Are you Wired and Tired? Learn How To Get Rest and Relaxation Quickly

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There are some fun and sensible ways to rest and recoup when you are feeling overtired and wired.

It is possible to be as wired as you are tired. If you feel like you are barely staying above water, or that you’re feeling more and more high-strung lately, it’s time to learn how to get rest and relaxation. Staying stressed and exhausted is like stretching a rubber band—it might be able to stretch pretty far, but at some point, it will snap if it isn’t given a reprieve. Give yourself a reprieve by following these tips:

  1. Aromatherapy – The sense of smell is very closely linked to both memory and emotion in the brain. Certain smells can trigger the brain to slow down and relax. If you are running a million miles a minute and are finding it difficult to just take some time to relax, you can definitely benefit from aromatherapy. What scents work best will vary from person to person, but the scent of chamomile, lavender, or vanilla are often used to induce a feeling of relaxation and contentment. An easy way to start with aromatherapy is to find a candle or diffuser in a scent that calms your mind, and to burn it while reading, taking a bath, or meditating.
  1. Backyard Camping – Why not have a little get away in your very own backyard? You don’t have to pack up everything you own, but you can still enjoy the outdoors and sleep under the stars. Camping has always been a great way to commune with nature and to remind ourselves of the simple pleasures, but if there are no good camping spots where you live, you don’t have to go without this relaxing and rejuvenating pursuit. Pitch a tent in your backyard, have a fire, roast marshmallows, and get to know the sights and sounds of your own neighborhood.
  1. Gardening – Growing something is one of the most satisfying hobbies that you can develop, and one of the easiest, even if you only have a small window ledge to fill with plants. There is something uniquely calming about taking care of a plant, weeding it, getting your hands dirty, watering something, and watching it grow. If you are looking for a hobby that is as relaxing as it is energizing, starting a garden should be at the top of your list.

Follow these tips and you’ll be rested and relaxed in no time!


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Try THIS for The Ultimate in Affordable, Stress-Busting Vacations !

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If you want to hack stress down to its root, a camping trip may be just the tool you need to do it.

One of the best ways to control stress is by taking regular quality, stress-free  vacations with your family, but with today’s sky-rocketing travel expenses , who can afford that?

I have the perfect answer: go camping! It is a great stress reliever, being out there with Mother Nature.  Read on to discover great tips, resources and guidelines on camping for beginners.

First of all, camping allows you to disconnect from the world of hustle and bustle and put aside the interruptions from the electronic world of phones, computers and emails.

It is a true saying that the best things in life are free. Mother Nature offers us so many of these beautiful things for free. You can find comfort and peace with the gentle blowing breezes, the flowing river or the smell of the green forest trees. There is great joy in to be found in catching a fish from the lake to cook for dinner on an open fire. All of these experiences can be had on a camping trip.

This is why I want to introduce you to another of my books Camping for Stress Relief.

It shows you how easy and affordable going on a camping trip can be. It reveals the benefits of being one with nature, and how turning off the distractions of the industrial and technologically advanced world will relieve your stress levels and positively affect how you deal with the ‘real’ world, once you get back to it.

Whether you are religious or not, something or someone gave us Mother Nature and it is ours to choose to help find balance between the Mind, Body and Soul.  The sights and fragrance of nature immediately puts us in a serene place.

There is also that additional relief in not having to worry that your camping vacation will cost you money that you really cannot afford, for those of us on a limited budget. No stress of how to pay for this trip when you return to your already hectic world.

You won’t need a vacation to recover from this vacation. My book highlights that you choose how simple or elaborate your camping vacation can be. You can be one with nature, completely on your own devices, or have a combination of both worlds of the outdoors, yet still have a handful of creature comforts like showers, and flushing toilets at your disposal.

You determine your budget, but the results will be the same; a time of family connections, working through issues, peace, harmony and no stress.

Pick up a copy of Camping for Stress Relief today. Be one with nature and its healing effect on the mind, body and soul. Experience nature through touch, sight and smell while you shut off the world and recharge your spirit to face it again.  If you are a newbie to this camping thing, I got you covered with a comprehensive camping check list.

Click this link to find out more about purchasing the right camping gear.

My next Wellness Wednesday post  will focus on how you can be one with nature, every day  and enjoy its therapeutic effects without leaving your home. And by the way, if you would like to share your stress relief strategies with us, we would love to feature you on Wellness Wednesday. Just click here to find out more.

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2. How was the experience?   Would you recommend it?

Have You Considered Camping For Stress Relief?


When many people think about relieving stress, camping probably isn’t the first thing that they think of. And yet it’s simple, extremely cheap, incredibly fun, and a perfect way of getting out in nature! It’s one of the most perfect forms of stress relief and, if you hadn’t thought about camping this year, I want you to seriously consider it because it’s a perfect way to relieve stress!

And here’s why…

As many women know, stress can be crippling. Jobs can be stressful, and mothers understand how stressful children can make life. One of the major causes of stress is feeling that one is trapped; simply getting away from home can be challenging in many cases, stress levels often rise as a result. There are a number of stress-relieving techniques most know about, but there is one that is rarely considered: camping.

Camping ForStress ReliefCheck Price

Here are some of the ways that camping be can help reduce stress levels.

