How To Plan A Vacation For Rest & Relaxation-7 Essential Steps!

I don’t know about you, but for me, summer is the most relaxing season of the year.  It just seems like the right time for vacationing.   Summer is the time when everyone, friends, family, colleagues get out of town for some R&R, so it’s only natural that you would want to know how to plan a vacation for rest and relaxation so that you can plan a trip too.

So how do you plan a trip for rest and relaxation, even if it’s just for a few precious days? What do you need to plan in advance to ensure that you get the best rest and enjoyment that would bring you great memories to enjoy all through the year?


 First Step: Decide Where To Go Narrowing down your vacation destination options and then planning it is half the fun.   It may not be easy to do though, since there are so many options for a fun summer vacation trip.  Think about what appeals to you, perhaps a beach, a lake, or some mountains, if you are the nature-loving type like me.  Alternatively, perhaps you prefer a city.   If you have not visited relatives for some time, perhaps you can plan a trip to visit your relatives.

 Second Step: Decide where To Stay Even if you visit relatives, you don’t have to stay at their house if that will be too stressful or inconvenient.   Take a moment to decide what you want your accommodations to be – it could be a tent, an RV, a hotel, a bed and breakfast, a homestay, a log cabin,  or a hostel.  If your vacation plans involve water, you could explore cruise ship accommodations, a yacht or a sail boat.  If you have truly unique tastes, you can even consider a tree house, or a castle… there are quite a few options to consider, depending on your preferences and budget.

Step Three: Decide When To Go This may be a bit challenging because many factors will play into this.  For me, it’s not always easy to get  time off from work, so that may be a challenge for you too.  Talk to your boss about this as early as possible and request your vacation time early.  Then start working on planning your vacation for those specific dates.   If you plan to travel with your significant other, with friends or extended family, then it become even more challenging, since they will have to request vacation time too. But that’s not all!  If you have kids, remember to look at their schedules and figure out when they’re not going to miss their sports games, dance recitals, or camp(s). Rest assured that no matter how open it looks at the time when you book the trip, several things will come up later that you’ll just have to miss.

Step Four: Decide How Long To Stay If you can manage to coordinate with your boss, spouse, friends and family for the ideal window of opportunity, then that will most likely dictate how long the trip will be as well. Another big factor that will affect the length of your vacation is the costs involved. Obviously the longer you stay, the more expensive it will be. If you want to book an extended trip, look for deals. There are many vacation packages available, and some destinations reward longer stay times with special rates.

Step Five: Lock In Your Trip & Make Final Preparations Once you decide where to go, where to stay, when to go and how long to stay, then it’s time to lock in your trip and make final preparations.   Well in advance, think about who you can ask ( or hire) to watch the pets, water the plants, and take in the newspapers. Write out instructions for them and have a spare key ready. Tie up loose ends on work projects, mow the lawn one last time and get packed. You all will need a few new things, probably new swimsuits, and generally enough underthings to last for the duration of the trip. Kids will have grown out of last summer’s duds so do inventory and shop accordingly.

Step Six:  Go Shopping You definitely will want to go shopping for travel accessories to make your trip more fun and stress-free. The good news is, that you can shop for a wide variety of travel accessories from the comfort of your home.  Here are some great choices:

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Step Seven: Go On Vacation & Have Fun Destination – vacation! You’ve planned it out, taken care of the home front to ensure that you home is safe while you away, and you’ve packed all your travel essentials. Now all that’s left is to go on and enjoy yourself.  You’ve earned this vacation for fun, rest and relaxation!  

5 Barbeque Party Ideas: Summer Style Entertainment For Busy Women

If you’re like me, you’ve been busy with outdoor preparations for a fun, enjoyable, stress-free summer! How about sitting back and taking a few moments to appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into the yard?

I cannot think of a better way to show off my tomatoes plants, pepper trees, stone decorations, over-flowing flower pots and lush, green grass than to entertain my friends among the fruits of my labor! How about you?

Barbeque party ideas abound.

