Gratitude: The Surprising Solution to Better Health

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A little gratitude can go a long way in having a positive effect on your health and life.

Did you know that gratitude can have a tremendous impact on your health? A recent study, titled “The Role of Gratitude in Spiritual Well-Being in Asymptomatic Heart Failure Patients,” found that it plays an important part in overall wellbeing.

The study found that being thankful helped improve the health of heart disease patients.

This has wider implications, and researchers believe it can help anyone. So, you don’t have to be a heart disease patient to benefit from showing gratitude to others. Anyone can be thankful and see improvements in their health.

Try these strategies to use gratitude to benefit your health:

  1. Understanding the heart of gratitude. Being thankful is an important part of staying healthy.
  • Do you show your gratitude when it matters?
  • Do the people in your life feel you appreciate them? Have you told them how much you enjoy the things they do?
  • Being grateful may require a conscious effort. It’s important to start noticing your thought processes and how you react to various situations.
  1. How to show gratitude to your loved ones. The people who are closest to you need to know you appreciate them.
  • You can begin to show gratitude by thanking them for a specific action.
  • You can also show your thoughtfulness by doing small things for them and making their lives easier.
  • Sharing your time is important. Offer to do something your loved ones may enjoy. This will show you care and pay attention to their lives. It also shows you want to help.
  • Everyone loves compliments, so give them out frequently with love.
  1. How to show gratitude to your coworkers. They spend hours with you and need to know you appreciate them.
  • Send thank you notes to your coworkers to show them you care.
  • Show your gratitude by bringing them lunch or offering to buy it for them.
  • Sometimes just listening to your coworkers can be a good way to show your gratitude.
  • Bring flowers to work to brighten your coworkers’ day.
  1. How to show gratitude for yourself. Recognize the great things that are happening in your life and be thankful for them each day.
  • Sometimes making a simple list of all the positive and good things in your life can start you on the path to gratitude.
  • Remember to give yourself compliments, too!
  • Thinking about the positive things you have done for others can help you see how you impact the world.
  1. How to show gratitude to strangers. You may not know their name or life story, but the strangers you meet throughout the day can also benefit from gratitude.
  • Does the person who makes your coffee stand next to a tip jar? You can make a generous tip and help brighten their day. You can also point out something they have done well.
  • You don’t have to know your servers’ names to be grateful. You can thank them, compliment them, and share something positive.

Gratitude is an important part of life, and showing it to others can help strengthen your health. It’s crucial to note the positive things occurring every day. There are many ways to be thankful, you can share the joy with others.


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If Your Life Feels Stuck Use These Tips to Move On

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To be free, you must first find out why your life is stuck. Then you can move on.

Do you feel like your life has been in a rut? Why is it that our lives rarely change, even when we’re miserable?

There are forces within our minds that conspire to keep us stuck. They’re also spectacularly effective at accomplishing this. In fact, they’re so good, we don’t even realize it’s happening.

These reasons may very well be the cause of your rut:

  1. You lack the knowledge necessary to make a change. You might know that you need to be more confident, but you might also lack the knowledge of how to develop confidence. Not all skills are available at our fingertips. You might need to do a little studying before a change is possible.
  1. You don’t know specifically what you want. If you think you might like to be a fireman, but also think becoming an accountant sounds interesting, you’re stuck. At some point, it’s necessary to make a clear decision and set a goal. If you can’t choose a vacation destination, you’re stuck at home.
  2. You lack willpower or fail to use it effectively. Willpower is limited, but it’s great for creating new habits and behavioral patterns. Sticking with a task after the urge to quit surfaces can develop willpower. Continue for another 5 minutes. Increase the amount of time each week until you can work through the urge to give up.
  • Use your willpower to develop small habits that can grow into useful routines.
  1. You can’t deal with being uncomfortable. Anxiety, nervousness, and fear are great for preventing you from jumping off a 10-story building. But they’re worse than worthless when it comes to keeping you stuck. Some level of discomfort accompanies any change, but your emotions are misleading you. You’re not in any real danger.
  • Use your logic to talk yourself through it. “Nothing bad can happen from giving a speech. In fact, there are many benefits.” Use the logical part of your brain to override your primitive instincts.
  • There are many techniques to lower your levels of discomfort to more manageable levels. Meditation, prayer, and counseling are a few that can be beneficial.
  • Start small and push through slight discomfort. Your ability to handle the bigger and scarier situations will grow with experience.
  1. You give up too quickly. Change can take time. 80% of the change you ultimately see won’t reveal itself until at least 80% of the work has been completed. Your early efforts show little results, but things are happening behind the scenes. It’s necessary to persevere to see a meaningful change in your life.
  • Learn to be a finisher. Start completing all the little tasks in your life. If you decide to walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes, keep going until you’re done. Avoid letting yourself off the hook until an activity is 100% complete.

