What Does Nutrition and Stress Management have in Common?

Quick Meals For Stress Relief

Today, I wanted to talk to you about a more general topic that’s helpful for 365 days of the year. It’s also a topic that many people don’t often associate with stress relief. And that topic is nutrition! Does nutrition and stress management have anything in common?  Read on to find out!

Life is challenging. As bad as it sounds, stress is a normal aspect of life. Some people experience more of it, and some people experience less of it. The bottom line is that we all have stress that is created by a number of different factors.

For many women, especially busy mothers, the combination of work and taking care of the kids can put immense stress on both the mind and body. Eating is a common way to cope with the stress, but this usually causes more harm than good for the majority of us. If you are exhausted from worrying about everything, here are some ways to eat and drink yourself back to a stress-resilient life.

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1. Break your fast

Stressing out causes people to do a lot of strange things. While most people tend to find comfort by indulging in their favorite meals and desserts, others simply skip eating altogether. Loss of appetite is a typical side-effect of stress, but it’s a very unhealthy habit because you can begin to miss out on a lot of energy and nutrition. The easiest meal to skip is breakfast since that’s when most people are rushing off to work. Add in the loss of appetite and there’s no chance for it. Unfortunately, breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you the energy to get through your day. It is crucial for women who need the fuel to do strenuous jobs and care for the kids.

2.  Prepare your own meals

Stress and anxiety can bring you to engorge yourself with heart-clogging baked goods, fatty meats, fried delicacies, and more. Fast food joints and all-you-can-eat buffets are frequented by plenty of stressed out individuals. You might feel good while scoffing down all those unhealthy goodies, but you’ll probably feel horrible the minute you finish. Packing your body full of junk makes you feel heavy, tired, and sluggish–the opposite of how you want to feel if you have a lot to take care of. When you prep your own meals, you get to choose exactly what to include and what not to include. Avoid restaurant food, frozen dinners, sweets, and other processed foods since they contain tons of fat, sodium, sugar, and other unnecessary chemicals. Keeping your diet high in vitamins and minerals is key to having energy and feeling good, so strive to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

3. Get energy from tea

Many people stress out because they run out of gas before they can finish all of their work. Most resort to unhealthy beverages like coffee and energy drinks to keep them going. Instead of putting all that sugar and those chemicals into your system, drink tea to get your caffeine fix. Most teas, especially green teas, are very beneficial for the body. They can boost energy, fight cancer, increase metabolism, and aid in burning fat.

4. Drink sparkling juice instead of wine

When people stress out and get depressed, they can resort to alcohol consumption to forget about their troubles. Instead of grabbing a six-pack or bottle of wine, drink sparkling wine so you don’t get intoxicated. Getting drunk can cause you to behave irrationally and violently, and you could end up hurting yourself or other individuals.

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To your stress relief success!

Resolutions for Stress Relief: The Only Resolution You Need

resolutions for stress relief_short

Today I want to talk a little about resolutions. Most people look to make resolutions when it’s the new year – but the truth is that it’s never a bad time to make resolutions for stress relief. Sometimes, a declaration of intention is just what you need to make a claim to your new stress-resilient life.

It’s a new day. There are beautiful sights to be seen, wonderful people to love and incredible moments of joy to be had. You’ve got your health. There is nothing to hold you back from loving life. What’s that? What do you mean those things are so hard to come by when you have so much going on? You say you want these things but you don’t have time to slow down and relax?

It is true! There are many things going on in our lives today. We simultaneously try to focus on our families, our jobs, our health and so much more. While these concerns are important, making time to de-stress must be a top priority. Better still, making time to avoid constant stress makes even more sense. We have become walking stress-bots being controlled by the puppet strings of personal and societal expectations. It is time to completely regroup.