You can plan a barbeque and invite everyone you know. And you won’t have to spend hour, after stressful hour cooking to provide all the food and drink yourself. I have found that people are more than happy to bring a side or dessert. You can even make it BYOB party!

I bet it would be a lot of fun to do an impromptu get together. Ask your mom to bring a side, your neighbor to bring the dessert, your friend to bring drinks and you can do the brats and burgers! Voila! Done!

Not so fast. If you want your barbecue party ideas to turn out to be a slam dunk success, there are a couple more things you need to in mind as well.


1. Plan fun activities. Talking and catching up is okay to a certain extent, but who wants to just sit around and talk all day? Make sure to plan some fun activities as well. You can set up a volleyball net, or get the squirt guns ready! Better yet, why not purchase a bocce ball set? The options for outdoor fun activities are endless. Young and old alike will appreciate a variety of outdoor fun activities to choose from.

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2. Provide sufficient seating! Successful barbecue party ideas include food of course, so having enough seating available is a good idea. Make an inventory of what you already have, then, if necessary, add additional kitchen chairs, lawn chairs, benches, or ask guests to bring their own. Most young people will be happy sitting on the porch steps or the lawn, but older guests appreciate proper seating. I know I would, and I am not even “that” old.

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3. Develop a Plan B. As much as you may plan you outdoor event to a “t”, there is still some things that may go wrong. No need to stress if you have a Plan B. For instance, if the weather chooses not to cooperate, make sure you made arrangements for a tent or a covered patio. If renting a tent is not an option and you do not have a covered patio, then your plan B could simply be to move the party indoors. It’s always a good idea to clean your house ahead of time just in case you need to implement Plan B!

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4. Pest control is a must. Where I live, mosquitoes are a major problem for outdoor entertainment. I get large citronella candles and place them strategically near eating or where folks may gather to chit chat. Be sure to have some bug spray available for your guests to use once the sun sets and the mosquitoes come out. If wasps are a problem, hang a trap and/or give them their own plate of food at the other end of the yard. :-)

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5. Location, Location, Location. Your backyard is not the only spot for outdoor entertainment. How about hosting a neighborhood party out on your front driveway? Another barbecue party ideas could include reserving the covered picnic area at your local park. I know lots of folks in my town do that. The local park is an excellent venue for a BBQ, with lots of space for kids and adults to engage in fun activities.

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These are just 5 easy barbecue party ideas worth considering. But there are tons more. Whatever you do, make sure to stay safe and have fun!

Fun Stress Relieving Games–The Ultimate Family Night Routine

What can relieve your stress more than having fun playing stress-relieving games? Family nights and fun games with family and friends can be more than a social event – it can significantly reduce your stress levels as well. Find out how something as simple as an evening of games and fun can bring you much needed stress relief, fun and balance.

There are many kinds of stress relieving games that can help you feel at ease after a stressful day out in the world. You could enjoy a great board game, game of cards (without the gambling) and so many other fun games with your loved ones. There are many games that involve word play, strategies and other fun aspects that lets you put all your cares and worries aside to enjoy a fun evening together.

For families with younger kids, you can introduce regular family game nights and introduce many board games that are appropriate for everyone in the group. Many of these games are a great way to learn more about word play, strategies and just the spirit of a team game and family togetherness.

 Spot ItCheck Price The Settlers of CatanCheck Price Apples to Apples Party BoxCheck Price

Kids can benefit from these games as well. If played correctly, they can forget their worries about school for a while and even learn some skills that are essential in life. Through these simple games, they learn that winning and losing are all a part of life. They learn to play by the rules, and be supportive of one another – no matter who is winning. They also learn to enjoy the game for the fun of it and see why they need not be overly competitive. It is easier to teach your kids these important aspects of life right at home when they are young.

Everyone would certainly love a game of Scrabble, Charades and much more after a stressful time at work or some major challenge at home. Game nights with these stress relieving games bring the family together. The whole family is relaxed and each person would put all their worries, troubles and fears aside when they are at the table for game night. Family game night is a great way for the entire family to bond and create lasting memories. Kids can talk to their parents without fearing an agenda. Moms can discuss more than chores and appointments. And dads can stop thinking about work for a while.