Making any change can be a challenge. Understanding your roadblocks to change can enhance your ability to bring about meaningful changes in your life. Have an objective and develop habits that support that objective. Learn to lower and deal with uncomfortable emotions. You have everything within in you necessary to create a spectacular life. Go for it!


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How to Forgive, Release, And Be FREE!

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Forgiveness does not only benefit the person you’re forgiving. It can be very beneficial to you too. I’ve learned to forgive, release, and Be FREE!

Each day, I see the benefits of offering forgiveness to others. I see how it helps to put someone’s mind at ease. I know that granting my forgiveness to another helps them move on with a light heart and clear conscience.

I feel rewarded when I forgive someone for offending me. I am happy to have the opportunity to resume a positive relationship with them.

Sometimes it is challenging to overlook an offense. When I am hurt, I initially feel unwilling to give my trust back to someone. But I take the time to think it through.

I believe in my role as protector of good in the world. Even when I am mistreated, I put aside my pride. I know it takes two to resolve any conflict.

Forgiveness gives me a stronger sense of purpose.

I choose to be a bigger person who learns from negative experiences. I shun the chance to hold onto something that keeps my heart dark.

I am a good example for my loved ones because I practice forgiveness. I am proud to be a role model.

Today, I acknowledge that forgiveness builds me up. I strive to make amends. I am poised to be strong and positive because I choose to forgive others.

Now it’s YOUR turn.  Answer these self-reflection questions:

  1. In what ways can I forgive others without portraying myself as weak?
  2. What positive attributes do I develop as a result of forgiving others?
  3. When was a time I failed to intervene during a conflict when I possibly could have helped?


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8 Remarkable Strategies To Never Have a Bad Day Again!

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 Do you want to know how to never have a bad day again?Read on to find out how!

All of us are faced with good days and bad days. Just imagine for a second what it would be like if you could eliminate most of the bad days from your life? Sounds impossible right?  I thought so too, until I realized that I DO have the ability to turn each bad day into a good one and make bad days a thing of the past.

What actually makes a good day may differ from person to person. For me a good day is waking up to enjoy the birds chirping or the flowers outside my window, working hard at something I enjoy during the day, and being able to connect in a meaningful way with close family and friends, and maybe even a stranger, before the end of the day.

What would make a “good day”for you? What has to happen for you to label a day as “good”?  Depending on your answer, you may be able to make each day you’re alive a good day. It’s up to you.

I uses these 8 strategies to eliminate bad days from my week and you can do the same too:

