Back to Basics: Visual Journaling Techniques

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Give visual journaling a try. It can be a powerful stress management tool.

When you were a child, you probably drew pictures showing how you felt about having a new baby brother or learning to swim. Now that you’re grown up, you can still use art to process your emotions and reduce stress.

Many artists and therapists use visual journaling techniques to help them with their work. Whatever your personal goals, see how images can be part of your strategy for moving ahead.

Benefits of Visual Journaling

  1. Articulate your feelings. When you’re struggling to put your emotions into words, it may be easier to sketch them out. The shapes and colors you choose could be revealing.
  2. Increase your willpower. Each time you update your journal, you remind yourself about the positive changes you are trying to achieve. It’s a simple way to create triggers that reinforce new habits.
  3. Manage stress. Protect your mind and body from the effects of chronic stress. A journal soothes you without any extra calories or extravagant expense. You may even want to carry it with you to the airport or dentist’s office.
  4. Stimulate your creativity. Any art project can trigger innovative thinking. You’ll discover solutions to longstanding challenges at home or work.

Visual Journaling Techniques

  1. Record your feelings. Let whatever you’ve been bottling up come pouring out. Ask yourself how you’re feeling. The answer may surprise you.
  2. Mark up a book. Find inspiration by searching for prompts in a children’s story or an advertising supplement. Alter the pictures or the text. Add your own illustrations.
  3. Doodle a little. Even if your time is limited, you can see what appears spontaneously when you put pen to paper. Your free form doodling may uncover your subconscious concerns about your health or your family.
  4. Assemble a collage. Browse through magazines for pictures or collect various types of items you can use. Paste them together according to your own design.
  5. Dream on. Park your journal on your nightstand before you go to bed. You may be able to capture a snapshot of your dreams while your memory is fresh.
  6. Add text. Maybe you want your journal to combine words and images. Invent captions or drop in some favorite quotes. Turn your adventures with dieting or dating into a graphic novel.
  7. Note the date. Try keeping track of the day and time that you update your journal. An ongoing log will help you to see changes or patterns that develop over time. You may also notice how your mood or energy levels shift from morning to night.

Techniques for Using Your Visual Journal

  1. Keep it private. You may decide that you want to keep your journal for your eyes only. Knowing that you’re the only person who will see it could help you to feel free to experiment and divulge your innermost thoughts.
  2. Browse online. There are many websites and forums devoted to visual journaling and art therapy. Look at samples on Pinterest. Participate in a community and exchange support.
  3. Collaborate with a friend. If you tell your friends and family about your journal, they may be interested in joining you. You could discuss each other’s work. You could also suggest themes or materials that you could both work on together.
  4. Show it to your therapist. If you’re already seeing a counselor or plan to start therapy, you may want to incorporate your journal into your sessions. Mention your projects to your therapist and follow their recommendations.

Creative expression is good for your health and wellbeing. Lift your spirits and clarify your thinking by keeping a visual journal.


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Are you Wired and Tired? Learn How To Get Rest and Relaxation Quickly

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There are some fun and sensible ways to rest and recoup when you are feeling overtired and wired.

It is possible to be as wired as you are tired. If you feel like you are barely staying above water, or that you’re feeling more and more high-strung lately, it’s time to learn how to get rest and relaxation. Staying stressed and exhausted is like stretching a rubber band—it might be able to stretch pretty far, but at some point, it will snap if it isn’t given a reprieve. Give yourself a reprieve by following these tips:

  1. Aromatherapy – The sense of smell is very closely linked to both memory and emotion in the brain. Certain smells can trigger the brain to slow down and relax. If you are running a million miles a minute and are finding it difficult to just take some time to relax, you can definitely benefit from aromatherapy. What scents work best will vary from person to person, but the scent of chamomile, lavender, or vanilla are often used to induce a feeling of relaxation and contentment. An easy way to start with aromatherapy is to find a candle or diffuser in a scent that calms your mind, and to burn it while reading, taking a bath, or meditating.
  1. Backyard Camping – Why not have a little get away in your very own backyard? You don’t have to pack up everything you own, but you can still enjoy the outdoors and sleep under the stars. Camping has always been a great way to commune with nature and to remind ourselves of the simple pleasures, but if there are no good camping spots where you live, you don’t have to go without this relaxing and rejuvenating pursuit. Pitch a tent in your backyard, have a fire, roast marshmallows, and get to know the sights and sounds of your own neighborhood.
  1. Gardening – Growing something is one of the most satisfying hobbies that you can develop, and one of the easiest, even if you only have a small window ledge to fill with plants. There is something uniquely calming about taking care of a plant, weeding it, getting your hands dirty, watering something, and watching it grow. If you are looking for a hobby that is as relaxing as it is energizing, starting a garden should be at the top of your list.

