8 Things You MUST Do if You Need Extra Money to Pay Bills Every Month

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It’s important to stay on top of your bills each month, but if you find yourself short one month, follow these tips to get you back on track.

It can be difficult to stay on top of your bills. If you find yourself coming up short every month, here are a few tips to implement if you need extra money to pay bills every month! Get back on top of those bills and master your finances:

  1. Stop using credit cards. It’s easy to rack up credit card debt, as it’s easy to disassociate the little plastic card from the very real money that you will eventually have to pay for those items. If you’re having trouble meeting your financial obligations, it’s time to stop using credit cards.
  1. Sharpen your money management skills. Not yet following a budget? Make one. Not saving for a rainy day? Open a savings account. Get on top of how much you make each month and how much you spend each month. Click here to learn how to sharpen your money management skills.
  1. Call your creditors. There are many situations in which a creditor will take a lump sum much lower than your principal, in order to close out your account. Call your creditors and offer to pay an immediate lump sum.
  1. Look for more ways to cut expenses. Chances are, there are some expenditures that you don’t need to be making. For example, if you are eating out five nights a week, it can be much more economical to buy and make your meals. Learn about the financial habits of the wealthy that can help you beat money stress.
  1. Look for ways to increase income. There are a lot of options for making a little bit extra cash. These range from taking on a second job, picking up a side job, asking for more hours, and more.
  1. Sell things you don’t need or use. If you’ve got extra stuff lying around your house, taking up space, that you never use, list them on eBay or Etsy. Chances are, someone will want them and buy them—that’s money back in your pocket.
  1. Do some menial work. Lots of people avoid menial tasks like the plague, despite the fact that they can pay extremely well. If you’re hurting for money, be willing to clean someone else’s house, weed their garden, or vacuum their carpets. It’s not glamorous, but it does pay.
  1. Ask for help. Never be too proud to ask for help when you need it. If you are falling behind, ask a friend or family member to help you get back on top of your finances.


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Top Ten Reasons Personal Development Affiliate Programs Rock!

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Make money the innovative way…through an affiliate program!

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money—especially if you’re a self-motivated individual, who loves working online, using the internet and reaching out to people in a meaningful way. Many people look at affiliate marketing just as a way to make money, when in reality, it’s also a great way to help people. Here are the top ten reasons personal development affiliate programs are the best!

  1. Inexpensive to start. Sure, you’ve got to spend money to make money. But you don’t have to spend all your money to make money. Unlike other money-making endeavors, affiliate marketing has very limited start-up costs. Often, it’s completely free to get started (and then remains free throughout the duration of the program). Unlike franchising opportunities, you don’t have to empty your bank accounts just to start your personal development affiliate program.
  1. You get to choose which products you think will help people. One of the biggest benefits of affiliate marketing is only being required to market products that you really believe in. This means that you can find a way to send more customers to the personal development products that you really love.
  1. You get to help people with your very own business. Lots of people want to own their own businesses. Many more people want to do something with their lives that helps people. An affiliate program that markets personal development allows you to do both of those things. You get to run your own business and you get to help people. It’s the best of both worlds.
  1. You can help people in your spare time. While it’s best to treat affiliate marketing as a job, it doesn’t mean you have to quit your current job. If you’re looking for a way that allows you to help people, without forcing you to give up your job (and also brings in its own money), personal development affiliate programs are the way to go.
  1. There’s a ready and waiting audience. The world has always been wide and confusing. With the proliferation of the internet, the world may feel smaller, but it’s still confusing. Figuring out what you want to do, making goals, and actually reaching those goals is not always an easy task. There are millions of searches every day about how to figure out what to do with your life, how to manage stress, how to set goals, and how to reach them. The audience is there, and your program can help that audience find their answers.
  1. Start making money fast. Because there is such a large audience just waiting for the right affiliate product for them, you can start making money quickly. Many entrepreneurs see their businesses fail in just a few months, before they have even really gotten the opportunity to get off the ground. It takes much less time to start making money with this kind of program than it does with brick and mortor businesses.
  1. It’s actually ethical. One of the biggest concerns that people have while looking for a way to make money online is that many of the programs or techniques do not seem ethical or only allow you to make money if you bring a bunch more people into the program (pyramid scheme, anyone?), but affiliate marketing is different. Personal development affiliate marketing is completely ethical and it’s by far one of the best ways to help others. Sure, it’s a business, but it’s a business marketing products and services that really help people improve their lives.
  1. You’re not the merchant, just the marketer. Why is this a good thing? Because the most expensive parts of starting your own business are usually creating your product, testing it, getting it manufactured, and then setting up a merchant account and website to sell that product. And then you have to pay for marketing on top of all of those costs. Instead of paying all those expenses, you are the one getting paid, and because you get to choose what products you work with, you can stick to your desire to help people through personal development.
  1. Your business represents your beliefs. There are plenty of theories in the field of personal development. When you work as an affiliate, you don’t have to adopt the beliefs of a parent company. Being an affiliate, especially in the field of personal development, means you get to talk about the concepts and ideas that you want to talk about.