1. Get away from it all

Between computers, smart phones, the Internet and television, people often feel that they cannot escape from a never-ending stream of data. While this technology has improved life in many ways, many researchers believe that it has increased stress levels. By going camping, it is possible to completely detach from this technology and take a break. In many camping locations, it is impossible to receive cell phone signals, which forces those who camp to take a break. Even a weekend away can provide tremendous relief.

2. Relaxing effects of nature

Nature offers a transcendent beauty that is difficult to experience in the cities and suburbs in which most people live. Nature combines simplicity with complexity in a way that puts life into perspective, and many people find a simple walk through the woods or by a river to be incredibly soothing. By going camping, one has few options but to enjoy natural scenery as much as possible.

3. Get in touch with ancient ancestors

Thousands of years ago, humans lived in nature. While concrete and wood buildings provide a number of benefits, they are not the dwellings of our human ancestors. By going camping, campers can gain some perspective on how much society has changed through the years. While this change has largely been beneficial, it can help to gain some perspective by experiencing life as it was lived by our ancestors only a few thousand years ago.

4. Simplicity

Campsites do not offer stoves, ovens, televisions or any of the comforts people enjoy today. As a result, those who camp must greatly simplify their lives. Instead of relying on stoves, campers must build a fire. Instead of watching television, those who camp must sit back and read a book. One of the major causes of stress is information overload, and camping provides a means to avoid absorbing the information overload that can lead to excessive stress levels. Many find that they are better able to concentrate on what needs to be done after spending the weekend away at a campsite.

Have I spiked your interest? I hope so!

If you want to learn more about the reasons why camping is so perfect for relieving stress AND the ways to make sure that your camping trip is as stress-free as possible, be sure to check out my Kindle book all about camping for stress relief! It’s written directly for those like you!


To your stress relief success!

How Backyard Camping Can Reduce Stress

Backyard camping isn’t just for kids anymore. Studies have confirmed that communing with nature, whether alone or with others, helps to clear the mind, release stress-reducing endorphins and generally gives you a better outlook on life and better coping skills.

There’s even a “Backyard American Campout,” day that celebrates backyard camping when neighborhoods, communities, parks and individual families get together to honor and take part in the simple pleasures that outdoor wonders provide.

Can You Benefit From A Camp-Out?

Think about it – all year, we’re tucked away in our homes, autos and office environments, where all we hear is the click-clacking of computer keyboards, texting on cell phones, endless chatter and much more that makes our lives boring – and sometimes, stressful.

Camping has always inspired children to want to know more about the great outdoors. They enjoy experiences they may have never had – the chirping of birds, chattering of squirrels and other wildlife, waking up to fresh morning air, hearing stories around a campfire and much more. But, camping can be great for adults too!

Even if you’re not part of a family, you can enjoy the individual pleasures that backyard camping allows. Just to get away for a night or two from the sounds and pressures that lurk within your home can do wonders to clear your mind and reduce the stress that every day living brings.

Spending Time Outdoors Relieves Stress!

Research has been done about experiencing the outdoors and all that it offers. The research studies reveal that spending time with nature can reduce stress, help generate feelings of well-being, prevent child obesity and even reduce allergies.

Levels of serotonin (mood elevator and stress reliever) improve when we’re outside, and the scent of grass is also said to have a calming effect on our minds and bodies. Sleeping outdoors can induce us into a deeper sleep, helping us to awaken more refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Make A Backyard Camping Plan

When you decide to experience the benefits of backyard camping, make a plan – but make it simple. If you’ll be alone, pitch your tent and then fill it with lots of warm and comfy blankets and pillows.  Leave your cell phone in the house!

Have flashlights on hand and consider a campfire to make the experience more enjoyable. If a campfire is out of the question, a small chiminea or lighted candles (be sure they’re place safely) will work. You can even set up a backyard theater for added fun and entertainment.  The kids will love it!

Don’t forget insect repellent and some snacks and drinks – and a good book. For your first backyard camping experience, make it simple. You shouldn’t plan so much that your afternoon is spent lugging items from the house to the back yard. You should be able to revel in the simplicity that a relaxing rest in your own back yard can bring.

Get Closer To Nature & Reduce Stress With These Backyard Camping Accessories

Untapped Community Resources For Natural Stress Relief

There are many untapped resourced for natural stress relief right in your community.

Walking & Hiking Groups

Walking and hiking are great ways to relieve stress naturally and if your look around your community there is bound to be a walking or hiking group.  Usually, walking and hiking groups organize  weekly events that can encourage you to get active and get outdoors with  people who appreciate the natural world around them.  No walking or hiking groups where in your community?  Then that is a great opportunity for you to start one.  All you need is one or two other people to get started.

Community Photography Classes

Another good resource in your community for natural stress relief is to join a photography club.  Photography is a great hobby that allows you to appreciate nature while calming your nerves at the same time.

No experience?  No Problem!

If you have no experience with photography all you have to do is take a class at the local community college or adult education program. Next, you can invest in a camera and just start taking pictures.  You can start by taking pictures of the foliage and animals in your neighborhood.  You will soon get so absorbed taking pictures of nature that you won’t have time or energy to waste on the stress of everyday life.