Follow these tips and you’ll be rested and relaxed in no time!


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How to Save Money on a Family Road Trip

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How about going on a road trip this summer? It’s lot’s of fun and won’t cost you a fortune is you follow these tips on how to save money on a family road trip.

My brother lives in Europe with his family and they recently went on a family road trip that included 21 hours of driving…ONE WAY!   He has two kids (10 and 8 years old, girl and boy respectively) and from the reports  received, everyone loved it!  Family road trips can be a great experience for young and old alike, but it can easily go over your budget. It’s important to plan ahead so you can save money on your trip.  Read on to discover how to save money on a family road trip.

Road trips can be economical if you follow these eight important tips:

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan.  It’s essential that you plan everything carefully at home. It’s better ( and easier) to make plans ahead than to come up with last-minute solutions while you are on the road trip. When planning your family road trip, google, bing, and yahoo search are your BEST friends. You can find a variety of deals and information online about your destination and the best route to get there.  If you plan to travel during busy times of year, make sure to book your arrangements as early as possible.  Booking ahead ensures that you will actually be able to use your vacation to relax.
  1. Evaluate gas prices. Another one of the best ways to save money on a road trip is to compare as prices often fluctuate from one area to the next. Use apps and websites to see the gas prices along your route. You can compare gas stations and read reviews.
  1. Reduce the cost of food. Fast food is convenient, but the cost can quickly add up during a road trip. You may want to bring your own snacks and meals.
  • Consider getting a large cooler with ice to pack food and beverages. Your cooler may hold enough food for a couple of days, but in most cases you’ll still want to eat out sometimes. This is another opportunity to do research ahead and find the most economical restaurants.
  • Restaurants aren’t the only option. You can also make pit stops at grocery stores to fill up your cooler with more snacks and meals.
  1. Check twice to ensure you’ve packed essentials. Did you remember to bring all of your medication and other medical supplies? You can save money by avoiding a trip to a pharmacy. Do you have enough clothes and shoes for everyone? Are you prepared for emergencies? Avoid having to shop for a new pair of sneakers during the road trip because your child’s feet are cold. Follow these 7 steps to plan a stress-free vacation!
  1. Check out free events and attractions. You’ll find that many museums, events, and other places have free admission. You can add these to your plan as you put together your list.
  1. Carefully check your car before you leave. Inflate your tires to the pressure that’s recommended in the car’s manual to maximize gas usage. Also, consider the car’s weight. Heavier cars burn more gas, so just pack the essentials and avoid bringing unnecessary items.

You can avoid costly roadside assistance and towing by doing recommended maintenance that you know will be needed soon. Do you need an oil change or minor repairs? Do them before you leave on your trip!

  1. Find flexible cancelation policies. Are you making reservations ahead of time? Road trips can be eventful, and the best plans cannot prevent all possible emergencies. Search for hotels and restaurants with flexible cancelation policies to avoid adding extra costs to your trip. If you’re late and miss a reservation, some businesses charge you.
  1. Look for coupons and additional discounts along the way. These money-saving items can reduce the cost of your trip. Coupons and discounts may be available from hotels, restaurants, and other places. Museums and shops may also offer them along your route. Stock up on additional savings.

Road trips can stay under a budget with the right plans. If you consider the costs of common items that occur during a trip, you can save money.

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Try THIS for The Ultimate in Affordable, Stress-Busting Vacations !

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If you want to hack stress down to its root, a camping trip may be just the tool you need to do it.

One of the best ways to control stress is by taking regular quality, stress-free  vacations with your family, but with today’s sky-rocketing travel expenses , who can afford that?

I have the perfect answer: go camping! It is a great stress reliever, being out there with Mother Nature.  Read on to discover great tips, resources and guidelines on camping for beginners.

