Effective stress Management strategies Every Woman Can Use to De-Stress

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There are some great free stress-busters out there for women looking to beat stress.

You don’t have to pay a day’s worth of wages to spend a few hours at a spa. If you’re looking for free ways to beat stress, here are eight effective stress management strategies every woman can use to de-stress:

  1. Get out of your house and socialize. If you’re developing a little cabin fever, it’s time to get out of your house and talk to some people. Socializing can help you decompress in a way that staying cooped up in your house never can.
  1. Exercise. If you’re tired of hearing how exercise can help you de-stress, too bad, you’re going to hear it again. There really is no better way to clear your body and your mind of stress than getting out and walking, jogging, biking, etc. It helps your body release pent up stress and gives your mind time and impetus to process its anxieties.
  1. Read a book. Taking time to just sit in the quiet and read a book can do a heap of good for the soul. Grab an old favorite or strike out to a bookstore and pick up something new.
  1. Journaling. Studies have shown that writing down your thoughts and feelings can actually help you process those thoughts and feelings. If you are stress-ridden, it’s time to pick up a pen or sit down at your computer and put those things down on paper.
  1. Go for a walk. While this can count as exercise, just taking a stroll around town has its own benefits and merits, even if you’re not working up a sweat. Walking by yourself or with a friend is a great way to process your thoughts and feelings in a neutral space.
  1. Get outside in the sun. There’s a reason doctors used to send their anxious patients to the Mediterranean—sun is good for the body and for the soul. It produces vitamin D, which is vital to the immune system and can actually generate a good mood.
  1. Camp in your backyard. Getting out into nature is one of the best ways to fight the stress of the daily hustle and bustle. Click here to find out how backyard camping can reduce stress.
  1. Take a nap. Seriously, just do it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, give yourself a 15-30 minutes nap. You’ll be surprised how refreshed you are and how you feel able to take on what comes your way.


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Best Herbal Tea For Insomnia

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Insomnia can cause some real stress, but you can fight it with these natural remedies.

If you have occasional trouble sleeping or have chronic insomnia, it may seem impossible that a simple cup of tea can help relieve your sleeplessness. If you are tired of being tired, there are actually teas that will help ease your body into sleep, often just as effectively as sleep medications, and without any of the nasty side effects. When you no longer want to be a slave to an irregular or nonexistent sleep schedule, it’s time to take control and use the best herbal tea for insomnia. A cup of one of these types of teas will help calm your body and mind and let you sleep.


Everyone knows that chamomile is calming. It’s also on the list of best herbal tea for insomnia. It’s long been billed as a tea for those that have trouble getting to or staying asleep. Chamomile has such a strong reputation for calming, it is actually added to lotions and shampoos to calm the skin and reduce irritation and inflammation. This is exactly what it does when you drink it as a tea. A warm drink soothes the system and when  you add a steeping cup of chamomile to your sleep routine, it can actually act as a sedative, lulling you to sleep.


As far as I am concerned Linden is the very best herbal tea for insomnia. Linden’s uses are wide and varied, including treating stuffy noses, alleviating breathing problems, relieving headaches, and other issues. One of its lesser known uses is as a sedative tea. Like chamomile, it is widely used in lotions and serums to treat external inflammation and itchiness, but it can also be effectively used to help the sleepless beat insomnia. Along with its sedative benefit, it can also lower blood pressure, soothe a sore throat, and bring down a fever. This tea is perfect for those whose trouble sleeping is connected to breathing issues or illness.


In the list of teas that are known to put people to sleep, valerian always closely follows chamomile. Well known for its sedative effects, this plant was used even in ancient times to curb anxiety and help people sleep. Valerian can actually take a few weeks for its full effect to work on a person, as the body and the mind get into the habit of drinking the tea and letting that tea soothe the body. It is definitely one of the most popular choices and there is actually more scientific evidence to support claims that this tea fights insomnia than there is to support claims about chamomile.  Some folks use the actual root for maximum sleep inducing effects.   Others prefer the convenience of valerian capsules.  Try it in various forms and see which one works best to help you get more restful, stress-busting sleep…every night!


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3 Easy Divorce Stress Management Tips To Feel Calm & Confident

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Divorce stress can leave anyone feeling drained. Try these tips to get you through the rough times.

On the scale of most stressful life events, divorce is topped only by the death of a spouse. The third most stressful life event is actually marital separation—that really tells you how stressful it is to go through this kind of trauma. If you are going through a divorce and are feeling the weight of stress, anxiety, and frustration on your shoulders, it’s time to take a step back. Here are some divorce stress management tips that will actually work and will actually save your sanity.