  1. I refuse to have a bad day. There is ample opportunity to have a bad day. You don’t have to work oat it, and you don’t have to look for it.  Isn’t it funny how it just seems to “find” you? You might be running late or your car decides to break down. Someone might speak unkindly to you or you spill mustard on your pants.  Things just seem to happen at the worse possible time, and completely ruins your day…IF you let it. So don’t let it! For me, having a bad day can be a lot like eating a piece of my mom’s delicious apple pie I know I should ignore. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean I have to bite. Avoid letting a few minor mishaps ruin your day.
  1. I choose to be happy, or at least content. In spite of whatever is going wrong, I choose to be happy. Sometime a bad day can get really ugly, so one those super bad days when I can’t find any happiness, I try my best to at least be content. Fact is, you can choose to have a good day or a bad day. The secret is to release your expectations and try to see what’s good in each situation.  As hard as it may seem at the time, there is always some good in each situation. 
  2. I spend time with loved ones. There are few activities that are as effective in bringing back perspective to reality than spending time with a loved one. The stress, worry, and anxiety just seems to melt away. And “loved ones” can include your four-legged family friends and family members as well ( read: pets)! 
  3. I always try to be on time. I don’t know about you, but running late and being late creates stress for me. For me, the stress begins once I realize that I’m going to be late and it continues throughout the day. It rarely ends until the day is over. If you’re late for one activity, you can be late for everything afterwards, too. Give yourself plenty of time to keep your schedule intact and you’ll avoid the stress of a bad day. Click here for a great resource if the lack of time makes you feel stressed.
  4. I have a morning routine. If your morning starts well, you’ll find the rest of your day goes well. A morning routine is an effective way to get the day off to a positive start.  My morning starts at 5:45  am each day and I go through the same ( or similar) routine every morning: a glass of water upon rising,  a 20 minute walk, 15 minutes bible reading, a bowl of oats with raisins for breakfast, a bowl of fruit ( or something else healthy) for a mid morning snack, and I am out the door by by 8 Am for work.  Important note: I usually prepare my work clothes the night before.  Consider using this fabulous tool if you are a busy woman who needs to save time and look great for work each day. And click here to learn how to get your day off to a good start in 20 minutes flat!
  • An effective routine can include what time you wake up, a review of your to-do list, wearing the clothes you laid out the night before, affirmations, exercise, and anything else you enjoy in the morning. Build your routine slowly and ensure it enhances your day.  Once your routine become a habit, you will be amazed at how it enhances you day.  I have an “end of day” routine as well…but I’ll share that in another blog post.  :-)
  1. I realize that LESS is MORE, so I try doing less. Having too much to do each day can be overwhelming.  Being overcommitted can easily create many challenges that get in the way of having a good day. Reduce your schedule to the most important 3-5 tasks. Stick to the important and urgent tasks. Reschedule the rest. Be balanced with the amount of tasks and responsibilities you take on each day to avoid burn-out and bad days.
  2. I have learned to complete my most important tasks FIRST. There are few things more frustrating than a stressful day that accomplishes little. Give yourself the gift of knowing that you completed at least one important task. That’s more than most can claim. Complete it as early in the day as possible and give yourself time to accomplish even more.
  3. I am grateful for the blessings of each day, no matter how small. When life is wearing you down, remember all the great things in your life. Give yourself a few minutes to list all the positive people and circumstances in your life. Are you healthy? Do you have friends and family? Your life is probably much better than you think!Start a gratitude journal and consider listing at least 3 things that fill you with gratitude as part of your morning routine. Your attitude will be primed to have a good day.

Having a good day is relative. The worst day for a middle-class American might be a great day for a child in a third-world country. Only you can assign a quality label to your day. Make the conscious decision to have a great day.

Now it’s Your Turn

Used the comment box below to share with us:

1. What 3 things are you most grateful for?

2. What 3 strategies above could you use to eliminate bad days from your life?


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How to Deal with Difficult People to Your Benefit

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Yes, you may have difficult people in your life, but you can learn something from them. Let me tell you how to deal with difficult people in your life to your benefit.

Unless you are a hermit who lives under a rock, you are bound to deal with at least a few people regularly.  You know…the colleague at work, the neighbor, or the sister-in-law who knows how to push your buttons. before your pressure starts to raise just thinking about them, here’s some good news: you can learn a lot from the difficult people in your life.

Challenging situations present opportunities for learning and growth. Rather than let the difficult people in your life frustrate or irritate you, have you ever considered using a strategy that would allow you to make optimal use of the difficult people in your life to YOUR benefit?