First of all, camping allows you to disconnect from the world of hustle and bustle and put aside the interruptions from the electronic world of phones, computers and emails.

It is a true saying that the best things in life are free. Mother Nature offers us so many of these beautiful things for free. You can find comfort and peace with the gentle blowing breezes, the flowing river or the smell of the green forest trees. There is great joy in to be found in catching a fish from the lake to cook for dinner on an open fire. All of these experiences can be had on a camping trip.

This is why I want to introduce you to another of my books Camping for Stress Relief.

It shows you how easy and affordable going on a camping trip can be. It reveals the benefits of being one with nature, and how turning off the distractions of the industrial and technologically advanced world will relieve your stress levels and positively affect how you deal with the ‘real’ world, once you get back to it.

Whether you are religious or not, something or someone gave us Mother Nature and it is ours to choose to help find balance between the Mind, Body and Soul.  The sights and fragrance of nature immediately puts us in a serene place.

There is also that additional relief in not having to worry that your camping vacation will cost you money that you really cannot afford, for those of us on a limited budget. No stress of how to pay for this trip when you return to your already hectic world.

You won’t need a vacation to recover from this vacation. My book highlights that you choose how simple or elaborate your camping vacation can be. You can be one with nature, completely on your own devices, or have a combination of both worlds of the outdoors, yet still have a handful of creature comforts like showers, and flushing toilets at your disposal.

You determine your budget, but the results will be the same; a time of family connections, working through issues, peace, harmony and no stress.

Pick up a copy of Camping for Stress Relief today. Be one with nature and its healing effect on the mind, body and soul. Experience nature through touch, sight and smell while you shut off the world and recharge your spirit to face it again.  If you are a newbie to this camping thing, I got you covered with a comprehensive camping check list.

Click this link to find out more about purchasing the right camping gear.

My next Wellness Wednesday post  will focus on how you can be one with nature, every day  and enjoy its therapeutic effects without leaving your home. And by the way, if you would like to share your stress relief strategies with us, we would love to feature you on Wellness Wednesday. Just click here to find out more.

Please Share Your Thoughts 

In the comments below, share with us:

1. Have you ever been camping before?
2. How was the experience?   Would you recommend it?

Have You Considered Camping For Stress Relief?


When many people think about relieving stress, camping probably isn’t the first thing that they think of. And yet it’s simple, extremely cheap, incredibly fun, and a perfect way of getting out in nature! It’s one of the most perfect forms of stress relief and, if you hadn’t thought about camping this year, I want you to seriously consider it because it’s a perfect way to relieve stress!

And here’s why…

As many women know, stress can be crippling. Jobs can be stressful, and mothers understand how stressful children can make life. One of the major causes of stress is feeling that one is trapped; simply getting away from home can be challenging in many cases, stress levels often rise as a result. There are a number of stress-relieving techniques most know about, but there is one that is rarely considered: camping.

Camping ForStress ReliefCheck Price

Here are some of the ways that camping be can help reduce stress levels.

1. Get away from it all

Between computers, smart phones, the Internet and television, people often feel that they cannot escape from a never-ending stream of data. While this technology has improved life in many ways, many researchers believe that it has increased stress levels. By going camping, it is possible to completely detach from this technology and take a break. In many camping locations, it is impossible to receive cell phone signals, which forces those who camp to take a break. Even a weekend away can provide tremendous relief.

2. Relaxing effects of nature

Nature offers a transcendent beauty that is difficult to experience in the cities and suburbs in which most people live. Nature combines simplicity with complexity in a way that puts life into perspective, and many people find a simple walk through the woods or by a river to be incredibly soothing. By going camping, one has few options but to enjoy natural scenery as much as possible.

3. Get in touch with ancient ancestors

Thousands of years ago, humans lived in nature. While concrete and wood buildings provide a number of benefits, they are not the dwellings of our human ancestors. By going camping, campers can gain some perspective on how much society has changed through the years. While this change has largely been beneficial, it can help to gain some perspective by experiencing life as it was lived by our ancestors only a few thousand years ago.