  1. Reconnect with activities you love. Are there old hobbies or habits that you used to love to do, but have recently let fall by the wayside? Many women lose track of the things that they loved to do when they were single when they get married, sacrificing those habits or hobbies in favor of something else. During a divorce is the perfect time to pick up those activities again, especially if you find yourself a little listless. Did you used to love to read, but haven’t had time? Curl up with a book for an entire day. Did gardening soothe your soul? Get a couple of plants!
  1. Create a support network. The friends and family that you surround yourself can greatly influence your stress levels and how capable you are of dealing with whatever difficulties come your way. Right now is the perfect time to start creating and relying on that support network. Choose individuals that understand what you are going through and are genuinely concerned for you and your well-being. Cut yourself off from negative influences or those that encourage you to wallow in your stress and sadness. Instead, spend your time with those that lift you up and make you feel better.
  1. Make time for yourself. This is something that women are notoriously bad at doing but its one of the most important divorce stress management tips to implement. We are nurturers, we want to care for others, sometimes so strongly that we completely forget to care for ourselves. When you are in the middle of a divorce and the stress is piling on, you need to make time for yourself. Self-care during this time is extremely important. Take care of yourself: treat yourself to a dessert, take a long bath, spend the entire day watching your favorite television series; do something that is just for you.


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How To Reduce Stress During Divorce

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Divorce stress is one of the worst forms of stress a woman can experience, but there are ways to overcome it and persevere. 

Only the death of a spouse is more stressful than going through a divorce. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid getting a divorce if a divorce is the best solution for your relationship, it simply means that you need to learn how to reduce stress during divorce.  There is a very particular form of stress that divorce generates that can leave you feeling completely destroyed and devastated.

You know what it feels like: there are a million things to do and not nearly enough time to do them, paired with the knowledge that a relationship you have put a lot of time and energy into is coming to an end.  Add to that, the massive, heavy blanket of self-doubt, helplessness and the inability to think or see things straight.  I know.  I’ve been there.

If you are feeling the stress of a divorce, here are three practical ways to beat that stress:

  1. If you need to cry, cry. In today’s world, women are told that they shouldn’t cry, that they should be strong and “suck it up.” Crying relieves stress—it’s a very appropriate response to the stress of getting a divorce and is not something to be looked down upon. If you feel like you want to cry, go ahead and cry. You’ll feel better after the tears have been shed. Fighting back tears only piles more stress on top of your existing stress.
  1. Take up a new hobby you find rewarding.  Another tip I can share on the topic of how to reduce stress during divorce is to find a new activity that you really love to do and that satisfies you. This could be anything, from reading to gardening to exercising to writing. This should be something that makes you feel happy and content while you are doing it. It doesn’t have to show results or create anything that you can use in your life—it should just make you happy. Many married women find that they do very little for themselves. Now is the time to reclaim your life, and picking a new hobby is a great way to do that.
  1. Don’t skip meals. When you are stressed out, tired, and sad, you may forget to fulfill some of your most basic needs. Don’t skip meals. Your body will be hungry, even if you don’t actually feel hungry. Dealing with divorce and the stress it brings can sometimes suppress the appetite (that’s an evolutionary response), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t nourish your body. Make sure that you eat at least three square meals a day. If you often forget to eat, or don’t have much of an appetite, try snacking on fruits during the day, grabbing some soup, or pick up a new juicing routine. You need good nutrition to beat divorce stress, so make healthy eating a priority.


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How to Feel Single Again- Tips To De-stress From Mommy and Wife Duties

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Try these tips to forget your wife and mom duties for a time and feel like a single woman again.

When you talk to your single friends, do they just go on and on about how they wish they could swap places with you? The grass is always greener, right? Most single girls don’t realize just how great they have it. Being a wife and mother is a wonderful, rewarding job—but it can actually feel like a job. Who else wants to discover how to feel single again?