Just think about it for a minute. What if that colleague, neighbor, or sister-in-law  you enjoyed being around the least actually enhanced your life? How powerful would that be? There are ways to make the best of the situation.  Read on to discover how to deal with difficult people in your life to your benefit.  It’s easier than you think!

Here are 8 wonderful ways you benefit from dealing with the difficult people in your life each day:

  1. You learn patience. Whenever you’re stuck dealing with that colleague, neighbor, or sister-in law  you’d rather avoid, use the opportunity to practice being patient. It may be difficult at first, but it will get easier with time as you develop the wonderful quality of patience.
  2. You learn to manage your emotions. You may find that your mood and emotions take a turn for the worse when dealing with the difficult people in your life. Guess what? You can turn that around and use that as an opportunity to work on maintaining your composure in a stressful situation. Take advantage of your enemy’s presence and use it to fuel your skills. That’s the ultimate in self control, inner-strength and personal power.
  3. You learn about yourself. Take a moment to ask yourself: why does this particular person drive me crazy? In many cases, you’ll find that the people you dislike possess characteristics that you also have. Think about those whom you like the least and see if you can learn something about yourself.  In my case, there is one person that does not seem to like me very much, and the feeling is certainly mutual from my end.  I found out through a mutual friend that she is the only girl with 5 brothers and is accustomed of being the center of attention, and likes to be in control. Turns out that in my immediate family I am an important source of control and decision making ( second only to me Dad), so I am not about to let her impose her thoughts, opinions, decision’s on me.  Knowing why she gets under my skin, helps me understand both her and myself better, and helps me keep the peace.
  4. You gain an enhanced ability to focus. One effective way to be patient and manage your emotions is to focus on a resolution to the issue. If your thoughts stay centered on solving the challenge of the situation, your emotions can’t get the best of you.  So I try to focus on saying something positive or cordial, or overlooking or disregarding something unthoughtful that she may say, rather than fighting fire with fire.  I plan in advance to be calm and cordial when dealing with difficult people, come what may, so I go into the situation with that focus and objective in mind.  Often we need to push ourselves past our comfort zones to find the beauty that lies on the other side.
  5. You learn and practice relaxation techniques. There’s no better time to practice relaxation techniques than when you’re under the gun with someone. Bringing your stress down just a notch or two has many benefits. It’s good for your health and for the situation.  Rather than adding fuel to the fire, breath in slowly and then breathe out, count to ten ( or maybe to 20) and bring your stress and irritation down a notch.  
  6. You learn how to influence others. It’s not very challenging to influence your friends. However, can you influence an enemy? That’s the ultimate test of your people-skills. Try every tactic you know to bring the other person to your side. Sometimes something as simple as a smile can do the trick to breakdown barriers and open the way for a calm and cordial interaction with a difficult person. You’ll be amazed that with practice and patience, your abilities will quickly improve.  Even when you experience a setback in dealing with the difficult prople in youe life, remember that setbacks are an opportunity to grow.
  1. You learn how to let go. Do you allow a negative interaction to ruin your day or even your week? Suffering longer than necessary is just plain silly. Learn to how to let things go and enjoy the rest of your day. The interaction can only continue to haunt you if you allow it. Turn your attention back to the present.


  2. You learn to be compassionate and forgiving.  Unfortunately, unknown to you,  difficult people have painful reasons that explain their behavior. You just never know what is going on in someone’s life that triggers a negative behavior toward you ( and others).  They might be going through ( or has gone through)  a devastating divorce, a death in the family, physical and emotional abuse, or serious health or financial challenges. As difficult as it may sometimes be, you do need to avoid taking the words and behavior of others personally. Even the kindest of people have a bad day or even a bad decade. Learn to forgive others.

It took me years to come to this conclusion, but I have come to realize that the people that challenge our thoughts and emotions are a gift.  The million dollar question is: are you using the difficult people in your life to your benefit?  Are you allowing your interaction with them to open up new avenues and opportunities for your own personal growth.  Are you using every occasion you interact with them as a wonderful opportunity to enhance your own life?