4. Simplicity

Campsites do not offer stoves, ovens, televisions or any of the comforts people enjoy today. As a result, those who camp must greatly simplify their lives. Instead of relying on stoves, campers must build a fire. Instead of watching television, those who camp must sit back and read a book. One of the major causes of stress is information overload, and camping provides a means to avoid absorbing the information overload that can lead to excessive stress levels. Many find that they are better able to concentrate on what needs to be done after spending the weekend away at a campsite.

Have I spiked your interest? I hope so!

If you want to learn more about the reasons why camping is so perfect for relieving stress AND the ways to make sure that your camping trip is as stress-free as possible, be sure to check out my Kindle book all about camping for stress relief! It’s written directly for those like you!


To your stress relief success!

The Best Gift for a Golfer After a Good Set of Clubs!

 The holiday season is the busiest time of the year, and you can’t always spend hours searching for the perfect gift for every person in your life. Sometimes, we end up giving boring, generic gifts, just because we don’t have the time to search for the perfect gift. Now you don’t have to!

 If you have a husband, wife, brother, sister, father, or friend who loves to golf, chances are your first inclination is to buy them a new set of golf clubs. If you know what brand and style they like, go for it! But…

if you want to get them something they don’t yet have, you might be having a more difficult time coming up with a gift. You could get them covers for their clubs, or personalized golf balls, but the best gift for a golfer is something you may not easily think of.  Something they are sure not to have.



 The Bushnell Pro 1600 Golf Laser Rangefinder not only gives them an edge on the green, but also helps the fledgling golfer improve their skills. What does it do? It measures inclines and distances, two things that can be difficult even for an experienced golfer to estimate accurately—two things that are essential for a great game.

 Bushnell Pro 1600 Slope Edition Laser Rangefinder with PinseekerCheck Price

 Many golfers have trouble during the game, trying to estimate distances as they swing. This makes for an uneven game and strokes without confidence. Even though most golfers know the importance of learning to estimate these distances and inclines, a rangefinder is rarely something they’ll buy for themselves. Good think you are here to buy it for them!

This rangefinder has superior accuracy and superior durability. Unlike other models in the same class, this rangefinder is absolutely waterproof, which makes it great for the golfer who insists on playing, rain or shine. Even if they already have a GPS targeting device, a rangefinder will be much more useful and accurate. Golfers who use both know that a Bushnell rangefinder can pinpoint the flag even from thousands of yards away, calculating exact distances and slopes, while at the same time, a golfer using a GPS targeting device will spend twice as much time just trying to locate the flag on their device, and still not get an accurate reading. Expert golfers will love the accuracy and new golfers will love how easy it is to use.

 The most difficult part of learning to golf is learning how to estimate the distance between their current position and the flag. As they use the Bushnell rangefinder to calculate distances, they will learn how to more accurately guess the distance for themselves, and how hard to drive the ball for every distance. Rather than a crutch, the rangefinder improves every golfer’s game, and what gift could be better than that?

In the comment section, please share with us:

  1. What gift item is on your list for a loved one who enjoys golf?
  2. Would a Bushnell rangefinder make a good gift for the golf-lover in your life? 

This Popular & Reasonably Priced Electric Scooter For Adults Is A Commuters Delight

Would you love to cruise around the neighborhood on a cool electric scooter? How about picking up mail, going to parks, or going on short trips around your neighborhood?

If you are looking for a cost-effective, gas-efficient electric scooter for adults  for short distances, then take a look at the eZip 500 Electric Scooter, a commuters delight.

This easy to use and easy to store electric scooter for adults is a cool way to commute around the town on short distances for errands, getting to the stores, or just out and about.

Read on to find out more about the features of this electric scooter for adults and see why it would make a great gift for everyone 13 and above.



Features of the Currie Technologies eZip 500 Electric Scooter For Adults

 eZip 500 Electric ScooterCheck Price

The eZip electric scooter comes with a 500 watt motor that can run about 8 miles each time it is charged. You can cruise on this scooter at up to 15 miles per hour, which is more than enough for the side walk. It has extra tough alloy wheels that makes it safe for the outdoors. It is also compact and easy to store with its foldable handle bars and removable seats. And at a mere 56 pounds, you can carry it around with you in case its needed while RV-ing.

Also, this electric scooter is a great “green and earth friendly” gift for anyone. Imagine not needing to take the car out for every little errand that is within half a mile away. You could certainly do much good for the environment while at the same time enjoying speedy neighborhood transportation, or simply having some fun cruising around the block.