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Stress relief truly is the only resolution you need to live a happier and healthier life. When stress takes over priorities shift to a fault. We experience health issues like headaches and hair loss. We tell ourselves we are doing a great job of multi-tasking while fatigue takes over and poor eating habits ensue. The kids are grouchy because we aren’t at our best. Marriages wane as we pass each other on the fly. Weight gain pops up out of nowhere and memories begin to dwindle because there is simply too much to remember. Our poor bodies and relationships suffer in silence until the breaking point rears its ugly head. It doesn’t have to be this way.

To de-stress or avoid stress, try these ideas on for size. Set immediate boundaries for your day. It is important not to overbook or over commit. Living life to the fullest doesn’t mean cramming in a thousand things with nothing left to give. Living life to the fullest and accomplishing all that needs to be done takes common sense and a little organization.

Part of everyday should always be filled with time for joy and ease. Our roles become more significant when we take time for ourselves. Deter illness, negative relationship issues and anxieties by accepting yourself as the only one person you so beautifully are. It’s time to kiss stressors good-bye!

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 It gives you all the reasons why the only resolution you ever need to make is to reduce stress because it is at the heart of many problems in life – from finances, to health and relationships!

Resolutions For Stress Relief

To your stress relief success!

Stress Relief Games: Your 15-Minute Miracle Cure For Tension

Did you know that your phone is a good source for stress relief games?

Your phone is an appendage of yours, and without it, you feel lost in the world. And who can blame you, as you rely on both the phone and computer for such things as your calendar, address book, bills to pay and the week’s menu and grocery shopping list?

If you’re like most women, you have your life tucked away on your phone and computer. These gadgets are like lifelines to the world and the few tools that keep us going from day to day. But there’s something new that you can use on these electronic devices: stress relief games and apps.

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Look For Games That Reduce Tension

Relaxation games and apps aren’t that unusual. A quick search on the internet will bring up pages of games that you can start playing instantly. Yet not all games are intended to decompress the mind, even though they may say they are. What you want to look for are games and apps that reduce tension, lower blood pressure and heart rate and create a calming atmosphere. Even though you might have fun clicking blocks or shooting birds at super fast rates, chances are, these games will get your heart rate up instead of down.

Many games are offered both online and in app form, so how you choose to use them is up to you. With the capability that today’s phones have, many women are glued to their phones and prefer to use apps.

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The advantage to decompress with phone apps is that you can use them anywhere – after a shopping trip or a terrible ride on the subway for example. There are a variety of apps, making it easy to find one that suits your style. For example, some apps teach meditation and relaxing techniques, giving you the coping skills to deal with your tension levels.

Other games are designed to be fun and get your mind focused on something else, while letting out a bit of frustration in the process. You can also select an app that offers inspiring quotes, as well as handy apps that can assist in shopping trips, parking the car or price comparisons. These apps reduce stress when you’re out and about and need to streamline your time.

Best Stress Relief Games For Women On The Go!

Phones are best used when away from the home, so if you’re stuck at work or home on the computer, take advantage of online stress relief games. There are plenty out there, and the majority is free to use, unlike many apps that cost money. Just remember that everyone decompress in a different way, so don’t’ be surprised to see some of the guys flocking to more aggressive games to get their anger out.

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For us women however, we enjoy simulation games, memory games and word challenges that get the brain to decompress while focusing on a different topic. Or try games where you can pop balloons or bubble wrap, read a relaxing book or even whack a mole. When taking advantage of these fun tools, you can decompress at any time.

Stress Relief Products To Help You Decompress & Unwind Everyday

You’ve probably heard about stress relief products dozens of times, but how do you know that they really work? If you’ve finally reached the tip of the iceberg and need something to help you unwind throughout the day, a soothing product that boosts relaxation can help you alleviate tension from work, family and coworkers. The best part is that these products can be used at any time so you can sneak them in before picking up the kids from school or finishing up a report at night.

A stress relief product is any item that is designed to reduce the amount of strain and tension that you’re feeling at the moment. Today’s women are especially overworked, as many hold full-time jobs, care for the family, cook and clean around the home and are involved in other organizations and activities outside the home. By using relaxation products, you will become more efficient, more productive and most importantly, less overwhelmed.