If you’re not using these challenging people and situations to your benefit, you’re ignoring an excellent opportunity for personal growth. Use this empowering thought for the day and tell yourself that you are ready for whatever ( or whoever) you meet today. Learn from the difficult people in your life. The skills you develop will  enrich your life and make YOU a better person.

Please share your thoughts with us!  Use the comment box below:

1. Who is the #1 most difficult person you have to deal with regularly?

2. Which of the 8 strategies above can you use to deal with that difficult person to YOUR benefit?


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How to Push Yourself Beyond Your Limits

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Discomfort can be trying, but you can learn how to push yourself beyond your limits and make it work for you in a positive way.

I have learned that its crucial to push yourself beyond your comfort zone when life knocks you down.  I discovered how to make discomfort work to my advantage, even when faced with something as devastating as divorce. The first and most important step is to accept my situation, however distressing it might be.  When I accept the situation, I find the power to change it.

The truth is that true happiness depends more on your reaction to an event than on the event itself.  When I let  go of expectations and train myself to be resilient my anxiety levels drop drastically. I can then use my energy to focus on tackling the challenges with more confidence, courage and focus.

I try to stay focused on my purpose in life. For instance, when I remain focussed on why I want to complete a project, I can handle setbacks and obstacles better.

I trust in my strength. I know that I am capable of tolerating noisy neighbors or long lines at the bank. I create new strategies for coping with circumstances that may be beyond my control, rather than letting those circumstance control me.

I evaluate my self-talk. I distinguish between an inconvenience and a disaster.  There’s a huge difference, even though at times an inconvenience can seem like an insurmountable disaster.  During those tense and frustrating moments,  I encourage myself to stay calm, and use humor to dissolve tension. You can create a relaxation response during any stressful event.  Click here to learn how!

I have also learned to take baby steps that help me push myself beyond my limits. I identify the areas in my life where I tend to become irritated.  ( I was surprised to find that there are many).  Through gradual exposure I develop more effective responses. I may hang out in the break room for a few minutes each morning with a coworker I usually avoid until I discover how kind and interesting she really is. 

I think long term. Rather than dealing with stress by watching too much TV or eating half a cheesecake, I develop constructive outlets. Taking a walk or relaxing in a warm bath soothes me without any adverse consequences.

Today, I accept that inconvenience, challenges, setbacks, and delays are an inevitable part of life. I choose to remain peaceful and push myself beyond my limits to thrive and be happy…anyway.

Now its YOUR Turn. Share your answers to these self-reflection questions:

  1. How can you motivate yourself to push yourself beyond your limits and persevere through discomfort?
  2. How does discomfort contribute to your personal growth?
  3. What are 3 things you can do today to break out of your comfort zone?


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What To Do When Your Ex Finds A New Girlfriend

Read on to find out what to do when your ex finds a new girlfriend.

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One of the most difficult milestones in dealing with a past relationship is the day your ex finds a new girlfriend.  Do you remember what that day was like for you?  It may have been like that line in the Godfather III movie. Just when you think you’re over it, your emotions pull you back in and the emotional roller coaster starts all over again.

The anger, resentment, regret, hurt, feelings of despair….did I mention ANGER?  All these negative feelings may attack you at the same time when you find out that your ex is seeing someone else.

Here is the GOOD news!

You can turn things around by shaking free of the past and preparing yourself for new connections …whenever they may come.

Use these practical steps to avoid relationship stress and  help yourself and your children ( if any) adjust to the changes and new people that may come into your relationships after a break-up.

