Five Options for Fun On The Lake Using Non-Motorized Boats

If you think you need a motorized boats for having fun on the lake this summer, I can tell you that nothing could be farther from the truth! Sure, motor boats are lots of fun, but there is a down side too…they’re loud, your hair and clothes are whipping about, and your teeth feel like they’re working loose by the end of the ride.

That’s not really my style, so I am looking at other options for non-motorized boats. I came up with six super cool choices for fun on the lake using crafts without engines.


#1. The Magic of A Canoe – You have to admit. There’s something a little magical about gliding along in a canoe. You can observe birds and wildlife up close, and you feel like you’re a part of the nature surrounding you. Canoes are easier to maneuver with two people; the one at the back does the steering. Otherwise with one person, the paddle has to be constantly switched from one side to the other to get the canoe to go the direction you intend. Canoes are pointy in the front and rear, but fairly narrow meaning they’re easier to tip over. So if you are not sure how to maneuver in a canoe, this may not be the best option for you.

#2. Try A Pedal Boat – Now this is a lot of fun. If you want to try it first before investing in your own pedal boat, you can rent one at waterfront resorts. You get to sit in a chair and pedal which means your arms don’t have to do any of the work. A pedal boat can scoot around the lake with one or two people pedaling.

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#3. Discover The Joys Of Kayaking – Kayaking is similar to canoeing. Kayaks are made for one or two people and the paddling motion is similar to that of canoeing, but the paddles tend to be shorter and lighter. There are different shapes of kayaks so you have to choose the right one for you, depending on whether you’re a beginner or experienced, whether you’re on a lake/slow river or you’re shooting some rapids.

#4. Row, Row, Row Your Boat – Your probably know the song. Learning how to row is not as easy as that song makes it seem. It’s not as easy as paddling a kayak either. For one thing, you sit backwards so you can’t easily see where you’re going. Then you’ve got to dig both oars into the water at the same time, but not too deep or you’ll cause the oar rings to come out of their slots. It takes some practice, but it’s fun once you get the hang of it. Plus row boats don’t tip easy, and they can hold more of your stuff or more people. Fishing can be done from a rowboat. Rowing is a great form of exercise too!

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#5. Get On A Surf Bike – It seems that these are the latest craze and happy users say this is an excellent way to get some exercise while enjoying the water. Actually, you can ride from land right into the water. That DOES sound like fun. There are accessories you can get that will connect two bikes together, allowing for more stability, plus you can turn it into a kayak. Picture a stationary exercise bike sitting on top of a flatter kayak and you’ve got the surf bike. It’s not for me, but if the thrill of trying something new on the water the summer appeals to you, then a surf bike may be just right for you.

Who Needs a Motor Boat?

With the five fun non-motorized options mentioned above, who needs a motor boat? You can use one of the five popular ways of moving on water without a motor. I don’t know about you, but I find it very satisfying and relaxing to just slow down, observe nature, and listen to the water lapping against the side of the boat. Taking your time just got better. It’s a much more rewarding experience. Have Fun!

Our Top Swimming Pool Safety Tips

It might sound obvious, but it is very important to remember and follow swimming pool safety tips and guidelines to ensure a safe and happy summer for everyone. Being negligent for even a second could change the course of your whole life for the worst. You need not be stressed out and fearful when hanging around the pool with young kids. Read on to find out tips on water safety for kids so you too can feel safe and stress-free while enjoying a day out by the pool.

Never swim alone!

You might be the best swimmer but anything can happen at any time. So it is important that you have someone near enough to be able to help you in the event something goes wrong. Always be sure you are not deserted and by yourself.

Don’t Allow Kids to Play Near The Pool

Unless there is a fence separating the land from the pool, do not allow kids to run by the side of the pool. Even though they may not dive in without your permission and supervision, you just never know with kids. They might run aimlessly without looking and fall in, or one child may push another child in for fun. Or kids might try to go grab their ball that fell into the water by mistake. Either way it is never safe to play close to a pool unless it is safely guarded by a fence.

If you have a pool, take a look at these pool fences. Having a pool fence will make your backyard a safer place for kids to play in this summer. These pool fences are easy to install and would certainly improve summer safety tips for kids at your house!

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Also be sure that the gate to the pool section is always locked and not just closed shut. You need to monitor and control who goes in and out the pool gate. You would never want your child to sneak in unsupervised.

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Take a look at this pool gate alarm. It could significantly improve water safety for kids who live at your house or who visit your home for fun in the pool. Basically, the pool gate alarm ensures that no child can open the pool gate and get through without an adult present. Adults get a pass and do not trigger the alarm. But when a child tries to open the pool gate, the alarm would go off within seconds to alert the others in the household. If water safety for kids is important for you, then be sure to get one of these pool gate alarm systems.