Products You Can Use To Alleviate Stress…Starting Today!

Some of the most common relaxation products include an aromatherapy kit, vitamins for stress relief, relaxing music and nature sound CDs, stress balls, relaxing games, a shiatsu neck massager, and even a stress management toolkit. The goal of these products is to create a calm and soothing atmosphere, which in turn lowers tension levels and has physical benefits such as lowering blood pressure and heart rate. When you continually decompress throughout the day, you’re putting less tension on the body and boosting your immunity as well.

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Many women aren’t turned off by the idea of using stress relief products, but they feel almost too busy in their day-to-day routine to sit and decompress. Fortunately, these products are designed to be used in between meetings or tackling homework with the kids and are easy to work into any schedule. For example, you can listen to relaxing music and nature sounds in the car while taking deep breaths. Before bed, cut TV a half hour short and instead follow a self meditation DVD. At the workplace, have essential oils on your desk. Lavender, chamomile rose and sandalwood are scents that are connected with tension relief. Aromatherapy pillows can be used for a long flight, lotions and creams restore the skin and scented bath salts and candles create a relaxing bath. Herbal teas can also work wonders, as they are infused with natural herbs that can invigorate the body.

Ideas You Can Implement To Alleviate Stress…Starting Now!

Stress balls are other stress relief products that can be squeezed for an instant reduction in tension. In fact, these balls were quite popular when they first came out, and some companies even printed their logos on them and handed them to employees. During your lunch hour, get fresh air and take a walk around the building. Also talk to your doctor about taking vitamins if they are depleted in your system, as a multivitamin can restore your body’s natural defenses. Taking a step back and thinking about yourself for a change will help you regain control and focus on your own stress levels throughout the day. If you continually decompress, even for just a few minutes, and make use of various stress relief products, you can make a real difference in your overall happiness.

Relieve Tension and Pain With the Best Shiatsu Neck Massager

Investing in the best shiatsu neck massager is great for relieving tight and painful muscles and tendons in your neck and shoulders by gently loosening the tension you’re feeling from stress, injury or work. It’s a soothing and safe way to work out the knots around your neck and shoulders and provide much needed relaxation.

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Something For Every Taste And Budget

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Shiatsu massagers come in a variety of prices and types. Some are wrapped in plush fabrics and are styled like a pillow so that you can lie down and enjoy your massage hands-free.

The warmth and vibrations can relieve your pain and stress in a matter of moments to help you reach a relaxed state and sleep or enjoy activities. Its superb convenience and other benefits promote changes in your body that will surely bring a sense of well-being – a luxury in today’s taxing world.

Better Than Medication…with No Side Effects

Some recent scientific studies indicate that gentle massaging of soft tissues can alleviate pain and stiffness caused by injuries (such as whiplash), migraine headaches, anxiety, blood pressure and overuse of muscles such as found in the neck and shoulders.

Using a shiatsu neck massager  has proven to be a much better and more natural way to relieve certain types of stress and pain than taking pain killers and muscle relaxers that may be harmful to your body and eventually become addictive.

The shiatsu massager can provide the same benefits as a certified massage therapist and is so much more inexpensive – besides having the convenience of using it any time of the day or night that you prefer.

 HoMedics NMS-360 Shiatsu and Vibration Neck MassagerCheck Price Santamedical Kneading Massager Cushion, Light CoffeeCheck Price Zyllion Neck and Shoulder Massager with HeatCheck Price

Bells & Whistles For Extra Comfort And Stress Relief

These neck massagers come with various bells and whistles that you might enjoy, including:

  • Sleek designs that fit your neck shoulders perfectly and let you add or remove pressure and heat as desired.
  • Lightweight and easy to use. Some have handles on the sides so that you can move it easily to various points on your neck and shoulders.
  • Rotating and vibrating, integrated controls that let easily choose which option is more effective for you.
  • Can be adjusted easily so that you experience top benefits from the device.