Steps You Need to Take for Yourself

  1. Come to terms with your feelings.  Don’t try to be perfect, and don’t ignore your true feelings. It’s natural to go through a stage of jealousy or bitterness. There is a huge difference between having those negative feelings and actually acting on them.  Make that distinction!  For now, just know that you are in control of your feelings and you can make your discomfort dissolve in time by training your mind to be peaceful.  
  2. Resist comparisons. Maybe the new girlfriend is prettier, smarter, richer, younger, or thinner than you. Maybe she won an Olympic gold medal in ice skating or she published a best seller. Don’t do that to yourself, resist comparing yourself with her. It’s much more productive to  focus on investing in your own self improvement and personal development and on becoming a more balanced, beautiful, happy, and stress-resilient person from the inside out! 
  3. Readjust your attention.  Don’t use technology and mutual friends to collect information about the new couple. That’s is an exercise in futility that will only leave you feeling more anger and hostility.  Those negative pursuits benefit no one.  Instead redirect your efforts to more constructive activities. 
  4. Get support. This is NOT the time to isolate yourself and throw a pity party.  Instead, surround yourself with family and friends who  will encourage you and support you through difficult times. If necessary talk with a counselor who specializes in relationships, invest in our 7 day diy program to help you cope with the stress, or secure the help of a stress management mentor. 
  5. Restore trust In Others. If you are like me, once trust has been broken in a relationship, it may be hard trust again. Your bad  experiences with your ex may have affected your ability to trust others. Don’t rush into any new romantic relationships just because your ex has a new girlfriend. Take baby steps to build up your comfort levels with trusting people again in general. Chat with a new neighbor. Invite a friend to attend the opera with you if you usually went with your ex. 
  6.  Go out on a date. It may take time to make a lasting connection, but there is no reason you cannot enjoy a pleasant evening out right now.  Just make sure your date knows there you are not looking for a lasting connection and there are no romantic strings attached.  Once that is clear, it may be fine to meet someone for coffee.  Start of with dates during the day (e.e. breakfast dates, lunch dates) and avoid going on dates at night, when the presumption of  romance may be more prevalent.
  7. Start a new project. Throw yourself into a new adventure. Sign up for scuba diving classes or plan a vacation to the Caribbean to have fun in the sun and get your groove back.  

Steps You Need to Take with Your Children

  1. Explain the situation.  Don’t create too much drama for your kids when your ex finds a new girlfriend.  Your ex may marry the first woman he meets or he may date around for years. Protect your children from the roller coaster ride of new girlfriends coming and going.  Wait until your ex announces his engagement to think about how his new girlfriend will adapt to being a new stepparent. 
  2. Be Clear On the boundaries. If communications with your ex and his new partner tend to backfire, restrict your interactions to essentials.  Communicate and coordinate with your ex on matters like child care and dental appointments, but keep your private life to yourself and stay out of his private life with his new partner as well. Your kids will be the biggest beneficiaries when you maintain a calm relationship with your ex for their sakes.
  3. Set Priorities issues. When relationships end there are a million changes to deal with, especially when kids are involved. You cannot do them all at once, so learn to concentrate on the major concerns.  Make sure that your children are physically and emotionally safe and observing basic etiquette.  
  4. Respect different household rules. You and your ex may have completely different rules when it comes to how you run your households. You may be stricter and more organized and his household may be a free for all. Instead of allowing this frustrate you or getting entangles in heated arguments with your ex, try providing as much consistency as possible at your household and be tolerant about personal preferences and differences, as long as those differences are not putting the wellbeing of your kids at risk.  
  5. Show compassion. Take into account that the three of you and your children are facing an unfamiliar situation. Respect each person’s opinions and empathize with their struggles.  Focus on the fact that you are doing this for your children.  Their happiness and wellbeing must be the top priority, and getting along with you ex and his new girlfriend will need to be at the top of your list.
  6. Spend one-on-one time. Your children may need extra love and attention when your ex brings a new partner into the home. Plan separate activities with each child so you have the opportunity to answer their questions and talk on a deeper level. Be positive and cheerful. Ask their teachers and other adults to inform you about any changes they notice.  
  7. Communicate directly. Talk to your ex and their new partner instead of relaying messages through your children. Protecting your kids is worth any inconvenience.

You can find peace and still extend your good wishes to your ex and their new partner. Be honest about your feelings and make smart choices that create greater love and fulfillment in your own life.

Please Share Your Thoughts 

In the comments below, share with us:

1. What have you done to cope with moving on after a breakup?
2. Which one of the points above will help you the most when your ex finds a new girlfriend?