 DominionCheck Price Qwirkle Board GameCheck Price Pandemic – 2nd EditionCheck Price

These games that help relieve stress can also make us more open to one another. Parents may be amazed at how much they miss out on their child’s developments and interests as they lead busy lives just getting through the daily to-do lists. Game nights would be time to step out of that routine and simply enjoy being together.

What is your favorite stress-relieving game or activity? Do you prefer board games or card games? Do share with us what your ideal family game night would be like. Would it have fun charade games, Scrabble, Monopoly, or Trouble? Do you think these fun games can help you get some stress relief?

Summer Jobs For Teachers & Teenagers

When it comes to summer jobs, most people think of teenagers and their desire to make some dough over the long school break. But summer jobs are for adults too, and there are lots of summer jobs for teachers.

Besides teachers, there are other professionals who may also take a two or three month hiatus from their regular positions and take a summer gig. It’s something I have often considered doing myself.

Personally, I am interested in summer job opportunities, because I want to explore other professions. Furthermore, I welcome a change of scenery and would love want to travel and help somewhere on a volunteer vacation. Others may want more flexibility and time to spend with their kids who are home for the summer. Whatever the reason, there are summer jobs for teachers, for teenagers and for everyone in between.



8 Summer Job Opportunities For Teachers

If you are a teacher, there are some positions that may be particularly attractive for you:

1. A camp counselor gets to go to camp, eat camp food, enjoy the great outdoors, and be a leader to kids.

2. An instructor teaches what they love, be it surfing, scuba diving, yoga, or cooking. They get to share their passions with others and get paid for it.

3. A paid volunteer works on a specific project that is near and dear to her heart. This could be something like running a fundraiser or organizing disaster relief.

4. House painters work hard in the summer months and earn money making houses look pretty, building up their forearms, and getting a tan.

5. Being a tutor means tutoring on location, going abroad, or traveling with a wealthy family with kids who need tutoring.

6. Writers can put out their shingle as a freelance writer and provide content for websites, or submit articles to magazines.

7. People who like to get physical and get their hands dirty gravitate to a summer landscaping position.

8. Companies that move people will pay for drivers to drive their cars across the country. This is good for those who want to see more of the country from behind the wheel of a car.

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3 Summer Job Opportunities For Older Teenagers

1. Pet sitters are in demand in the summer because of people taking vacations without their animals. Pet sitters get to play and walk dogs morning, noon, and last thing at night.

2. There are plenty of opportunities for tour guides, especially for summer-only nature trips.

3. Many vacationers on extended trips don’t like to leave their houses sitting empty for that long and want the services of a house sitter.

Something for You?

From the lists above, you should be able to choose a type of summer job that can keep a teacher or an older teenager busy. Of course, there are many other options as well. If you are looking who a natural break in your career or if you just want to take a break and do something different for a few months, then a summer job may be just right for you.

Summer Activities for Kids: Two Survival Strategies That Work!

I don’t know about your kids, but kids in my neck of the woods have been waiting forever for summer vacation to start. Now it’s finally here and we’re only day 2, and the kids are already complaining that they’re bored!! What Now??

Listening to their complaints for the next 6 weeks is certainly not an option, so I decided to get proactive. I have a two-prong strategy. The first part involves getting them into activities and the second part involves giving them ideas of what they can do on their own. That should work like a charm. :-)

Here is my two-part approach. Feel free to use it if your kids get “bored” during their summer vacation too!


Summer Activities For Kids Survival Strategy I– Things YOU Can Do

• Sign them up for swimming lessons.
• Send them to Grandma’s or their Aunt for a few days.
• Invite their cousins to come to your house.
• Enroll them in Vacation Bible School. They go all out with themes, games, and snacks for the week.
• Take a family vacation.
• Tour a local facility such as a toy factory.
• Get them some squirt guns and turn on the sprinkler.
• Host a slumber party.
• Host a backyard camping trip
• Enroll them in sport camp.
• Get new art supplies to spark new creative art work.
• Sign them up for lessons in something they’ve been wanting to learn.