And unlike a real job that you can leave at the end of the day, being a wife and mother is all day, every day. When you were single, you could go where you wanted to go, do what you wanted to do, and the only person who put any demands on your money and time was you. If you’re struggling with the reality of being a wife and mom, here are a few ways to de-stress and bring back some of that single woman spark:

  1. Find a hobby that’s just for you. Many mothers and wives feel that everything they have to do should be in service of the family. While that’s a fine attitude to have, it can wear a person down. If all you do is give and you keep nothing back for yourself, you’ll find that your soul is starving for some attention. Pick a hobby that is just for you. It can benefit your family obliquely, but don’t pick something just because it will result in something beneficial for your family.
  1. Plan a regular girl’s night. Having your own friends is important. It can be nice to have “couple friends” that you share with your husband and to be friendly with the other mothers at your playgroup, but if you don’t routinely get out and hang out with just your friends, without your husband and children around, you might begin to feel that you’re no longer your own person.
  1. Take some time to yourself each day. Some people will call this selfish—it’s not. Taking some time to yourself, to be calm and quiet and to do something for yourself is as important as taking care of your family and friends. Without taking some time to yourself, you’re unlikely to have the stamina to take care of anyone else. You need to take a breather occasionally, whether you soak in a nice bath, read a book, or just meditate for a few minutes.


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3 Remarkable Ways to Keep Calm in the Face of Project Deadline Stress

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Deadlines are a part of life, but they can lead to stress, if you let them. Read on for 3 ways to calmly face and overcome deadline stress.

Having deadlines is just part of owning a business, being part of a business, or simply being a person. Adhering to deadlines and getting what you need to get done in a reasonable amount of time can cause major project deadline stress for most people, even if they have plenty of time to get that work done. Why? Because most people are procrastinators or are bad at managing their own time or legitimately do not have enough time to get their tasks done. Here are three ways to help yourself stay calm in the face of an impending deadline:

  1. Don’t let yourself panic. In nearly 100% of cases, not meeting your deadline is not a case of life and death. If you are experiencing project deadline stress, you are either actively or subconsciously telling yourself that you are in an emergency situation. You can fight this response by reminding yourself that it is alright to miss a deadline, that nothing horrible will happen to you. You will still be alive. You will still have time to finish your project. Getting rid of the panic will allow you to focus on the task and probably actually get it done faster.
  1. Stop checking the clock. It may seem essential to continually check what time it is and how much time you have left. The truth is that the task is going to take you as long it is going to take you, whether or not you know how much time you have left before you have to finish it. Checking the clock only racks up the amount of time you are not actually working on the project or errand, so stop checking your clock. Do it only at natural breaks. Do not pull yourself away from the task to check how much time you have left.
  1. Get organized. At the beginning of every day, use fifteen minutes to get a handle on everything you need to do that day. Make yourself a schedule and use effective time management to get things done. This will prevent you from jumping from one thing to another in a panic, trying to get them all done. Instead, you’ll finish each task as necessary. Doing this can also help you plan more realistically. Add twenty extra minutes onto each task. This will give you a buffer in case something takes longer than expected.


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Are you Wired and Tired? Learn How To Get Rest and Relaxation Quickly

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There are some fun and sensible ways to rest and recoup when you are feeling overtired and wired.

It is possible to be as wired as you are tired. If you feel like you are barely staying above water, or that you’re feeling more and more high-strung lately, it’s time to learn how to get rest and relaxation. Staying stressed and exhausted is like stretching a rubber band—it might be able to stretch pretty far, but at some point, it will snap if it isn’t given a reprieve. Give yourself a reprieve by following these tips:

  1. Aromatherapy – The sense of smell is very closely linked to both memory and emotion in the brain. Certain smells can trigger the brain to slow down and relax. If you are running a million miles a minute and are finding it difficult to just take some time to relax, you can definitely benefit from aromatherapy. What scents work best will vary from person to person, but the scent of chamomile, lavender, or vanilla are often used to induce a feeling of relaxation and contentment. An easy way to start with aromatherapy is to find a candle or diffuser in a scent that calms your mind, and to burn it while reading, taking a bath, or meditating.
  1. Backyard Camping – Why not have a little get away in your very own backyard? You don’t have to pack up everything you own, but you can still enjoy the outdoors and sleep under the stars. Camping has always been a great way to commune with nature and to remind ourselves of the simple pleasures, but if there are no good camping spots where you live, you don’t have to go without this relaxing and rejuvenating pursuit. Pitch a tent in your backyard, have a fire, roast marshmallows, and get to know the sights and sounds of your own neighborhood.
  1. Gardening – Growing something is one of the most satisfying hobbies that you can develop, and one of the easiest, even if you only have a small window ledge to fill with plants. There is something uniquely calming about taking care of a plant, weeding it, getting your hands dirty, watering something, and watching it grow. If you are looking for a hobby that is as relaxing as it is energizing, starting a garden should be at the top of your list.

Follow these tips and you’ll be rested and relaxed in no time!