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Eliminate These 8 Negative Habits To Unleash Happiness In Your Life

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Be aware of the negative habits that can stand in the way of your happiness.

Nobody consciously chooses to be unhappy, but you can cause yourself a lot of misery by engaging in negative mental habits. The outcomes we experience in life are often the result of our habits.

Eliminating counterproductive habits from your life is the first step to experiencing true happiness.

Make an effort to eliminate habits that negatively impact your happiness:

  1. Having unreasonable timelines. Nearly any goal is reasonable. Unfortunately, it’s common to overestimate what can be accomplished in a certain amount of time. Interestingly, most individuals underestimate what’s possible over longer stretches. Be sure your timeline is reasonable.
  • An overly optimistic estimation will leave you feeling defeated when you’re unable to attain your goal on schedule.
  1. Holding a grudge. Focusing on negative events creates unhappy feelings. Taken to the extreme, a grudge can lead to engaging in negative actions to get back at someone.
  • Holding a grudge has been described as drinking poison and then expecting your enemy to suffer. Let go of your negative feelings toward others!
  1. Spending too much time in the past or future. It’s challenging to be happy if you’re regretting the past or fearing the future. Learn from your past missteps and avoid dwelling on them. Avoid worrying about the future.
  • If you foresee potential challenges ahead, calmly prepare solutions. If you live in the present moment, being happy becomes much easier.
  1. Embracing a victim mentality. It’s common to search for excuses for our negative experiences. We often try to justify staying in our current circumstances. You may very well be the victim of some unfortunate situation, but it’s your responsibility to work your way out of it.
  • Taking responsibility for the happenings in your life is powerful. Countless individuals have overcome incredible odds. You can certainly be among them!
  1. Comparing yourself to others. Everyone starts with a unique set of talents, skills, and experiences. Avoid comparing yourself to others. If you want to make a comparison, compare yourself to your recent past.
  • Are you heading in a positive direction? If so, you probably have a good reason to be excited. If not, it’s time to get busy making some changes.
  1. Failing to learn from failure. Failure is rarely enjoyable, but it can be a useful experience. Learn from your failures and apply the knowledge to your future attempts. Failure can be a great tool for moving toward success. Repeating the same errors will provide the same results. View failure as a learning opportunity.
  1. A lack of gratitude. Things are rarely as bad as they seem. Regularly reminding yourself of this can demonstrate that your life might be more wonderful than you realize. Use spare moments to mentally list the things that fill you with feelings of gratitude and take time to express your gratitude as well.  It will allow happiness to enter your life.


  2. Settling for low standards. It’s possible to become comfortable with poor results. On one hand, you might be unhappy with where you are. On the other hand, trying for more seems scary.
  • You’re unique and capable. You can have a wonderful life. Increase your expectations. There’s no reason to settle for less.

Certain habits make it more challenging to experience happiness. Identifying and eliminating these counterproductive habits can create the necessary space for happiness to enter your life. Enhance the quality of your habits and you’ll experience a more positive perspective on life. After all, everyone deserves to be happy. That includes YOU!

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1. What helps you deal with the negative in your life?

2. Do you consider yourself to be an optimistic or a pessimistic person?

Follow These 5 Simple Steps to Live Your Life Without Regrets This Year!


While you can’t completely eliminate all regret in your life, you can take these 5 simple steps to live your life without regrets and thrive in the New Year.

It’s hard to keep regret out of your life but it’s not impossible.  No matter where you find yourself today, there’s a chance that you’ll have certain things you wish you did differently.  But moving forward, there are ways to live your life without regrets. When you strive to look at your situation with a different perspective, you’ll gain a better understanding about life and you’ll learn to live without regret.

 While you won’t be able to completely eliminate regret in your life, you can take steps to reduce it. Strive to keep your life organized and live your life your way.

Step 1. Establish Your Priorities

One way to begin living without regret is to sort out your priorities. Ask yourself what ultimate goal you’re working towards. Are you happy with where you are and where you’re going? If you’re living your life according to plan and you’re happy, then you have nothing to regret.