Neck massagers make great gifts for students plagued with neck aches from studying, senior citizens, busy moms, exercise aficionados or anyone who suffers from stress and tension on a daily basis.

Before you purchase a shiatsu neck massager, be sure and do your research by reading online reviews or asking the opinion of someone you know who has one. You’ll find many types and prices both online and in stores.

The Best Antidote for Stress & Anxiety

If you have a busy, stressful life, you know how difficult it can be to find time to relax and get rid of the stress. No matter how much you may want to, you may not be able to find that time. With jobs, and families, and friends, and all the responsibilities that come along with those things, your day may be filled from floor to ceiling, and there is no time to wedge in a relaxing bath or a moment to sit in silence and read. Even if you know what helps relieve your stress, you may not actually have time to do those things.

But what if there was something you could naturally incorporate into your busy life, that can play in the background as you work or as your drive? Music is the best antidote for stress! Music has long been known to be a salve for stress, and Steven Halpern’s now CD, Music for Healing: Mind, Body & Spirit, it is now easier than ever to battle stress, without taking time away from the things you know you need to do.

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As a busy woman, you may have search for the best stress management for women, you have probably combed the internet over for the best stress relief techniques. But you may feel that you simply don’t have time to fit in an exercise regimen or a session of yoga or meditation. This is an excellent alternative, and a great starting place for finding natural stress relief.

I know how difficult it can be to find balance in a world that pushes us to do more and be more. While we sometimes fill our lives with too many things, we generally fill them with things that we both have to do and want to do, making it difficult to find something to give up. When we do not have any time for ourselves, we begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. And what does that stress do? It makes us even more tired!

With Music for Healing, we can turn even the smallest moments into a time to relieve stress. While you are driving around town, doing errand or commuting to and from work, you can fill your car with soothing sounds, to drown out the din of traffic and the worries of work and life. Playing it in the background as you clean the house or work on a project will not only make the entire endeavor more enjoyable, it will keep you from getting frustrated when the task becomes a little difficult.

Many people find that this CD is perfect for helping them sleep. If you suffer from even mild insomnia, this is the CD to reach for. The calming mix of tones and is gentle and calming, helping to calm a racing or busy mind, while lulling the body to sleep. It is great for meditation, especially because it lacks the repetitiveness of other stress-relief CDs. Not matter when or where you use it, you are sure to feel soothed and calmed.

Try This: Best Neck and Back Pain Relief

You probably have already felt the tension that builds in your neck and back as you become stressed. Aside from headaches, stress can cause the muscles in your neck and back to tense, and the more tensed they become, the more achy and sore you are. That’s when you could use the best neck and back pain relief!

Even if you are not overly-stressed, you may experience back and neck pain because of the work you do every day, the position you sleep in, or for seemingly no reason at all. Whatever the exterior cause, pain in these two areas is cause by over stimulation of our nerves, and it can take a serious toll on our lives.

Pain, even acute pain, can affect your ability to live your life. No matter what you try, stretching, yoga, massage, it may persist, simply because you have not found the right treatment yet. This pain can evolve into stress, which will only result in more pain in the future. So what can be done to cut off the cycle before it begins?

 Complete Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Set- As seen in Health magazine and USA TodayCheck Price

Nayoya Wellness has an amazing product called the Complete Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Set. This is a neck pillow, inset with small, plastic points, which put apply pressure to specially chosen areas of your neck and back, encouraging blood flow, as well as pain and stress relief. Using the same techniques and principles that are employed by acupuncture, this bad creates a warming sensation in the tensest, most stressed-out portions of your body, which works just as well, if not better, than any heating pad.

Some people shy away from products like these because they appear to cause more pain than they solve, but the initial uncomfortableness is extremely necessary in order to bring the needed relief. This pad is especially recommended for anyone who has headaches and insomnia, which are often symptoms of the tension built up in your muscles. Other beneficial side effects include better circulation (which helps to stave off inflammation and tension before it can take root in your body), better digestion, and deeper, sounder sleep cycles.