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Summer Activities For Kids Survival Strategy II- Ideas You Can Give Them

• Plan a carnival with games, tickets, and small prizes
• Write a play and act it out. Or get a book of kids plays from the library and use that.
• Choreograph a dance to a favorite song and invite the neighbors to watch the performance.
• Camp in the backyard.
• Create a fort with old sheets, the fence, and duct tape.
• Start a dog walking service.
• Start a lawn mowing service.
• Plan and do a scavenger hunt.
• Be a mommy’s helper for a neighbor’s younger child.
• Have a bike parade.
• Earn money doing extra chores.
• Come up with ways to earn money for charity.

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Can You Come Up With Some More Options?

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Grab the bull by the horns and take it from there. Your head should be swimming with ideas now so take action on your end and get some plans on the books. Then in between the times when you have their days planned and they’re busy on their own, you can give them a few creative ideas from the above list.

It’s up to you to make this summer a good one! All it takes is a little creativity and a little planning to keep the kids entertained and at the same time, safeguard your sanity! Good luck!

Our Top Swimming Pool Safety Tips

It might sound obvious, but it is very important to remember and follow swimming pool safety tips and guidelines to ensure a safe and happy summer for everyone. Being negligent for even a second could change the course of your whole life for the worst. You need not be stressed out and fearful when hanging around the pool with young kids. Read on to find out tips on water safety for kids so you too can feel safe and stress-free while enjoying a day out by the pool.

Never swim alone!

You might be the best swimmer but anything can happen at any time. So it is important that you have someone near enough to be able to help you in the event something goes wrong. Always be sure you are not deserted and by yourself.

Don’t Allow Kids to Play Near The Pool

Unless there is a fence separating the land from the pool, do not allow kids to run by the side of the pool. Even though they may not dive in without your permission and supervision, you just never know with kids. They might run aimlessly without looking and fall in, or one child may push another child in for fun. Or kids might try to go grab their ball that fell into the water by mistake. Either way it is never safe to play close to a pool unless it is safely guarded by a fence.

If you have a pool, take a look at these pool fences. Having a pool fence will make your backyard a safer place for kids to play in this summer. These pool fences are easy to install and would certainly improve summer safety tips for kids at your house!

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Also be sure that the gate to the pool section is always locked and not just closed shut. You need to monitor and control who goes in and out the pool gate. You would never want your child to sneak in unsupervised.

 Poolguard GAPT-2 Outdoor Pool Gate AlarmCheck Price

Take a look at this pool gate alarm. It could significantly improve water safety for kids who live at your house or who visit your home for fun in the pool. Basically, the pool gate alarm ensures that no child can open the pool gate and get through without an adult present. Adults get a pass and do not trigger the alarm. But when a child tries to open the pool gate, the alarm would go off within seconds to alert the others in the household. If water safety for kids is important for you, then be sure to get one of these pool gate alarm systems.

Be Vigilant! Always Watch Your Kids

Never assume your kids can swim well enough. When your kids are in the pool always keep an eye on them and be sure you are there in case something happens. If you want them to only stay in the shallow end of the pool, then make sure to be firm on that and have them comply with it. Their safety at the pool is more important than them getting their own way.

Don’t Play Super Hero

Unless you are a trained lifeguard, never jump into the pool to save a grownup. When an adult runs into trouble in the pool, they panic and struggle and could climb on you. This may lead to unnecessary fatalities. Simply use the life buoy and pole by the side of the pool and help them get out of the pool… safe and sound.

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The Floaties Are Not Baby sitters

When young kids are wearing their floaties and rings, it does not mean that you can let them swim on their own. All those swimming accessories have is air in them and it could leak at any time. Therefore, when young children are swimming, always stay close to them and keep an eye on them. With toddlers and very young children, you should be by their side the whole time. It only takes a split second for a toddler to go under water, hit their head by the side of the pool or worse.