  2. It helps you achieve your own personal development goals. Whether you need funds to start another business or just want to have more financial freedom, a personal development affiliate program is a great way to help you reach your goals, whatever those goals may be.

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2. If so, what did you like best about it?


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What Are The Best Affiliate Products To Promote?


Who else wants to know what are the best affiliate products to promote? Read on to find out what promoting self-help products for women as an affiliate can do for you and for other women.

Affiliate marketers have a huge variety of products to choose from. You can market anything from big-name marketing firms to mom and pop restaurants on the next block. Because there is such a wide variety of products to market, many affiliates may ask themselves: what are the best affiliate products to promote?

Without realizing it, many affiliate marketers will avoid self-help products—or maybe not avoid them, but just pick something else, despite the fact that self-help products are in high demand.

Why do so many affiliates avoid this area of the market?

The term “self-help” has some stigma attached to it. Many people look down on “self-help” products, believing them to be psychological hokum. The truth is, however, that there are thousands of products on the market that can legitimately help women and that many of them will never find these products without affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, you have an opportunity to help people. You might select your products expressly based on what you believe will make you the most money. That’s not a good reason to avoid marketing self-help products. Not only do they make money, they can actually change lives.

Here are the top five reasons to promote these kinds of products:

  1. Many women are simply on the threshold of turning things around. You’ve probably experienced this at least once in your life; you’re tired, sad, ready to make a change, but you don’t yet have the impetus to do it. This is a painful place to be in. For many women, they are experiencing their ultimate level of pain and are really ready to change. They just need the spark. That’s where self-help products for women come in. Sure, there are some products on the market that don’t work and are useless. Don’t market those products. Market the ones that really work and you have the opportunity to really help women transform the quality of their lives.
  1. Help women take action. Being paralyzed by chronic stress, sadness, fear, confusion, or anger is a bad situation to be in. You feel completely stuck, unable to move forward to make progress. When this occurs, you know that all you have to do is find the thing that will push you forward, that will allow you to start moving again. The problem is that few women know where to look for those insights and those products. Just logging on to Amazon and searching for self-help books, CDs, music, etc. is a start, but there are also many effective self-help products for women that are marketed on Clickbank . Your marketing can reach out to one of those paralyzed women and help her find her movement again while at the same time putting a profit in your pocket.
  1. Help women tap into their unlimited potentials. Society still tries to put women in a box. Even though the idea that a woman can have a career and a family and be successful in both areas is becoming more and more accepted, there are still thousands of ways that society will tell a woman she is a failure, that she is not doing the right thing. Women need to know that they are capable of anything and that all they have to do is try. This is where self-help products come in. As an affiliate marketer of these products, you can show women that they are both infinitely capable and exceptionally worthwhile.
  1. Help women adopt new, empowering beliefs and attitudes. Too often, we get stuck in our heads. We aren’t willing to try new things or do new things, especially if it means having to let go of one of those deeply engrained beliefs. As an affiliate marketer of self help products for women, you have the opportunity to open women up to new concepts, to improve how they think, not just about themselves, but about the world they live and work in. This is how the world is changed, by just a few people getting a positive idea into their heads and deciding to act on it. It sounds lofty, but it does happen!
  1. Help women transform their lives. While some women know exactly what they want and how to get it, there are many other women who have no idea what they want or even how to figure out what it is that they want. A third group knows what they want but not how to achieve it. These last two groups need the transforming power of the best self-help products on the market. Self-help isn’t just about daily affirmations and “believing in yourself” anymore. It’s about equipping people with the tools they need to make real, positive changes in their lives. If you promote self help products for women as an affiliate marketer, you can be a part of transforming lives…one woman at a time.