Stress itself, the anxiety and worries that it brings with it, are often accompanied by a lowered immune system, aches, and indigestion. No matter the source of your stress, the symptoms can be treated, and the cycle can be broken by using one of these acupressure pads, which have been features in USA Today and Health Magazine. It is one of the best reviewed acupressure mats on the market.

Pain is an indication that something is wrong with the balance of your body. Acupressure works by pinpointing specific nerves in your back and apply pressure to the area. When this pressure is applied, blood increases to the area, which helps to soothe whatever tension, inflammation, or irritation is stored there. Stress, especially, can cause this. Once the blood arrives in the back and neck, it warms the muscles and nerves, which relaxes the entire body. You may be skeptical, but this pad really works! Even if you have never tried acupuncture or acupressure before, this pad is worth every penny, providing natural stress relief to even the most tensed people!

This is THE Stress-Free Way to Start The Day Off Right

 Did you know that how you start you day can affect your stress levels?

Scientific studies have shown that the more abruptly we wake, the more tired we are throughout the day. Because of our evolutionary history, we are used to waking up with the sun, as it gradually lightens the sky and draws us out of sleep.

These days, most people set an alarm to wake themselves up, which rips you out of sleep, rather than carefully wakening you. That is NOT the way to start the day off right!!

What’s wrong with being woken suddenly? Our body has natural rhythms and cycles that it adheres to very strictly when we sleep, this is called the REM cycle, and it dictates how deeply and how soundly we sleep.

There are some points in the cycle that we are more deeply asleep than others, and if we are woken during one of these deep points, we will be groggy, grouchy, and stressed-out, because our bodies were not yet ready to wake up. As we continue to use a traditional alarm clock, not taking account for our natural sleep rhythms, we become more tired, more stressed out, and less willing to get up in the morning.

There is a way to break the cycle, however, and wake stress-free and naturally. It is called the “Wake-up Light,” by Phillips, and uses gradual lights and sounds to lull you out of sleep, along with your natural cycle. No matter what time of the day you have to wake up, the Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light simulates the natural rising of the sun, and allows the body to wake up without harsh sounds or flashing lights, which will damage the sleep cycle.

 Philips Hf3470 Wake-up Light, WhiteCheck Price

This product has undergone rigorous testing, comparing it with alarm clocks of all kinds, while measuring a person’s REM cycles. The Wake-up Light is prove to not disrupt the cycle, instead, starting off with a dim light and quiet sounds, gradually increasing both the amount of light and the volume of the sound, which signals the body that it is time to wake up. The person will then naturally come out of sleep, waking during a period of lighter sleep, instead of during a vital deep period.

Alarm clocks were shown to have to opposite effect. Though they may sometimes wake a person up at a natural point, most use loud noises or flashing lights to bring a person straight out of even the deepest sleep. The body reacts badly to this method of waking up.

The more naturally we wake up, the less stressed the body is. And when you start out stress-free, you are more likely to have a happy, stress-free day. The best part about this device is that it will still wake you up on time, it just does it in a gentle way, so that the body does not feel confused or displaced. We have all had mornings when we just don’t want to get out of bed and when the only thing we do want to do is go back to sleep. You’ll have fewer of those days with the Phillips Wake-up Light!

If Your Dog Destroys The House When Left Alone–This Is a House-Saver!

Whether your dog experiences separation anxiety or just likes to get himself into trouble, you know the anguish of coming home to a completely ripped apart house. We love our dogs, but sometimes they can be destructive. It’s understandable, of course…but if your dog destroys the house when left alone, then you need this house-saver.

Dogs see us as part of their pack, and when we leave them, they are anxious and sad, being separated from their pack. This can make them chew on furniture, rip up shoes, even scratch away at carpet.

Image: Amazon.com


Some dogs even eat things they find lying around the house, from toys, to shoes, to keys. This can be dangerous, especially for large dogs, who are tall enough to get into your cabinets. Lots of food that we eat every day are toxic to man’s best friend. Instead of risking your furniture and your dog’s life every time you have to leave Fido home alone, invest in a quality dog kennel.

