[Video] How To Make Homemade Chicken Soup

Today is home-made soup day, so I wanted to share this video on how to make homemade chicken soup video. 

It’s all about making a stress-busting, delicious pot of chicken soup right in the comfort of your own home. There are no blues or stressful days that a comforting bowl of home-made soup cannot cure!!

Try this and let me know how it worked out for you! I am going to try this myself…Enjoy!

In the comments below, share with us:

1. What is your favorite recipe for home-made chicken soup?
2. Do you eat chicken soup as a nutritious meal often, or only when you are sick?

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How To Make Dinner Time Less Stressful

As women we face a lot of stress trying to prepare great meals within a short time. For me, it’s the minor mundane tasks involved that bother me the most and creates meal time stress.  I am sure I am not alone.

Finding out how to make dinner time less stressful is something many women would consider beneficial.

Here is what I do to feel better while cooking the best meals, whether for my family or for entertaining: I research and purchase the best kitchen tools and gadgets needed to turbo charge my kitchen and get me going fast!

While a knife and cutting board and your mere hands could help a lot with the cooking and the preparation process, won’t it be easier if you could fast-forward the preparation process easily, effectively, and quickly? Guess what. You CAN! Take a look at a great set of kitchen tools you can use to urbo charge your kitchen today!

Image: 1940s Cooking Housewife Magnet by Adorability @ Zazzle.


Why The Right Kitchen Tools Can Make Dinner Time Less Stressful

Saving much needed time while preparing delicious meals for your family is a goal we all aspire to achieve. Many women try to whip up a quick meal in the kitchen and get to the next item on the long “to-do” list. The problem is that this could lead to resorting to processed or unhealthy food choices – consciously or unconsciously.

While some mothers and women welcome these “less healthy” options on an occasional basis, others feel guilty about what their family is eating. But how can you balance everything you need to get done within the day ?

Whether you are working in an office, staying at home or working from home, your “need-to-do” tasks often seems to be endless! Add to that the tasks that come with preparing healthy meals for your family and figuring out how to make dinner time less stressful for everyone.

Unless you have a live-in maid, cooking nutritious food for your family is probably high on the list! The right kitchen tools, can save you time, save you money, and dramatically reduce meal time stress.

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Turbo charging your kitchen with the right tools and gadgets can help you prepare delicious, nutritious meals in less time. Sure it is not a big deal to chop and mince your onions and other vegetables. But if a powerful food processor can get it done for you in minutes ( maybe seconds), it’s a good idea to invest in one. As busy women, we need to think where we can save time and get in and out of the kitchen faster. Less time spent in the kitchen preparing meals, means more time left to spend with your family. .

The Right Kitchen Tools Can Help You A Lot

Getting powerful tools for your kitchen would not only help you get done with your cooking chores quickly, they would also ensure that you have a better time in the kitchen. Many of these powerful kitchen tools make it easier for you to perform kitchen tasks such as chopping, mincing, kneading dough, blending and much more. Now at the push of a button, you can achieve so much more with ease and speed. You won’t be as exhausted as you prepare delicious meals for the family. This would certainly make cooking dinner less of a stress and much more fun.

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There are a few things you must remember when choosing kitchen tools to help relieve stress in the kitchen. First, you need to decide the kinds of meals you want to prepare and the basic tasks you have to complete in the kitchen to prepare those meals. Do you want to try make your own bread? Do you blend or mix your ingredients a lot? Do you chop and mince plenty? By knowing this, you can determine what kitchen gadget would make the BEST investment for YOU to make your cooking easier and more efficient.

Second, be sure to get a quality product from a reputed brand. You want to make  life easier – so invest in the brand of kitchen tools that are known to be durable and that work well. Also make sure to get kitchen tools that are easy to clean. The only more tedious than cooking is the clean-up afterwards! Getting easy to clean kitchen tools is a MUST for busy women.

Which Kitchen Tools Would Turbo Charge Your Kitchen?

In the comments below, I want you to tell me:

  1. Which mundane kitchen tasks do your dread, and what meal-time chores would you want to go faster as you prepare meals daily?
  2. If money was no object, which kitchen tools would you invest in to make cooking faster, more effective, easier and more fun everyday?