If you are looking for the best products to promote as an affiliate, take a look at our Natural Stress Relief Women (NSRW) self-help affiliate marketing program.  If it is a good fit for you, please feel free to use this link to sign up!

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2. How can you use self-help products for women as a way to make money online or work from home?.


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Top 3 Ways I Make Money from Home (and you can too!)

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Thinking working from home is an impossibility? Read on to find out how I do it and how you can too.

Whether you want to make a little extra money on the side or want to start an empire from your kitchen table, there are plenty of women looking to make money from home. There are many advantages to working from home. You get to have total control over your space and time.

If you find you work best sitting on the couch in your comfiest clothes, you can. Alternatively, you can always section of a part of a room or an entire room to become your home office and set up a desk with all of the supplies you need to be successful. 

The biggest benefit, of course, is being able to spend more time with your family. Many women don’t want to make the choice between being a great mother and wife and being successful. This is why working from home is becoming more and more popular. You won’t miss out on the big moments, and you’ll still be able to make enough money to support your family.

Here are the top three ways to make money from home that anyone can do!

#1 – Sell Space in Your Home

Do you have an extra bedroom that you don’t use? Do you have a finished basement that gets only minimal use? If you have extra space in your home, you can convert that space into a homestay, bed and breakfast, or even a rental apartment. Mother-in-law apartments (those extra apartments tacked on to some houses that have their own entrance) are a popular choice for people who want to make money from home.

If you don’t want to rent out your spare room on a long term basis, there are usually people looking for rental alternatives to hotels and motels, especially if they are visiting an area for an extended period of time. A homestay  is often ideal for discerning traveling tourists who want to experience the authentic nature of the destination they are visiting.  Homestay accommodations may also be ideal for people that are moving to a new area and need some time to settle in before they rent or buy a more permanent place.

Even just a simple bed and breakfast can be attractive, for both long term and short term visitors. Many travelers prefer the atmosphere that comes along with staying in someone’s home, rather than in an impersonal and expensive hotel. Even charging $100 a night makes your home far less expensive than most nice hotels and with lots of websites where you can post your ad for free, it will be easy to find customers.

#2 – Consulting

When most people hear the word “consulting,” they think of high-powered professional consultants that work with financial firms and other large, complicated companies. Consulting, in reality, simply means selling your knowledge and expertise to people who need it. If you are a skilled seamstress, you could consult others on how to improve their sewing or design skills. If you are an expert baker, you can teach others to make both basic and complicated recipes.

Think about what you know you do really well. How can you package that so that other people will pay you to share that knowledge with them? If you studied literature in college, you can set up a consulting firm that helps people develop their story and novel ideas, provides editing services, and even helps individuals write and send out inquiries to agents or publishers.

No matter what your skills are, there are ways to make them turn a profit. You have great stores of knowledge and incredible aptitudes. If you are not currently using that knowledge and those skills to make money, it’s time to start!

#3 – Affiliate Marketing

Because affiliate marketing sounds complex, many people will shy away from it, unless they already have experience in marketing. The truth is that you don’t have to have any marketing experience in order to make affiliate marketing work. The basic concept of affiliate marketing is this: consumers like to research different kinds of products before they buy. They also like to hear about products from sources that they trust. Businesses provide a monetary award to affiliates who send page visitors or customers to their products or services.

In short, affiliate marketing allows people to make money, just by sending traffic or buyers to a company. It’s easy, cost effective, and many bloggers do it. Because you often get to pick which companies and products you want to work with, you never have to try to tout something you don’t actually believe in.