Be Vigilant! Always Watch Your Kids

Never assume your kids can swim well enough. When your kids are in the pool always keep an eye on them and be sure you are there in case something happens. If you want them to only stay in the shallow end of the pool, then make sure to be firm on that and have them comply with it. Their safety at the pool is more important than them getting their own way.

Don’t Play Super Hero

Unless you are a trained lifeguard, never jump into the pool to save a grownup. When an adult runs into trouble in the pool, they panic and struggle and could climb on you. This may lead to unnecessary fatalities. Simply use the life buoy and pole by the side of the pool and help them get out of the pool… safe and sound.

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The Floaties Are Not Baby sitters

When young kids are wearing their floaties and rings, it does not mean that you can let them swim on their own. All those swimming accessories have is air in them and it could leak at any time. Therefore, when young children are swimming, always stay close to them and keep an eye on them. With toddlers and very young children, you should be by their side the whole time. It only takes a split second for a toddler to go under water, hit their head by the side of the pool or worse.

Learn Basic Response Strategies & Be Ready To Act

It is important and useful to learn how you can help someone who has gotten into trouble in the pool. It could come in handy if you knew how to revive a person who has swallowed the water or is unconscious. You should also know what needs to be done to stop the bleeding in case someone was hit on the head in the pool.

Is the Pool Really That Scary?

Of course not! Swimming and pool time is the most fun kids look forward every summer. However, it is important to stay safe so everyone can have a good time and build happy memories. Another important for in water safety for kids, is to make sure that kids feel comfortable in the water. To do so, make sure they attend swim classes each summer and that they develop basic swimming techniques over time.

How do you keep the pool safe for the whole family? What swimming pool safety tips do you use and what rules do you enforce with your children and family to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time? What do you do to minimize the stress of worrying about water safety for your kids? Share your tips so everyone could have a safe summer by the pool this year.

How To Buy Swimsuits Online: Tips For Women Shoppers

Now that summer is here, it is time for buying a swimsuit online. As much as you want to look gorgeous in your swim wear, you need to also look at a few other factors that make swimming more comfortable and hassle free. You want to prevent discomfort or embarrassment. So take a few moments to weigh all factors when buying a swimsuit online so you can enjoy it stress-free and truly have a fun time swimming this summer. Here are some pointers to help you choose the right swimsuit for you.


How to Choose the Right Swimwear for Your Spouse Or Significant Other

A man’s swimsuit needs to have netting inside no matter what. You do not want unwanted exposure as he gets out of the water, or if one leg of the suit rides up his body, now do you? Another must is a tie string. Even if the waist of the swimming trunk has an elastic band, it needs to be tied down. You won’t want your spouse to lose his shorts as he dives into the pool.

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Another important point is the color of his swim trunks. Be sure to get a color that isn’t too see through when wet. It is always better for his swimwear to have a darker shade or a pattern on them. This would certainly avoid any unwanted embarrassment at the pool or beach and allow him to have a good time in the water.

How to Choose the Right Swimwear for YOU!

As a woman, you really need to get a swimsuit that fits your body type in all aspects. You can’t simply go for the latest fashion and hope it works for you. You need to be sure that the suit is comfortable on you and will be as you stay in the water.

If you are buying a swimsuit online, read the reviews carefully, and see what customers who purchased it have to say. Read the positive and the negative reviews (if any) to get a good idea of how other women are experiencing the swimsuit.

If you are buying at the store, be sure to try it on before buying. While trying out the swimsuit in the dressing room, walk with it on for a while. Test it out to see if the sides ride up or if the suit gives you a wedgie. These are signs this may not be the best swimwear for you.

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Keep It Simple & Practical For Maximum Comfort

Also try avoiding getting women’s swimwear that come with a million ribbons to tie around the whole body. First, it is going to be a hassle to tie each and every one of them down as you get ready for a swim. And more importantly, while swimming you would always be conscious about the knots and may constantly be checking to make sure nothing came off. Getting a simpler swimming suit would more practical.

All in all, simplicity and comfort come first. before you buy your swimsuit, be sure that all straps and added decorations won’t bother you when you wear the suit for hours. You really want to look good and feel good in your bathing suit. So avoid all possible discomforts as much as possible.

Whether you are buying a swimsuit for yourself or your spouse, make sure it’s comfortable and will give you the freedom of movement and peace of mind to have a fun time at the beach or at the pool this summer.

What do you look out for when buying a new swimsuit for yourself or for that special someone? Do you have any particular swimsuit that you can recommend for its comfort? Let us know. We would love to hear from you!