Counting The Cost Before Buying One of The Best Juicers

Juice machines are an investment in your health. You want to benefit your body and fight stress by adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your
daily nutrition. But you don’t want to break the bank doing it, either.  A juicer isn’t a cheap kitchen appliance, but it’s one that’s long lasting, not one you have to replace every 6 months to a year.

First Things First

The first thing you want to do when considering the cost of a juicer is see what features is has compared to other brands. For instance, very few juicing machines have self-cleaning elements in them, but some do – and that’s a perk worth paying more for because you save time and get more convenience.

The Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer isn’t a low-end juicer, but it’s ripe with features that make it worth its price.  Another good brand worth considering is the  Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice ExtractorClick on the images below to check out the juicers we recommend:

What About The Warranty?

Consider the warranty whenever you factor in cost, too. You want a durable machine, but you also want one that has a warranty in case something unexpected does go wrong.

Think of the additional elements you use to make a buying decision, too. For instance, if the juicer puts out a high volume of juice, and you get every bit of your money’s worth when you bring home bags full of fruits and vegetables, then it will pay for itself in a shorter period of time.



Best Blenders: Live Healthy, Save Time, Save Money!

If getting a new blender is not high on your live healthier & reduce stress list, then this article is for you!

Today’s blenders are surprisingly fun and you can get some of the best blenders for sale at without even leaving the convenience of your home.   The huge counter top blender of the past has been replaced with the sleek, shining and virtually silent machines of the future.  If you think a blender will collect dust in your kitchen think again.  The 4 most popular uses for a flashy new blender might also surprise you!

Get A Healthy Breakfast On The Go

Rather than hopping out of bed and forcing yourself into the kitchen for eggs and bacon, you can drop a few ingredients in the blender and have a delicious and nutritious breakfast in just a few minutes. A breakfast smoothie with the addition of vitamins or even a protein shake can make the difference between a ho-hum start to the morning and a really great day.

Indulge In Nutritiously Delicious Drinks

From daiquiris to frozen Margaritas, there is nothing like a blender for crushing ice and creating frozen concoctions. With or without alcohol, frozen drinks are fun to serve for parties especially in the hot summer months. Themed parties and even cocktail parties are more elegant when the drinks look professional and taste delicious!

Make Fruity Smoothies 

Smoothies are a treat for anyone at any age and can even be a part of a healthy lifestyle. Fresh fruit smoothies can cost as much as $5 or more in a specialty juice bar or restaurant. You can make your own fresh fruit smoothies for a fraction of the cost at home with a smoothie blender.   Add some yogurt and a teaspoon of flax seed to your smoothie and you have created a healthy alternative to sweetened drinks or even ice cream. Set the smoothie aside and you can even make ice cream in your blender!

Prepare Fresh and Nutritious Baby Food  

Last but not least, for number 4 on the list of blender uses, try making some amazingly fresh and healthy baby food. Anyone with a new baby has to be aware of how much baby food can cost. Using a blender to puree fresh vegetables is the perfect solution to saving money on baby food and you also get to know exactly what goes into your baby’s mouth!

Blenders At Amazon

If you are looking for the best blenders money can buy, you can choose whether to shop online or at a retail outlet.  But if you are going to shop online, is one of the best places to shop.

The best home appliance for sale at Amazon is a blender.  Some people use a blender everyday for making smoothies and other healthy drinks.  Blenders can even be used for making baby food.  There are dozens of practical uses for blenders. has an extensive variety of blenders to choose from, as well as helpful product reviews to help you decide which blender may be best for you.  Don’t automatically choose the cheapest one, since cheaper is not always better.   Spending a bit more to invest in a high end blend could be a better choice, especially if you plan to use the blender daily.

Click the images below  to buy one of the best blenders on the market today!  Start living healthier, start saving time in the kitchen, and start saving money!