Bottom Line

Making money from home is possible. It’s not just possible—it’s easy. Like any other business, these techniques take time to establish, but once your homestay/bed and breakfast, consulting firm, or affiliate marketing plan is in place, you’re sure to start making that extra money you need.

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1. Have you ever worked from home? If so, what did you do?
2. Any advice you would give other women looking to work from home?



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Google Tells Me About THESE HOT Markets to Make Extra Money From Home

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Make Google work for you and help you earn money!

Google is the number one source of traffic for the vast majority of businesses, blogs, and affiliate marketers who want to make extra money from home. Let’s be honest—it isn’t 1997 anymore. Not only are there far too many interesting and useful websites online to remember the URLs for all of them, how else are people going to find new products and websites, if not by using Google? (Sorry Bing, but Google is still the king.)

That means that people who want to make extra money from home, make money online, or start affiliate marketing need to pay attention to what Google says is popular. What are people looking for? Those are the products and services that people are willing to pay money for and how you can make money from the comfort of your very own home. So what is Google telling me? Here are the top five products, websites, and services that are both HOT demand and low supply, which basic economics tells us means great profits.

  1. Stress management. Have you seen the amount of homework being given the second graders these days? Stress starts early and it doesn’t let up. Even retired people have plenty to be stressed about, even though their careers are finished and their lives seem perfect. Whether it is your children, you, your husband, or your parents experiencing stress, the most likely place to find help these days is online. People are hopping online every day to find solutions to their own stress or solutions for the stress that their loved ones are feeling. Whether you are an expert in stress management and can offer a consultation or coaching service or are just an expert researcher and can write informative, useful content about stress relief techniques, with links to appropriate products that you recommend, it can be a great way to earn extra income while helping others.
  1. Personal development. Lots of people want to achieve their goals and to go into business for themselves,. And why not? It gives you much more flexibility and with the right product or service, you can make far more money than you are locked into at an office job. If you’ve already built a successful business, the internet needs your expertise. Seriously. There are so many people out there hocking themselves as business experts that have never started or run a successful business, and there are many more people following their unfounded advice. While our economy has recovered somewhat from the recession, there are still plenty of people looking for ways to get into business for themselves, that are in need of specific, valuable personal development information. Again, a consulting firm that you run from your home, a blog that gives advice, and affiliate marketing of products that actually work, are all great ways to get in on this area of the market.
  1. Self-improvement. I’d hazard to guess that there are few people in the world that are 100% happy all of the time. All of us have goals we’d like to achieve, things we’d like to do, or ways we’d like to improve our lives. The only problem is that very few people actually know where to look for reliable advice, tips, tools and resources on these topics. If you put “how to achieve a goal” into Google, there will be millions of results—but most of them will recycle the same canned advice. This is one area of the market that is in desperate need of a fresh voice. For those looking for ways to affiliate market, make money online, or work from home, this is a great area to get into.
  1. Self-help sites. Do you have the information and the expertise to create a hub of self-help doctrine? When it comes to self-help, there just aren’t resources like Wikipedia or About pages that a person can visit to find out how to get help with any kind of personal problem. Issues of identity, future, and health are only becoming more and more prevalent in our society. Building a self-help site that actually helps people can be a great way to make money, especially because there are so many sites out there that don’t actually help people. People are looking for answers, and you can provide them with those answers.
  1. Self-help products. One of the biggest in-demand categories of products, according to Google, is self-help products. These products come in a huge variety of forms, ranging from CDs put together by self-help gurus, to inspirational music, to kindle books, to wall art, and more. This is a largely untapped area for affiliate marketing especially, and one that can seriously change the lives of people who will view and engage with your marketing efforts. Because there is a high demand and a low supply, it can also be a great earning opportunity.

Google says that these five areas are highly searched and trafficked right now—which makes them perfect for anyone looking to earn money online.

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1. Which of the five areas above would you like to work in?
2. Has Google helped you find a purpose/area to work in? Share with us.


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