Learn Basic Response Strategies & Be Ready To Act

It is important and useful to learn how you can help someone who has gotten into trouble in the pool. It could come in handy if you knew how to revive a person who has swallowed the water or is unconscious. You should also know what needs to be done to stop the bleeding in case someone was hit on the head in the pool.

Is the Pool Really That Scary?

Of course not! Swimming and pool time is the most fun kids look forward every summer. However, it is important to stay safe so everyone can have a good time and build happy memories. Another important for in water safety for kids, is to make sure that kids feel comfortable in the water. To do so, make sure they attend swim classes each summer and that they develop basic swimming techniques over time.

How do you keep the pool safe for the whole family? What swimming pool safety tips do you use and what rules do you enforce with your children and family to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time? What do you do to minimize the stress of worrying about water safety for your kids? Share your tips so everyone could have a safe summer by the pool this year.

How To Buy Swimsuits Online: Tips For Women Shoppers

Now that summer is here, it is time for buying a swimsuit online. As much as you want to look gorgeous in your swim wear, you need to also look at a few other factors that make swimming more comfortable and hassle free. You want to prevent discomfort or embarrassment. So take a few moments to weigh all factors when buying a swimsuit online so you can enjoy it stress-free and truly have a fun time swimming this summer. Here are some pointers to help you choose the right swimsuit for you.


How to Choose the Right Swimwear for Your Spouse Or Significant Other

A man’s swimsuit needs to have netting inside no matter what. You do not want unwanted exposure as he gets out of the water, or if one leg of the suit rides up his body, now do you? Another must is a tie string. Even if the waist of the swimming trunk has an elastic band, it needs to be tied down. You won’t want your spouse to lose his shorts as he dives into the pool.

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Another important point is the color of his swim trunks. Be sure to get a color that isn’t too see through when wet. It is always better for his swimwear to have a darker shade or a pattern on them. This would certainly avoid any unwanted embarrassment at the pool or beach and allow him to have a good time in the water.

How to Choose the Right Swimwear for YOU!

As a woman, you really need to get a swimsuit that fits your body type in all aspects. You can’t simply go for the latest fashion and hope it works for you. You need to be sure that the suit is comfortable on you and will be as you stay in the water.

If you are buying a swimsuit online, read the reviews carefully, and see what customers who purchased it have to say. Read the positive and the negative reviews (if any) to get a good idea of how other women are experiencing the swimsuit.

If you are buying at the store, be sure to try it on before buying. While trying out the swimsuit in the dressing room, walk with it on for a while. Test it out to see if the sides ride up or if the suit gives you a wedgie. These are signs this may not be the best swimwear for you.

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Keep It Simple & Practical For Maximum Comfort

Also try avoiding getting women’s swimwear that come with a million ribbons to tie around the whole body. First, it is going to be a hassle to tie each and every one of them down as you get ready for a swim. And more importantly, while swimming you would always be conscious about the knots and may constantly be checking to make sure nothing came off. Getting a simpler swimming suit would more practical.

All in all, simplicity and comfort come first. before you buy your swimsuit, be sure that all straps and added decorations won’t bother you when you wear the suit for hours. You really want to look good and feel good in your bathing suit. So avoid all possible discomforts as much as possible.

Whether you are buying a swimsuit for yourself or your spouse, make sure it’s comfortable and will give you the freedom of movement and peace of mind to have a fun time at the beach or at the pool this summer.

What do you look out for when buying a new swimsuit for yourself or for that special someone? Do you have any particular swimsuit that you can recommend for its comfort? Let us know. We would love to hear from you!

Fun Summer Activities— 3 Enjoyable Things To Do In Nice, Sunny Weather!

Summer is here! Finally! So it’s time to venture outside for long periods of time, to enjoy the great weather. In case you are having a hard time thinking of things to do, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of fun summer activities anyone can do, including you!

Summer is the most fun part of the year where kids enjoy a good break from school and families can have a great opportunity to bond in good weather with some fun activities for everyone to enjoy and remember. Which one of these fun summer activities do you enjoy the most?