If changes need to be made, taking small steps may be of help to you. Once you’ve made decisions that you’re comfortable with, you may feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. This is regret leaving your life!

Step 2. Live By the Golden Rule

Everyone can benefit by living his or her life with the golden rule in mind. The golden rule is known in all of the world’s religions. It’s special because it’s a concept that we can all agree on, despite our differences.

Simply stated, the golden rule is: “Treat people the way you’d like to be treated.” If you do this, you’ll definitely keep your regrets to a minimum. You’ll be learning how to treat people with kindness no matter what. You’ll be learning how to treat people fairly and you’ll gain empathy. When you put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you act, you’ll be less likely to engage in an act that you’ll regret later.

Step 3. Take Swift Action

The next step is to take swift action in your life. You only have one life and the time is now. If your goals are clear and you know what you want, what are you waiting for? A common regret for many women is not doing the things that are truly important to them. You need to do these things instead of putting them off until tomorrow!

Have you always wanted to start your own business? Start one! Would you like to get back in touch with your father? Do it! Yes, it’s difficult, yet it’s also simple once you’ve made the commitment to act.

Step 4. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Spend all the time you can with your loved ones. If they live far away, visit when you can and call often.

Make time for your immediate family by scheduling dinners together or family nights out. Delve deep into the relationships you have with your family. A common regret is sticking to surface topics when it comes to your family. Find out the hopes, fears and even regrets of your family members. Sharing your regrets can be another way of coming to a resolution!

Step 5. Forget Regret

Ultimately, it always comes down to the fact that you can’t change the past no matter how hard you try, nor how often you think about it. All you can do is take action now to change what happens in the future.

Regret clouds our current thinking and stands in the way of a happy future. But you have the power to blast through regret and move forward with your life!

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1. Have you experienced regret in your life? In what way?
2. How did you cope with those feelings of regret?

Use These 5 Techniques to Bring Balance And Harmony into Your Life


Harmonious living takes effort.  Discover how to keep everything in order and bring balance and harmony into your life.  The harmony you create makes an amazing difference.

The trick is to spread your focus fairly equally among the different areas of your life. This just means that, while your work life might be stressful, you can’t ignore your relationships, spirituality, or other things that are also important to you.

The situation can be likened to beautiful music performed by a skilled orchestra. Every instrument performs in perfect harmony with the others. Sometimes one instrument will come forward into the spotlight, while the other instruments pause or continue playing quietly, fulfilling their part of the total beauty.

Try the following techniques to bring the beauty of balance and harmony to your life:

  1. Avoid total focus on only one issue. If you spend all of your energy on one aspect of your life, the others fall by the wayside. If you must spend a great deal of time on one area temporarily, make an extra effort to include other important things as much as possible.

For example, if you must stay late at work, call home to talk with your spouse on one of your breaks. After work, use your free time wisely to concentrate on other areas of your life.

  1. Reflect on your goals and dreams. Take time to consider your goals and dreams. Come up with a plan to follow through and start taking action toward them. Even if you feel that you aren’t in the position to take great action, some action is better than nothing.
  1. Eliminate stress. Stress arises in your life as a sign that things aren’t in balance. It’s a natural indicator that tells you it’s time to take action. If you ignore it, the situation only gets worse.

When you determine the root cause of the stress and reduce it as much as possible, you’ll find that things naturally tend to move back towards harmony.

  1. Get proper rest. An important part of finding balance and harmony is getting enough sleep. If you feel the need to continually squeeze in one more thing and deprive yourself of sleep because of it, set a bedtime and follow it religiously.
  1. Explore spirituality. Another way to find balance and harmony is to explore your spiritual side. Many religions specifically address the issue of finding balance in your life.

When your life is in harmony, everything seems to be easier. You’re less stressed, more energized, and you have the time to enjoy the things that are most important to you. Take action to bring this balance into your life and enjoy all it has to offer you.

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