This electric scooter is a really great way to stay active in the neighborhood. It lets you move around the neighborhood quickly without getting tired from walking all the time. Also the electric scooter lets you whiz on the sidewalks, getting you to your short-distance destination quickly as you simply cruise at about 10 miles an hour. You can go nice and slow and not feel rushed on the electric scooter. Whether it is just to grab a bottle of milk from the nearest convenience store or to simply go around the block, it will be a lot more fun with this eZIP 500 electric scooter.

With this electric scooter for adults, you can travel comfortably on great seating, and safely with the best system and wheels.  Not needing to worry about driving, traffic jams, and limited parking for simple short distances could commuting around town a lot less stressful. The electric scooter is also great to enjoy in the park. Perhaps you could fold and pack a couple of these scooters it into your SUV, unpack it to drive side by side with your entire family and enjoy a fun time out at the park, thenn simply fold it, pack it back into your vehicle, and drive home.

Don’t forget to get these accessories when you are getting your electric scooter to make your time on the electric scooter safer and more effective.

 Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet (Black Gloss)Check Price Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow PadsCheck Price 24V 2A XLR Scooter Battery Charger For eZip ModelsCheck Price

In the comment section, please share with us:

  1. How would you use this short-distance commuter scooter?
  2. Do you think this great little scooter would make a great gift?

Best Backyard Theater System To Turbocharge Rest & Relaxation

Sometimes the best way for a whole family to find some natural stress relief and fun time together is a movie night. And won’t this movie night be more fun right in your backyard on a nice cool evening?

Take a look at this outdoor movie screen that makes it easy and doable for you to set up your own backyard theater right by your garden. You get your own and very best backyard theater system right at home for everyone to enjoy.

Let us find out how you can use this portable movie screen to help the entire family enjoy memorable evenings together and get natural stress relief at the same time.

Take a look at this outdoor movie screen and see if a backyard theater is your family’s natural way to unwind and relax after a hectic day. Wouldn’t this make an interesting stress relief gift for the home? 

Introducing the Camp Chef 120-Inch Portable Movie Theater Screen

One of the best screens for a great backyard theater

 Camp Chef 120-Inch Portable Outdoor Movie Theater ScreenCheck Price

The Camp Chef portable screen is a 120 inch screen that has an aspect ratio of 16:9. This outdoor screen is a 600D by 600D Oxford nylon screen that is very clear and can stay steady and stable in the outdoors. You can use the four guy ropes with stakes that comes in the kit to easily setup the outdoor movie screen and keep it sturdy. The Camp Chef screen comes with a steel tube frame that has a diameter of 1.5in.

What makes this outdoor screen one of the best is its portability. The Camp Chef outdoor theater screen and its frame are also portable and can be carried around and stored in the heavy duty storage bags. This portable movie screen is perfect for backyard camping or for great backyard parties and other family fun and togetherness. It’s the best backyard theater system for backyard fun.

Find Great Outdoor Screens for Best Outdoor Theaters

Get Some Movie Fun At Your Backyard With These Screens

 Camp Chef OS132 Super Outdoor/Indoor Movie ScreenCheck Price Airblown Inflatable Widescreen Deluxe Outdoor Movie Screen – 12′Check Price MGM Mgm-84Pop 84-Inch Pop-Up Projection ScreenCheck Price

How the Best Backyard Theater System Helps with Stress Relief

A backyard theater system is certainly a creative way of ensuring that the entire family can relax and rejuvenate after a stressful week at work, home or school. Simply gather the whole family on a Friday night, make some popcorn and play a wonderful movie for everyone in the family to enjoy together.

A family backyard camp-out right in the comfort of your backyard could be a wonderful treat for adults as well as kids. Spending time outdoors reduces stress. Study upon study confirms that fact. So why not plan to spend some time outdoors on a regular basis? This outdoor movie screen can help you reduce stress, help generate feelings of well-being, prevent child obesity and even reduce allergies.

A family movie night is certainly a great way for the whole family to bond. Not only would you be watching a fun movie together, but this gives you the chance relax, leave the stress from daily life aside and enjoy laughter and good times together. This would also be a great place to talk to one another and see if you can help one another out with problems and worries. You can certainly offer a listening ear, which in itself may be enough to ease stress and provide the calmness and renewed energy needed to face any challenge.