Try bird watching

Although this may sound boring at first, it can be pretty fascinating and enjoyable. Bird watching forces you to slow down and enjoy the beauty and grace of the birds. You may not have to go too far either. If you have a backyard with flowers and tress that attract birds, all you may need to do is venture outside your door. Investing in a bird feeder would entice birds to visit you too. You can actually do bird watching on your own, but for even more fun, or join a bird watching group. For a great backyard bird-watching experience get a pair of good binoculars. Whether you are a casual or professional bird watcher, a beginner or experienced one, you are bound to have a ton of fun using the Bushnell binoculars for bird watching when the weather is nice.

 Stokes Beginner’s Guide to BirdsCheck Price Bushnell Falcon 7×35 Binoculars with CaseCheck Price Backyard Guide to the Birds of North AmericaCheck Price

Ah…The Joys of Hiking

Become a tourist in your own hometown or somewhere near by, and discover scenic trails outside your town. You are bound to be delighted with the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. The small of fresh air, combined with the gorgeous weather is pure rejuvenation for body, mind and soul.

 Nevados Women’s Boomerang II Hiking BootCheck Price

Be sure to invest in a pair of comfortable hiking booths that will make your climb a fun and enjoyable experience. If you are looking for an all-around great pair of women’s hiking boots that would be great for hiking in spring, summer of fall, then check out the Nevados Women’s Boomerang II Mid V1082W Hiking Boot.

Sleep Peacefully Under the Stars

 Coleman White Water Large Cool-Weather Scoop Sleeping BagCheck Price

Yes…literally under the stars. No tent! Picture just you, your sleeping bag, and the stars. What a delight. I tried that in my backyard once, and it was wonderful. Impossible to fully describe in words. I did not have a sleeping bag, so I dragged a mattress outside, laid it under a tree, and laid down and gazed up at the starts and beautiful moonlight until I fell asleep. Simply fantastic!

If you need a good sleeping bag for sleeping under the stars when the weather is nice outside, try this Coleman warm, heavy weight sleeping bag. Happy customers report that the material feels great and the sleep is comfortable!

More Fun Summer Activities To Do In Nice Weather

Bird watching, hiking, and star gazing not for you? Try these other fun summer activities.

• dozing in the shade – Take your lounge chair under a tree and relax!

• squirt gun fight – It’s not just for kids!

• Frisbee golf – Courses are popping up all over. Challenging but fun.

• zipline – All the craze, you might find one fairly close to you if you look.

• roller blading – Burn some calories while going places.

• cycling – Casual riding or hard core, it’s always a good time.

• ice cream fest – Host your own and invite your neighbors to bring a topping.

• neighborhood block party – Get together with your neighbors over good food and drink.

• camping – Get away for the weekend or a whole week.

• bocce ball – Best played with good friends and favorite beverage in hand.

• badminton – Get your aggressions out by whacking that little birdie.

• picnicking – Throw some food in a cooler and head to the park!

• barbequing – Invite friends over to grill meat and vegetables.

• flea market – Treasure hunting for very little money.

• swimming – Find a pool, lake, or ocean and get some refreshing exercise.

• gardening – Grow beautiful flowers or vegetables and de-stress while doing it.

paint the fence – (just kidding)

wash and wax the car – (ditto)

• Fishing – Man vs. fish, who will win this time? Good luck!

• you-pick fruit or veggie farm – Save money by picking your own when it’s in season.

• Zoo – Go early or late for best times to see the animals awake.

 Park & Sun BB-109 Bocce Pro SetCheck Price Largo Two Person Picnic Basket (Natural)Check Price Park & Sun Badminton Pro SetCheck Price

I am sure you could come up with a few more great fun summer activities to do when the weather is nice. Just use my list above to get started. Just get outside in this nice weather and have fun! There is nothing better than the great outdoors for natural stress relief!

Lake Floats & Fun Toys For A Stress-Free Time On The Water This Summer

We all love to relax by the lake on a hot sunny day. It certainly is more fun when you have fun toys for great activities to enjoy by the lake with your family and friends. Here are some fun toys to bring on your trip to the lake so everyone could have a fun time together. There is no shortage of cool toys and supplies that make great accessories for your next trip to the lake.