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Stress Relief Tip of The Day: Use Your Mind To Rise Up Against Difficulties

Stress Relief Tip Of The Day:

Facing our challenges makes us stronger and more capable.

RiseAgainstDifficultiesThe challenges I face in life are only stepping stones to wonderful days ahead. I realize that issues can feel overbearing. But I avoid being burdened by them and, instead, use them as motivation.

Dwelling on a challenge causes me to remain in that situation longer than necessary. I accept what is happening as an unavoidable reality and focus on recovery.

When I adopt a positive mindset, I find creative ways to move away from trying situations. I realize that creativity is the root of many of life’s successes.

Remember this stress relief tip: your mind is the only stepping stone you need to rise up against difficulties.

For instance, financial holes sometimes feel hard to climb out of. But I avoid lamenting on how broke I am. Instead, I make a commitment to change my spending habits.

When I look back at obstacles I am able to leave behind, I smile with confidence. Seeing where I am coming from builds my confidence to make it through anything else.

Today, I am blessed to have the ability to take steps away from my challenges. My commitment to rising above difficulties is unwavering. I am stronger and more capable when I dare to challenge what troubles me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do you recover when you realize you are falling back into a negative pattern?
  2. What kind of help do you want your friends and family to provide during challenges?
  3. Which of your difficulties turned out to be blessings in disguise?


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Top Ten Proven Tips on How to Get Ahead at Work and Supercharge Your Career

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Interested in finding out how to get ahead at work? Check out these top 10 tips!

Between getting ready for work, driving to work, working, driving home, and worrying about work, most of us spend at least 60 hours each week on work. Work takes up so much of your life that you might as well make the best of it. There are many things you can do to supercharge your career.

Get ahead with these tips:

  1. Work from a prioritized to-do list. You might have noticed that many of your co-workers are highly skilled at staying busy, but accomplishing little. Before you even arrive at work, have a to-do list that you’ve narrowed down to the most important 2-3 tasks. Fight like heck to get those highly important tasks completed.

  2. Be on time with everything you do. If work starts at 8:00, be there at 7:45. If your report is due by Friday, get it done by Wednesday. If you’re constantly late, your boss and co-workers won’t trust you. Intending to be early with your projects also provides more opportunity to do a great job than waiting until the last minute.
  3. Avoid gossip. Everyone knows who the gossipers are, including your boss. Nothing positive comes from idle chitchat at work. You’re going to get yourself into trouble sooner or later. You have your to-do list to keep you busy anyway.
  4. Be positive. Your boss loves it when you have a positive attitude. It helps everyone around you to feel better and to do a good job. You’ll feel better, too.
  5. It’s rare that anyone wants to volunteer for additional responsibility. Take the bull by the horns and get things accomplished. Avoid overstepping your bounds, but try being a little more assertive than your coworkers. Most of your coworkers would rather be led than have to take the lead themselves.
  6. Be supportive of the final decision. Whether it’s your boss or the executives in the main office, there will be decisions that are unpopular. But after the final decision has been made, it’s your job to get behind it and support it to the best of your ability. Being a roadblock will only work against you.
  7. Expand your skills. Given enough time, everyone’s skills are eventually obsolete. Stay ahead of the curve and expand your skill-set. Look to the future and position yourself appropriately. What are the new positions that are opening up in your company? What’s the most popular job opening on the employment websites?
  8. Support your boss. You were hired to make your boss look good. She was given a job to do, and you were hired to help her get it done. Be the employee you would like to have.
  9. Support your co-workers. Help your co-workers to look good, too. One of them is likely to be in a position to help you one day. They might even end up being your boss.
  10. Dress for success. Have you ever noticed that the worst dressed person in a group never seems to get ahead? A great rule of thumb is to dress like your boss. You’d be surprised how much consideration you get for looking the part.

It’s easy to thrive at work by taking the extra step. Let everyone else show up 5 minutes late, complain, and mindlessly shuffle papers around their desk. Be on time. Stay positive. Get things accomplished and look good while you’re doing it. A few small changes are all that’s needed to get ahead at work.


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Inspirational Quote For Those Of Us Struggling with Time Management…


This inspirational quote is ideal for those of us struggling with time management. Time management  is essential for creating the freedom to spend time with your family without worrying about work or other responsibilities. It requires a promise to change habits and a commitment to reaching new goals.

We all have 24 hours in a day but using effective time management techniques can stretch those hours and help you accomplish much more in the same amount of times.  Good time management requires preparation, planning, and organization.

This resource is jam packed with time management tips, tricks, and resources to help you run your day instead of letting your day run you!