Backyard camping and outdoor movie nights is a great way to build fond memories that would last a lifetime. And who knows? Your weekly family backyard theater events could become a family tradition that goes on for years to come! This is certainly a fun trend to start in your neighborhood.

Get the Complete Backyard Theater

Accessories to Create A Whole Outdoor Theater In Your Backyard

Your backyard theater system is not complete with just the outdoor movie screen. Read on to find out what other accessories you would need to complete your backyard theater. Complete the experience for the whole family and even friends by getting everything you would need to build fond memories with your family right in the comfort of your backyard. You can help everyone in the house forget their worries, stress, chores, responsibilities for a while and enjoy a fun movie-night together as a family.

Spending time with family and friends is certainly a great natural way to manage and control stress. This backyard theater only makes it more fun, entertaining, and memorable, don’t you agree? Get the complete backyard theater now!

 Epson V11H412020 85HD MovieMate, BlackCheck Price Epson Moviemate 25 Projector DVD & Music Player ComboCheck Price Epson MovieMate 62 (V11H411020)Check Price Da-Lite Screen 203 Project-o Stand Projection 11.25INX19IN Table ShelfCheck Price Da-Lite 42067 Deluxe 425 Project-o Stand Projection 17INX25IN Table ShelfCheck Price Luxor Endura Mobile Computer And Projection Table – 32X24x37-1/4Check Price

Would You Love Your Own Backyard Theater Sytem?

Would It Help With Stress Relief for the Entire Family?

What do you think of this portable movie screen and the accessories for creating the best backyard theater system, entertainment and stress relief escape? There is no better way for your whole family to relax. You can turn your backyard into a stress relief haven and a welcome retreat where friends and family can share fun and laughter and make memories that will last a lifetime. I would love to hear your take on this. What do you think?

Five Options for Fun On The Lake Using Non-Motorized Boats

If you think you need a motorized boats for having fun on the lake this summer, I can tell you that nothing could be farther from the truth! Sure, motor boats are lots of fun, but there is a down side too…they’re loud, your hair and clothes are whipping about, and your teeth feel like they’re working loose by the end of the ride.

That’s not really my style, so I am looking at other options for non-motorized boats. I came up with six super cool choices for fun on the lake using crafts without engines.


#1. The Magic of A Canoe – You have to admit. There’s something a little magical about gliding along in a canoe. You can observe birds and wildlife up close, and you feel like you’re a part of the nature surrounding you. Canoes are easier to maneuver with two people; the one at the back does the steering. Otherwise with one person, the paddle has to be constantly switched from one side to the other to get the canoe to go the direction you intend. Canoes are pointy in the front and rear, but fairly narrow meaning they’re easier to tip over. So if you are not sure how to maneuver in a canoe, this may not be the best option for you.

#2. Try A Pedal Boat – Now this is a lot of fun. If you want to try it first before investing in your own pedal boat, you can rent one at waterfront resorts. You get to sit in a chair and pedal which means your arms don’t have to do any of the work. A pedal boat can scoot around the lake with one or two people pedaling.

 Intex Sehawk 4 Boat SetCheck Price Intex Excursion 5 Boat Set – 2013 ModelCheck Price Sun Slider Adjustable Seat Lounger Pedal Boat with CanopyCheck Price

#3. Discover The Joys Of Kayaking – Kayaking is similar to canoeing. Kayaks are made for one or two people and the paddling motion is similar to that of canoeing, but the paddles tend to be shorter and lighter. There are different shapes of kayaks so you have to choose the right one for you, depending on whether you’re a beginner or experienced, whether you’re on a lake/slow river or you’re shooting some rapids.

#4. Row, Row, Row Your Boat – Your probably know the song. Learning how to row is not as easy as that song makes it seem. It’s not as easy as paddling a kayak either. For one thing, you sit backwards so you can’t easily see where you’re going. Then you’ve got to dig both oars into the water at the same time, but not too deep or you’ll cause the oar rings to come out of their slots. It takes some practice, but it’s fun once you get the hang of it. Plus row boats don’t tip easy, and they can hold more of your stuff or more people. Fishing can be done from a rowboat. Rowing is a great form of exercise too!