A day-trip, or even a weekend getaway trip, out to the cabins by the lake can be truly a great stress relieving experience for everyone. You can forget about work, chores and errands and just enjoy the natural beauty and calming effects of the great outdoors. Forget about the phones, Internet, appointments and everything and just enjoy lazing around with your family and friends at the lake this summer.


Have an Inflatable Island on the Lake

Imagine having your own inflatable island in the middle of the lake. Take a look at this fun inflatable island. It’s great for seating six or more people at one time. You can enjoy fun games on the inflatable island, just trying to get in and out of it. This inflatable island is also fun to lounge on and enjoy drinks with friends. Staying cool and hydrated is easy with the detachable cooler and individual cup holders. This would make for hours of fun and well deserved relaxation at the lake, don’t you think?

 New Giant Inflatable Floating Island Lake FloatCheck Price Intex River Run IICheck Price SPORTSSTUFF 54-2010 Fiesta IslandCheck Price

Water Trampoline

Who doesn’t love to cannon ball into the lake? Now you can with great energy and zest as you jump off a trampoline and into the water. These water trampolines come in various sizes and are perfect for everyone to enjoy as they swim in the lake this summer. Here are some water trampolines for you to choose from.

 RAVE Bongo 13 Water BouncerCheck Price 13′ Turtle Padded Water BouncerCheck Price RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Trampoline – 20 FeetCheck Price

Walk on the Water with a Water Mat

These cool water mats are perfect for a day at the lake. You can stand on them, play on them, and walk on them all day long at the lake. You can have these water mats floating on the lake or anchored to the side so it stays in one spot. These are easy to carry to the lake and can be so much fun for everyone to enjoy on a summer night.

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Floating Beverage Coolers

Well this isn’t a toy, but it can makeyour trip to the lake so much more fun. On a hot, sunny day it would be perfect to have a chilled drink any time of the day, all day long. With these floating coolers, you can have your cold drinks right there floating up to you on the lake. You can have snacks and drinks ready for munching and drinking, even in the middle of the lake.

 Airhead Aqua Oasis Inflatable Raft 2013Check Price Kelsyus Floating CoolerCheck Price Wow Sports 30 Qt. Cooler Floating FridgeCheck Price 60 Quart CoolerCheck Price Body Glove Floating ChillerCheck Price Float-A-Bout CoolerCheck Price

Great Climbing Structures at the Side of the Lake

All the fun at the lake doesn’t have to be on the water. You could easily build these structures by the side of the lake. Little kids could take a break out of the water to climb around and enjoy these fun climbing structures. Parents can easily build this by the side of the lake and pack them away when they are ready to head back home. These structures are sturdy and safe for kids to enjoy by the side of the lake on a nice hot summer day.

 MonkeyBars TowerCheck Price Children’s Factory Toddler Pyramid Play CenterCheck Price Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play CenterCheck Price

What do you think of these fun items to enjoy by the lake? These are great toys for everyone in the family and group to enjoy while having a fun time this summer at the lake. What would you be bringing to the lake this summer?

Beach Trip Checklist–Remember These When Going to the Beach…

You wouldn’t think that anything would ruin a fun summer day at the beach right? Be sure to remember to do the following and bring these things along just to make sure you have the perfect day at the beach.

Everyone wants their day at the beach to be fun filled, relaxing, and above all…stress free! You don’t want hassles and disasters at the beach. So what do you need to do to ensure that perfect time at the beach this summer?


Remember to Use Sunscreen

Getting sun burnt is not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous for your skin as well. Therefore, you should always apply sunscreen to your body before heading out to the beach.  It is important to not only apply it once before leaving the house but to also re-apply it from time to time according to the directions on the bottle. Sunscreen doesn’t last a whole day. So you have to always re-apply sunscreen from time to time to ensure healthy skin and a great time at the beach without the sun hurting you. Be sure to select the sunscreen for the right age group, with the right SPF level.

