Want Healthy Homemade Frozen Desserts without the Fuss? Get This!

Nothing screams stress relief more than a fun margarita party!! With the right appliance you could make the best concocted cocktails, ice-creams, and healthy homemade frozen desserts at any time. You can enjoy freshly made beverages with family and friends and make hosting parties enjoyable for everyone with the Margarita DM2000 Premium Frozen Concoction Maker.

This Concoction Maker is the best beverage and healthy homemade frozen desserts maker for anything chilled. Continue reading and you’ll discover the cool features it has and how it can make hosting parties more fun and satisfying for you – even with your insanely busy schedule!

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 Margaritaville DM2000 Premium Frozen Concoction MakerCheck Price

The Margaritaville DM2000 Premium Frozen Concoction Maker is a 550 watts beverage maker that can make anything from healthy homemade frozen desserts and smoothies to the best adult cocktail. It comes with 4 pre-programmed drink cycles and makes the best mix of ice and ingredients for the best drinks ever.

This Frozen Drink Maker is small and light and can be used anywhere at home, inside or outside. Simply plug it in and you can keep the drinks flowing all day long. Although it looks like a blender, it is so much more powerful than a mere blender. You don’t need to crush the ice before mixing in the ingredients. You can blend them together and get a delicious blend that tastes good every sip of the way.

Why not add this concoction maker to your kitchen and make it a part of all your social gatherings? You can also get some great accessories for this concoction maker.

 Margaritaville AD2000 Salt Rimmer and Lime Serving SetCheck Price Margaritaville AD1200 Universal Travel Bag Fits DM0500, NBMGDM0900, DM1000 & DM2000 SeriesCheck Price Margaritaville Sweet & Salty Lime Margarita Salt, 4-ounce ContainerCheck Price

This healthy homemade frozen desserts maker comes with a jar that has an effective drip free spout which ensures that clean-up will be a lot easier. What more could you possibly ask for?

With this iced beverage maker, you can enjoy fruit smoothies and other tasty and healthy drinks at home everyday. With this cool kitchen-helper you can whip-up a glass of stress-busting relief for you and the entire family.

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  1. How would you use this for your kids parties? I bet kids love the snow cones that you could make with them!
  2. How would you use the drink maker for adult parties?

Juicers: The Best Gift For Healthy Eaters

Have you been eating your daily amount of fruits and vegetables? if not then you need to give yourself the best gift for healthy eaters.

While some of you can proudly say that you do eat balanced meals with the right amounts of fruits and vegetables, many of us simply do not have the time to eat healthy all the time.

Over time, we eat a lot of processed foods and canned items as well! This is never as beneficial for building a strong body to fight off stress as eating your fruits and veggies raw….or juicing them!

Getting a diet with the right amount of vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables is vitally important to ensure a healthy and balanced lifestyle with less stress. But can busy women enjoy raw fruits and veggies in their most nutritious state in a few minutes?

JUICERS! These juicers are amazing and are the best gift for healthy eaters, which makes it the perfect gift to give to yourself or someone special for healthy living!

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Why Juicers Are Fabulous For Healthy Living!

Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo Dual Disc JuicerCheck Price

Juicers are truly effective for preparing nutritious meals and drinks for your whole family in minutes. Simply add the fruits and/or veggies, press the button, and VOILA! The pure juice with minimal wastage is ready in a cup within minutes! Make a combination and you have the perfect blend of stress-busting freshness and nutrition in a glass.

Preparing the fruits and vegetables for the juicer is not too complicated. Simply cut them in chunks if needed, and remove the seeds of bigger fruits like peaches and mangoes. For the rest of them, simply push them in! It just does not get any easier than that!

Choosing the Right Juicer For You!

I am sure you are confused with the wide variety of juicers that are out there. You might even wonder which one is best for you and your family. So here are some factors to look out for when choosing the right juicer for you.

  • What do I want to juice? Fruits only or some vegetables too?
  • Do I want to go hardcore and juice hard food items? Or go easy and stick to soft fruits and perhaps celery?
  • Would it be easy to clean and store the juicer once I am done?
  • Does the juicer last a long time?

Those factors would help you decide what kind of a juicer would be best in your kitchen. You can also decide how often you would like to use it and gain the benefits of juicing right at home. In my house we juice every day!

