiple ways by providing their designs. Some offer a wedge system, others provide several cushions that can be joined together and used in different ways for numerous positions.
•    Body pillows designed especially for back pain. Back pain can sometimes be alleviated by sleeping on the correct bedding. Some body pillows are fully adjustable and let you support your back in several different ways and wake up rested and refreshed.
•    Sleep Apnea Pillows. Before you buy body pillow, you need to consider what your primary sleep complaints are. Sleep apnea is a condition that can affect your health and even cause death. U-shaped body pillows curve up and support your neck and back during sleep to conquer severe snoring problems.
•    Body pillows for physical disabilities. If you suffer from physical disabilities (like pinched nerves) that make it difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep, a body pillow may be the remedy you’re looking for.

Buy A Body Pillow To Improve Your Sleep

Even if you don’t suffer from an injury or medical condition, using a body pillow on a nightly basis your sleep quality should improve tenfold. Almost anyone can benefit from using a body pillow to promote a good night’s sleep.

Body pillows come with various fillings and coverings, so you should be able to find one that’s just right for you. You’ll find goose down or foam stuffing and non-allergenic stuffing and coverings.

You may need to try a variety of body pillows to find one that suits you, but the various online web sites offer a description of each type of body pillow and what it’s designed for. This should give you a good idea of the pillow you need that will provide the most comfort for your situation.

People who try body pillows often say that they’ve experienced a level of comfort that they’ve never had before, and even take it with them when they travel. Before you buy a body pillow, look online for various prices and types before you make a final decision.

Best Body Pillows on the Market

We’ve done some research and can recommend the body pillows below.  Click the image for more details:


Get Better Sleep for Natural Stress Relief

No one will argue that regular sound sleep is vitally important for natural stress relief and optimal health.  The question is: how can you get better sleep?

Exercise Helps

Exercise has many benefits for your overall health, but did you know that regular exercise also helps to encourage better sleep patterns?  When you exercise, you body is better equipped to handle and process stress,  which leads to stress reduction.   In turn, less stress means you relax easily which naturally leads to better sleep.

An Important Precaution

Even though exercise has a major impact on stress reduction and encourages better sleep, you should not exercise just before going to bed because the stimulation that you get from exercise can hinder your chance of going to sleep within an hour or two of the exercise routine.  I usually exercise in the morning.  That is actually the best time to exercise.  If you don’t have time to exercise in the mornings, try exercising early afternoon.   Exercising after 6 pm may hinder rather than encourage deep, restful sleep.  


Four Important Tips For Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Until recently I did not realize the importance of a good night’s sleep for natural stress relief.   I knew sleep is important, but I did not know that sleep deprivation can exacerbate stress.  So part of my stress reduction solution was to learn how to combat sleep deprivation and insomnia effectively.  Here are four important few tips I discovered.

Avoid Sugar

It’s amazing how much damage sugar does to the body.   Eating food or drinks that are high in sugar can get you agitated and make sleeping a lot more difficult.  Try to eliminate sugar from your diet as much as possible.   I now drink lots of herbal teas without sugar.  I cut down on snacks and sugary treats significantly and prefer to snack on fruits.

Unwind Before Bedtime

We all live hectic lives and can be pretty wound up by the end of the day.  It’s important to try to wind down before going to bed.  I usually read a book.  If that does not appeal to you, perhaps you can engage in a stress reducing hobby for a few minutes before bedtime, such as cross word puzzles, scrap booking, journaling, or knitting.  The key is to do something that you find relaxing.

Create a Soothing Ambiance in the Bedroom

In order to induce sleep, you need to make your bedroom a peaceful place.  Get rid of any electronic gadgets with bright display lights.   Pull out your aromatherapy kit and diffuse some relaxing and soothing scents in to the air. Lavender works wonders for inducing sleep and relaxation.   Play some soothing music to clam your mind and spirit in preparation for a good night’s rest.  You can also use a sound oasis sound therapy system to help you fall asleep fast.

Go To Bed at the Same Time Every Night

Your body is a well oiled machine that works best when it is set to a healthy pattern of activities.  This is especially true when it comes to your sleep patterns.  You need to try to get to bed at the same time every night so you get in the pattern of good sleep.  You should always make sure that you get to sleep before midnight, preferably by ten PM each night.  That way you can get a full eight hours sleep and wake up fresh and revitalized at six AM the next morning.

Need More Resources To Help You Sleep Better?

Click on the images below for natural sleep aids that will help you fall asleep quickly and get a good night’s sleep…every night!