Dogs actually love kenneling, once they get used to it. Just as dogs are pack animals, they are also den animals, and are most comfortable being left alone when they are left in a confined space. But if you have a large or particularly aggressive dog, not any kennel will do. The ProSelect Empire Cage is specially designed to hold large, enthusiastic dogs and keep them and your belongings safe.

 ProSelect Empire Cages – MediumCheck Price

While “cage” may seem like a scary word, remember that dogs don’t see it this way. Once they are used to the small, confined space, they will treat it just like a cozy burrow or small cave. Some dogs even sleep in their kennels, even if they are not told to by their owners, simply because they come to believe that the kennel is their home.

This kennel is designed for dogs that have the bite power and physical strength the break out of other kennels—these dogs are usually the ones most prone to destroy your house. The bars are actually made out of steel, with special welding and double latches, so that even the smartest dog cannot work his way out of the cage. Weaker kennels have pressure points, which once a dogs finds them, can be pushed against to get out of the kennel. This cage does not have those points.

With sturdy construction and dog-proof design, this cage is a house-saver. It can even be a life-saver for your dog. It is important, however, to properly crate train your dog before leaving him alone inside, because this can increase feeling of separation anxiety, instead of quelling them. Easing him inside, allowing him to have treats and water, as well as a toy and something that smells like his owner, will all help him adjust and create a safer environment for all involved.

Use These Self Help Resources For Anxiety & Stress to Enter A Place of Pure Bliss

If you have a stressful, busy life (like most of us women do), you know how difficult it can be to turn your mind off. Many women lose sleep as their minds race from anxious thought to anxious thought, thinking about everything they need to do tomorrow, what they didn’t get done today, how to improve relationships, how to work harder, etc.

For most women, there is not end to the mental lists and planning that can be done instead of falling asleep. Even if the body is tired, the mind is filled with anxiety, and when the mind continues to run, the body will continue to run as well.

You have probably experienced this phenomenon. No matter how tired you are, no matter how much work you have done that day and how fatigued the body is, a mind that refuses to stop planning and reviewing the day can keep you up for hours.  Fortunately, there are self help resources for anxiety and stress that you can use to calm your mind.

Other women know that this can happen at any time of the day. You may be grocery shopping and suddenly realize how many things you need to do. It can make it difficult complete simple, everyday tasks. Even if it does not consume your mind, it can bother you to the point that having conversations, finishing things, and having a calm, quiet moment is impossible.

How can you turn your mind off? With The Calming Collection’s Goodbye Worries CD, designed to teach you how to turn off your worries and your cares off, how to calm your mind, and how to find natural stress relief, without relying on pharmaceuticals.’

No matter what your worries are, this guided meditation CD, initially, gives your mind something to focus on, other than the worries and tasks that will otherwise keep you up for hours and hours. The more often you listen to it, the more trained your mind will become, able to dispel your own worries with a few simple steps of meditation, that can be done at any time, not just while you are trying to fall asleep, but any time your mind begins to race and become distracted.

 The Calming Collection – Goodbye Worries. ** Guided meditation to train your mind to quiet your thoughts – Train your mind to quiet your thoughts CD – Hypnotic Guided CD **Check Price

This CD is even recommended for people who have more serious anxiety disorders. Social workers and psychologists alike praise the CD for its ability to help women with panic attacks calm their minds and bodies. Your mind is your own, you shouldn’t let invading thoughts control it, especially when those worries begin to interfere with your life. The cycle of stress can be powerful, the more stressed you become, the more difficult it is to function properly, so you become even more stressed.

Goodbye Worries allows you to gain control over your worried mind and life again. With the careful meditation techniques employed on this CD, you will quickly see yourself become better able to deal with anxiety and stress it comes upon you. The more often you use it, the better you will become at taking control of your stress.

Image: Amazon.com