 Kuvings NS-850 Silent Upright Masticating Juicer, SilverCheck Price Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer Pro Stainless-Steel Electric JuicerCheck Price

Juicing for a Healthier Family

A good juicer could be your key to a healthier and stress-free family. Now everyone young and old can enjoy unprocessed, fresh, tasty fruit and vegetable juices right at home. Living and eating healthy has to start at home! Juicers make it easy, fun, and affordable to live healthy, balanced, stress-free lives.

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  1. Do you own a juicer. If so, how is that working for you? If not, are you thinking about it now?
  2. Do you think a juicer can help you stay healthy?

5 Best Mixers For Home Bakers

Baking is a fun activity that many of us love to do for natural stress relief.

Whether you are making cakes, pies or pastries, baking can be a fun activity to enjoy on your own or with your entire family…kids, hubby, and all!

Some DIY bakers like me, just love the process, while others ( like my mom) loves to share the end product with family and friends.

If you or a friend enjoy baking as a great stress relief activity, then you should take a look at these  5 best mixers for home bakers.

The DIY baker would certainly love the effectiveness of these powerful mixers to make their baking job a lot easier, less strenuous and much more relaxing.

If you, or that DIY home baker in your life, already enjoy baking, then investing in the best mixers for home bakers and the right baking tools & gadgets will make the baking experience even more rewarding!

Image: Amazon.com

Powerful Mixers Are a DIY Baker’s Best Friend

If you love the idea of baking at home, then you need the right gadgets to turn out the best home-made tcakes, pastries, and bread every time. The mixer must have the power to handle any load and the capability of performing many functions such as whip, mix, beat flour and much more. They must also be easy to clean up after. Who wants to be stressed out cleaning up after having fun? Mixers should be easy to clean, practical to maintain and highly durable. The mixers recommended here definitely have these qualities and would make a perfect gift and/or investment for the DIY Baker.

 KitchenAid Komen Foundation Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer, PinkCheck Price KitchenAid PRO 500 Series 5-Quart MixersCheck Price KitchenAid Professional 6-Quart Stand MixerCheck Price

Best Gifts To Keep DIY Bakers Happy

Baking is such a fun, stress-busting hobby that any DIY baker would appreciate the gift of a powerful mixer to add to the MUST-HAVE kitchen appliances. If you, or the DIY Baker in your life, love to unwind by making some cookies or baking a cake for yourself, your friends, or the family, then a good mixer is the perfect gift. These mixers make the mundane tasks of baking so much easier, and lets you focus more on perfecting the recipe and creating the best and tastiest masterpiece for everyone to enjoy.

Powerful mixers are a great gift idea whether the DIY baker is a novice or a pro. Any DIY baker would appreciate the option ti mix ingredients faster and with less effort, and speeding up the baking process.

 Cuisinart 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand MixerCheck Price KitchenAid KSM150PSMC Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer, Metallic ChromeCheck Price

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  2. If you are a DIY baker, would you appreciate this addition in your kitchen to make your baking even more fun?

How To Make Dinner Time Less Stressful

As women we face a lot of stress trying to prepare great meals within a short time. For me, it’s the minor mundane tasks involved that bother me the most and creates meal time stress.  I am sure I am not alone.

Finding out how to make dinner time less stressful is something many women would consider beneficial.

Here is what I do to feel better while cooking the best meals, whether for my family or for entertaining: I research and purchase the best kitchen tools and gadgets needed to turbo charge my kitchen and get me going fast!

While a knife and cutting board and your mere hands could help a lot with the cooking and the preparation process, won’t it be easier if you could fast-forward the preparation process easily, effectively, and quickly? Guess what. You CAN! Take a look at a great set of kitchen tools you can use to urbo charge your kitchen today!

Image: 1940s Cooking Housewife Magnet by Adorability @ Zazzle.


Why The Right Kitchen Tools Can Make Dinner Time Less Stressful

Saving much needed time while preparing delicious meals for your family is a goal we all aspire to achieve. Many women try to whip up a quick meal in the kitchen and get to the next item on the long “to-do” list. The problem is that this could lead to resorting to processed or unhealthy food choices – consciously or unconsciously.

While some mothers and women welcome these “less healthy” options on an occasional basis, others feel guilty about what their family is eating. But how can you balance everything you need to get done within the day ?

Whether you are working in an office, staying at home or working from home, your “need-to-do” tasks often seems to be endless! Add to that the tasks that come with preparing healthy meals for your family and figuring out how to make dinner time less stressful for everyone.