 Classic Accessories Bozeman Back Packable Pontoon BoatCheck Price Intex Challenger K1 KayakCheck Price Lifetime Manta Tandem Kayak with Paddles and BackrestsCheck Price KL Industries Water Tender Row Boat (9.4-Feet)Check Price

#5. Get On A Surf Bike – It seems that these are the latest craze and happy users say this is an excellent way to get some exercise while enjoying the water. Actually, you can ride from land right into the water. That DOES sound like fun. There are accessories you can get that will connect two bikes together, allowing for more stability, plus you can turn it into a kayak. Picture a stationary exercise bike sitting on top of a flatter kayak and you’ve got the surf bike. It’s not for me, but if the thrill of trying something new on the water the summer appeals to you, then a surf bike may be just right for you.

Who Needs a Motor Boat?

With the five fun non-motorized options mentioned above, who needs a motor boat? You can use one of the five popular ways of moving on water without a motor. I don’t know about you, but I find it very satisfying and relaxing to just slow down, observe nature, and listen to the water lapping against the side of the boat. Taking your time just got better. It’s a much more rewarding experience. Have Fun!

Summer Picnic Ideas : 5 Tips For Planning A Summer Outdoor Get Together

I love a good picnic! Who doesn’t? It could be me, but in my humble opinion, food always tastes better outdoors. Add to that being in the company of people who you like and enjoy, like your close family and friends, and you are bound to have a memorable and relaxing time together.



For Stress-Free Picnics, You Need To Plan and Prepare

For some folks, organizing a successful picnic only requires a moment’s notice, but for me ( and perhaps for you too), some thoughtful planning and preparations are necessary beforehand. Here are three easy tips for summer picnic ideas to ensure a stress-free time together.

Tip #1—Find A Good Location

The first thing to do is decide on the location because that could make a difference for all your other decisions. Select an area that has covered picnic area or be prepared to bring a shade tent. Another important consideration for location, is that you check to make sure that there is running water for hand-washing. If not, plan to should you bring wipes.

 Coleman Road Trip Beach ShadeCheck Price Eureka! Solar Shade – Shelter (large)Check Price Lifetime Folding Chair, Set of 4Check Price

Tip #2—Monitor your Invitation List

You need to decide in advance how many people will be invited to the picnic. My picnics are usually just me and my immediate family. That’s easier since I know their tastes and how much they’ll eat. But if you plan to invite friends to come along, then you’ll want to know more about the kinds of food to have and the proper amount. Since you do not want to be cooking all day, make sure to ask your invited guests what are they planning to bring!

Tip #3—Plan a Good Picnic Menu

For me, the food is always the highlight of the picnic, so I usually take some time figuring out to put on the picnic menu. It’s important that you do that too. Do you want just cold food or are you planning to grill meat at the picnic? Make it more interesting by trying out some new recipes and bringing something different than your usual picnic fare.

Tip #4—Create The Perfect Picnic Ambiance

First impressions count, so make sure to accessorize your picnic. Here are important picnic accessories to remember:
1. a tablecloth
2. cooking and serving utensils
3. silverware & napkins
4. salt and pepper
5. pack a vase and let the kids pick some wildflowers to put in it for the table centerpiece
6. …anything else you might require
7. pack lawn chairs for lounging around afterwards
8. pack toys a d fun games for all. (e.g. frisbee-throwing, impromptu games of flag football, hula hoops or scavenger hunts. )

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Tip #5—Keep Your Food Safe

Its vitally important not to overlook the need to keep your food safe in the heat of the day. Here 3 food safety factors to keep these in mind when picnicking:

1. Cold food needs to stay cold. Keep the food in a cooler with ice until it’s time to serve it. Then return it immediately to the cooler. Food poisoning is no picnic!

2. Foods made ahead of time should have plenty of time to chill in your refrigerator before being packed into the ice chest. It’s job is to keep things cold that are already cold.

3. If there is still ice in the cooler when you get home, the food is probably okay. When in doubt, throw the food out!

Are You Ready For Some Picnic Fun?

Use the tips above when planning your picnics and enjoy your family, friends, and food in a special outdoor location. If you’ve never held a picnic before, I promise you that you are in for a lot of fun!

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