Do It Yourself Security System—Do This To Secure Your Home While You’re On Vacation!

So you’re going on a well-deserved vacation! Good for you. Finally a chance to relax and have a good time! Don’t ruin your precious vacation time worrying about your home and if it’s secure while you’re gone.

While you can’t ever have a 100% guarantee that it won’t be broken in to unless maybe if you have it protected with a security service, there are things you can do to obtain some peace of mind while you’re away.

Do it yourself security system Tip#1: Keep Your Vacation Plans to Yourself

Don’t announce your vacation plans to the world. I realize that you are excited and it may be hard to keep your vacation excited to yourself or to a small group of friends, but try to resist the urge to tweet about it or tell all your Facebook friends. That is one big mistake many people make. Can you vouch for the characters of every Twitter follower or Facebook acquaintance in your social media network? Probably not! So it’s better to stay quiet online about your upcoming trip. Idem ditto for your work email – if you need to leave an automated message that you’re away, have it say that you’re on another assignment until next Tuesday, not that you’re on vacation.


Do it yourself security system Tip#2: Inform your Closest Neighbors

The people you do want to tell are your closest neighbors so they can watch for any funny business. If you let them know that you’re going to be gone and no one is to be at your house, they can call you or the police if a “work” van parks in your driveway.

Many communities have a neighborhood watch program in which neighbors are already committed to looking out for one another. If you don’t have this, it’s never too late to get a program started in your area.

Do it yourself security system Tip#3: Hire a House Sitter

Another idea to keep your home safe while you are away on vacation is to hire a house sitter. You can fool anyone who might be casing the neighborhood, by hiring someone to live in your home while you’re gone. The house-sitter could take in your newspapers and mail, turn lights off and on, and also care for any pets you have. That may be the best “vacation investment” you will spend.

If you would rather spend your vacation money buying souvenirs, you can skip the hire house-sitter and have a reliable and trustworthy neighbor take in your newspapers and check for packages and flyers at your door every day. They can also alternate the lights at night and mow your lawn if it gets suspiciously high.

Other DIY Home Security Options…

If you don’t feel comfortable with others having access to your home while you are away, you could also put a stop on your mail and newspapers and get a timer that turns your lights on and off so your house looks lived in. Motion lights are a great investment too, since they go on immediately when they sense any movements around your property.

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Of course, using a security alarm company or an electronic home security system is the best way to go, but the three do it yourself security system tips above are alternatives that can help give you peace of mind while you’re on vacation.

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