 Banana Boat Sport Cool Zone Sunscreen Continuous Spray SPF 30Check Price Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 45 Twin Pack 3.0 OunceCheck Price Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock Body Mist, SPF 45, 5 OunceCheck Price

 Bring a Sun Shade

A sun shade could be perfect to set up to keep everyone shaded on the beach. No matter how much sunscreen you use, you might not just be able to stay in the open sun for hours. So a nice sunshade can keep you shaded and protected from the sun when you are not playing. Take a look at these sun shades and find the best one that is easy to carry to the beach for long hours of shaded fun at the beach.

 Shade Shack Instant Pop Up Family Beach Tent and Sun ShelterCheck Price Genji Sports Pop Up Family Beach Tent And Beach SunshelterCheck Price One Touch Push Up Easy Setup Beach Shelter 8 Feet TentCheck Price

Don’t Forget the Swimsuit

I know this sounds obvious! But there are times when we forget to pack our swimsuits and end up getting into the water with our clothes on. This can certainly be very uncomfortable when your clothes bubble up, drag you down, or stick to your skin. If you are at the beach to swim, be sure you enjoy a great day and bring your swimsuit with you!

 Boys Short Sleeve Rashguard BodysuitCheck Price Speedo Women’s Race Lycra BlendCheck Price Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda TrunksCheck Price

Bring Something To do at the Beach

You can’t possibly just lie on the beach all day without doing anything FUN! You’ll get bored. Bring something to do! Whether you are by yourself or with the family and friends, there are lots of fun things you can do at the beach! So…don’t forget to bring a book to read, or a Frisbee, ball or other toys to play with. Kids would love sand toys to build the greatest sand castles ever. Here are some fun beach toys that everyone would enjoy at the beach.

 Aerobie Pro Flying RingCheck Price Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Nesting PailsCheck Price Discraft 175 gram Ultra-Star Sportdisc-Nite-GloCheck Price Green Toys Sand Play Set, GreenCheck Price Toysmith Beach Set in BagCheck Price Sand-Away Beach BagCheck Price

 Bring Some Food and Drinks to the Beach

Don’t assume that there will be a food joint there with food and beverages for you to enjoy while on the beach. Always bring something light to enjoy while you are on the beach. You wouldn’t want to get up and leave just because you are hungry. Make it even better with healthier snacks like watermelon and other fruits. And be sure to always stay hydrated while under the hot sun at the beach. It is important to have plenty of water while you are out in the sun.

 Flower Fun In the Sun Large Cord Tie Up Summer Beach Carry All Tote FuschiaCheck Price CGear Sand-Free Tote Bag (15 x 17 x 7.5-Inch, Blue Plaid)Check Price DAKINE Women’s Havana Beach Bag, 26-Liter, FijiCheck Price Progressive International Fresh Fruit and Vegetable KeeperCheck Price Fruit and Veggie Bowl with Removable Ice PackCheck Price

Also while eating on the beach, be aware of flying birds! That can sometimes be an issue for beach-goers. Do not attract their attention with the foodstuffs…unless you actually want to play with the birds. And also clean up after yourself so others coming after you can have a nice time at the beach too.

There are a few more pointers to remember and follow so as to ensure that you have the greatest time at the beach this summer. First, be sure to adhere to all safety signs and protocols to ensure that your trip to the beach is a happy and safe one. Be sure to follow all warnings and directions. Be aware if there is a lifeguard on duty, or if there are any fish to worry about, or high tides, or infestations. It is important to be safe if you want to truly have a fun time at the beach with no disasters to ruin it.

Also, always check the weather report for your area before heading out to the beach. You wouldn’t want heavy winds and dark clouds to dampen your day at the beach. Plan ahead and be sure that the weather is perfect for a day out at the beach.

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These points and tips are not tough to do, and they can do wonders in ensuring that you have a perfect time at the beach this summer. All it needs is some good planning and you can have the perfect day at the beach. I am sure that you would love to have a relaxing time at the beach to unwind this summer. I know I would!

What was the one thing you forgot to do when going to the beach? What do you do to make sure you have the best time at the beach? I sure hope these tips help you enjoy many stress-free, relaxing days at the beach this summer, filled with fun and laughter.