Unless you have a live-in maid, cooking nutritious food for your family is probably high on the list! The right kitchen tools, can save you time, save you money, and dramatically reduce meal time stress.

 Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen MachineCheck Price Breville Sous Chef Food ProcessorCheck Price

Turbo charging your kitchen with the right tools and gadgets can help you prepare delicious, nutritious meals in less time. Sure it is not a big deal to chop and mince your onions and other vegetables. But if a powerful food processor can get it done for you in minutes ( maybe seconds), it’s a good idea to invest in one. As busy women, we need to think where we can save time and get in and out of the kitchen faster. Less time spent in the kitchen preparing meals, means more time left to spend with your family. .

The Right Kitchen Tools Can Help You A Lot

Getting powerful tools for your kitchen would not only help you get done with your cooking chores quickly, they would also ensure that you have a better time in the kitchen. Many of these powerful kitchen tools make it easier for you to perform kitchen tasks such as chopping, mincing, kneading dough, blending and much more. Now at the push of a button, you can achieve so much more with ease and speed. You won’t be as exhausted as you prepare delicious meals for the family. This would certainly make cooking dinner less of a stress and much more fun.

 All-Clad 5000-9 Stainless 9-Piece Cookware SetCheck Price Zwilling JA Henckels TWIN Signature Knife Block Sets: 19 Piece SetCheck Price

There are a few things you must remember when choosing kitchen tools to help relieve stress in the kitchen. First, you need to decide the kinds of meals you want to prepare and the basic tasks you have to complete in the kitchen to prepare those meals. Do you want to try make your own bread? Do you blend or mix your ingredients a lot? Do you chop and mince plenty? By knowing this, you can determine what kitchen gadget would make the BEST investment for YOU to make your cooking easier and more efficient.

Second, be sure to get a quality product from a reputed brand. You want to make  life easier – so invest in the brand of kitchen tools that are known to be durable and that work well. Also make sure to get kitchen tools that are easy to clean. The only more tedious than cooking is the clean-up afterwards! Getting easy to clean kitchen tools is a MUST for busy women.

Which Kitchen Tools Would Turbo Charge Your Kitchen?

In the comments below, I want you to tell me:

  1. Which mundane kitchen tasks do your dread, and what meal-time chores would you want to go faster as you prepare meals daily?
  2. If money was no object, which kitchen tools would you invest in to make cooking faster, more effective, easier and more fun everyday?

Powerful Blenders: Great Gift Ideas For A Busy Woman!

Ever thought about how you could make life easier and healthier for that busy woman in your life?

Power blenders are perfect gift ideas for a busy woman.

Busy women are notoriously known for NOT taking care of themselves unless time permits. Why wait for time? What a busy woman needs to ensure a healthy, balanced lifestyle is good nutrition throughout the day.

Regardless of your schedule, you need to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals, every day

There is one great item that makes a wonderful gift for health conscious women. Something we can all enjoy to boost wellness in a matter of minutes. A great blender!

A really good blender lets me enjoy many fruits, vegetables and other rich healthy foods in minutes, right in my own home. It’s hands down one of the best gift ideas for a busy woman.

Image: Amazon.com

Vitamix 1732 TurboBlend VS Blender
 Vitamix 1732 TurboBlend VS BlenderCheck Price

Take a look at this awesome blender. It  really is one of the best gift ideas for a busy woman.  In fact, it’s perfect for busy women.

This powerful blender comes with a 2-peak horsepower motor and with blades that can go up to 240 mph and blend even the toughest of ingredients. This blender can make you dozens of raw and vegetarian dishes – and not just juices.

A great way for the novice or the expert to enjoy all the nutritional goodness in healthy raw food. Clean up is also a breeze with the self cleaning mode.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to nutritious concoctions? This blender also comes with a recipe book jam-packed with ideas on how to enjoy tasty healthy meals within seconds.

I am always pressed for time, and my Vitamix blender makes it super easy for me to have a healthy breakfast, in under 5 minutes. I make spinach smoothies, oatmeal smoothies and many other delicious, nutritious, power-packed, smoothies to start my day the right way. I no longer have to stress out to maintain a healthy diet, skip meals, or pass on eating a healthy meal because of a lack of time!

Why Would Busy Women Appreciate These Blenders

These powerful blenders are extra-ordinary and are a MUST-HAVE investment for the kitchen of women who are crunched for time but need to eat more nutritional food to fight off stress and build a strong body. When you have a full work schedule, day after day, and barely any time to sit and eat a good healthy meal, let alone prepare one – you would be more inclined to grabbing that quick chocolate bar or unhealthy snack that is right on the counter. But if you want to beat stress, live a healthy, balanced life, and boost wellness, you need to eat healthy, and the Vitamix blender can help you do just that, in under 5 minutes. My Vitamix is my BEST kept secret for healthy living.

The key to ensuring that even the busiest of women enjoys a good healthy diet is to make it convenient and fast to create these healthy meals. With these super-powerful blenders, anything from a smoothie filled with raw fruits and vegetables to salsas, soups and even desserts can be created in a matter of minutes. Many of these blenders are multi-functional and can perform many tasks like grinding, chopping, churning and so much more, saving you lots of time in the kitchen. Preparing and eating healthy nutritious meals every day, does not have to be a chore or a burden with a powerful blender in your kitchen. It’s a busy woman’s best friend.

Here are some more powerful blenders that you would appreciate in your kitchen, as a busy women .

 Blendtec TB-631-20 Total Blender FourSide, RedCheck Price Vitamix Turboblend 4500 Countertop Blender with 2+ HP MotorCheck Price Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series, PlatinumCheck Price

Busy Women Need to Enjoy The Goodness of Raw Foods!

We all know that the best way to consume fruits and vegetables is in their raw form. If you are a busy woman, or if you have busy women in your life, it’s time to take steps to eat healthy, so that your body is strong enough to fight off stress effectively. Investing in a powerful blender is the first step in direction. Some busy women resort to a quick fix with processed food. This quick fix, is a quick way to compromised health, which only adds stress and anxiety to your life. Invest in a long term, healthy solution! These powerful blenders make it so much easier for you to eat healthier meals in minutes.

In the comments below, I want you to tell me:

  1. Do you think these blenders are wonderful gifts for busy women? 
  2. Have you used these powerful blenders? Have blenders like the Vitamix helped you stay healthier and more well nourished in just minutes at a time?

Waring Pro Meat Grinder: Eat Healthy, Save Time, Save Money!

One one of the  biggest sources of stress nowadays is the constant worry about whether our food is safe.    The best way to ease  your mind when it comes to your food is to grow and prepare as much as you can at home.  That’s when a waring pro meat grinder can come in really handy.

Home Made Hamburgers

For instance, when you want to make a batch of hamburger,  you can buy 15-20 pounds of beef, trim off the fat, gristle, and sinew before grinding.  You can then add an appropriate amount of fat evenly to the meat chunks as you grind them.  You will be amazed at home much fun it can be, but above all, you will be eating healthy and saving time in the kitchen too!

You can also  wrap and freeze the freshly ground beef in one pound packages for future use.    But that’s not all.  You can make your own bulk sausage, using the recipes included with the grinder.  Get ready for a delicious treat!

Home Made Sausages

You can so the same thing with sausages.   Just buy 15 to 20 pounds of meat–pork, turkey, and/or chicken–and just follow the recipe.  You then wrap the fresh sausage freeze them in one pound packages, just as you did with the home made hamburgers.

Save Time & Money

The hopper can handle a large amount of meat.  All you have to do is keep piling on the large chunks, guiding them into the feed tube.  You won’t even have to use the  “pusher” because the grinding screw easily pulls the meat down and through. To save money just buy quality meats on sale and in bulk.  The savings add up fast.

Easy Clean-up

You can grind more than one type of meat and/or sausage in a session,  just be sure to clean out the grinder between products by simply running saltine crackers through.  That’s it!  Then you’re ready to continue with the next project!  Make sure to follow the instructions for cleaning and storing he unit to a “T” in order to prevent the cutting plates from rusting.  You can wash the plates and then dry them properly, oil them lightly with vegetable oil and wrap them in waxed paper.  If you following the cleaning instructions carefully, the grinder will serves you for many years to come with delicious home made food your family will love and enjoy!

Stress-Free Meal Preparation

With the waring pro meat grinder you will not have to worry about what’s in your food.  You can feel good about knowing EXACTLY what is in the ground meats/sausage  you  feed your family and friends, and how fresh it is! If you are looking for a dependable and powerful meat/food grinder, look no further.  This is it!! 

Click on the images below to invest in your family’s health while at the same time saving time and money!

Image: Amazon.com