Treadmill Desk For Work: Get Healthy & Work at the Same Time

Did you know that sitting for more than a few hours a day can actually contribute to chronic diseases like heart disease and even cancer? Our bodies want to be active, they want to move, even when we force them to sit still, for example, when we work a desk job. That’s why a treadmill desk for work can be such a fantastic tool to work AND stay healthy.

Whether you are a high-powered lawyer or a stay-at-home mom, you probably spend a lot of time at a desk or table, paying bills, helping with homework, writing briefs, etc. A treadmill desk for work may therefore be ideal for you.

Even if you simply surf the internet all day, you probably do it sitting or lying down. You may want to get healthy, but you don’t want to sacrifice work or relaxation time, just to walk on the treadmill.


One of the biggest complaints about exercise is that it is boring. And walking on a treadmill can certainly be boring. Nothing says, “You’re going nowhere,” better than staring at a blank wall as you jog. Even watching television rarely holds the attention long enough to make it viable exercise entertainment. Even more women complain that getting healthy is simply too time consuming.

Think about it. If you don’t own your own machines, you have to get ready, drive to a gym, work out (for at least an hour, according to most studies), drive home, shower, and then get for the day. Before you know it, two to three hours of your day has been eaten up by working out. And for busy mothers and business women, it simply isn’t practical.

Instead of cutting out exercise altogether, which can be damaging to your system, you’ll need to find another solution. Finding a way to incorporate working out into your daily routine, without disrupting the work you need to get done, is the only way that getting healthy actually makes sense.

This is where the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk actually spans just about any treadmill and is fully adjustable, so you can place it at the perfect height. As you answer emails or scroll through Pinterest, you are walking along, getting healthy as you relax your mind. It even has holders to secure documents, telephones, drinks, and computers during a vigorous workout.

 TrekDesk Treadmill DeskCheck Price

Whether you simply prefer to watch your favorite shows online, or legitimately want to get computer work done while you walk your way to a better life, this is the best way to set up your computer for use on the treadmill. The best part is, because it is not eating away at your work time, you can actually work out longer than you would otherwise.

We are all looking for ways to streamline our lives. There simply isn’t any better way than to combine two of the day’s most necessary routines into one, more fun routine.

Best Treadmill To Use at Home!

For some women, getting out and walking or jogging around the neighborhood is just not an option. The alternative is to get the best treadmill to use at home.

Whether it’s winter weather, rain, or high temperatures, sometimes our environment is too punishing to exercise outside. However, if you still want to enjoy the health benefits walking brings to your body, a treadmill is an excellent substitute for the outdoors.

You don’t have to go to the gym, you just have to switch on some music or turn on the television and walk!

Here are my three recommended treadmills. You can decide which one is the best treadmill to use at home for you!



LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill

 LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill (2013 Model)Check Price

One of the best features of this treadmill is the extra-wide running surface. Sometimes, you feel cramped on a treadmill, with a very narrow belt, but that is not true of the LifeSpan. With a construction designed to lessen the strain of walking on the knees, this treadmill tracks how far, how long, and how fast you walk, along with how many calories you’ve burnt. With plans designed for weight loss, health promotion, and even marathon training, it is fully equipped to take you through every stage of life.

Another favorite feature of the LifeSpan is the folding system. Not only does it fold up, it can be easily rolled out of the way when it’s not in use. This makes it the perfect treadmill for anyone who wants to get fit without letting an exercise machine dominate the space.


Horizon Fitness T101-3 Treadmill

 Horizon Fitness T101-3 TreadmillCheck Price

Like the LifeSpan, this treadmill will fold up when it’s not in use, but it also has a quiet-run motor, which means you can catch a walk while the kids are taking a nap. Horizon also has a full slate of programs for you to choose from, from low-intensity strolls to rev up your metabolism, to calorie-burning powerwalks. Horizon even has speakers and an AV cable, so you can plug in your MP3 player and rock out while you walk (considering the kids aren’t asleep, of course). You can even easily track your pulse, just by touching the hand grips.

This treadmill is superbly reliable and durable, even if you want to walk a half-marathon every day. Especially for the price, Horizon has made a great treadmill for home use.

Proform 505 Treadmill

 Proform 505 CST TreadmillCheck Price

Like the other two treadmills on this list, Proform folds up for neat and convenient storage. It also has a number of pre-installed programs that make it easy and fun to use, most of which are designed to burn a certain number of calories. One of the features this treadmill has that no other treadmill does in the ability to integrate iFit apps into your exercise program.

With superior cushioning, Proform is easy on the knees, making it comfortable to get healthy. The large LED screen crisply and concisely summarizes your workout, making it easy to keep track of how long you have been walking and how many calories you’ve burnt. Though it doesn’t advertise it, this treadmill also has a quiet-run features, which makes it great for use in the early morning or during nap time.

How Would You Like a Folding Treadmill?

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  2. What features would you consider most important when buying a treadmill?

Trampoline For The Whole Family: The HOTTEST Gifts Of The Year!

A backyard trampoline for the whole family is one of the hottest gift items every year! If you have a big backyard and would love to create the best family memories, then you should consider the Ultega Jumper Trampoline for the whole family. This safe trampoline is perfect for both kids and adults. As long as it is not raining, why not enjoy some fun bouncing in the backyard?



 Ultega 10-Foot Jumper Trampoline with Safety NetCheck Price

The Ultega Jumper Trampoline  for the whole family comes in three sizes – 10 feet, 12 or 14 feet diameter. This huge trampoline is perfect for your backyard and it has a UV resistant mat that would make jumping comfortable no matter how hot the day gets. You can always be sure that you would be safe inside the trampoline as you are secured with a full surround mat on all directions that goes up to 5 ft 9in high. This safety net is secured tightly with 8 rods that are padded for your safety. The 64 springs inside the trampoline ensures that you have the bounciest fun ever right in your backyard. With a  maximum weight limit of 440 pounds, everyone can join in the fun!

Why The Ultega Jumper Can Bring Great Backyard Fun?

The Ultega Jumper Trampoline can certainly be the coolest addition to your “backyard fun collection”. Not only is it easy to install and secure in your backyard, but everyone in the family, young and old, can bounce up and down endlessly and enjoy carefree moments. Adults can become kids again, even if only for a few fun-filled moments.

Jumping on the Ultega trampoline is also great cardiovascular exercise for the body. Bouncing up and down in that frequency and intensity certainly gets your heart and lungs pumping and would make a perfect workout for you. It is almost like jogging for a few miles, but much more fun. Now you can exercise as a whole family while having fun and togetherness!

Don’t forget to get the accessories to make sure that your Ultega Jumper Trampoline is completely ready for use in your backyard.

 JumpSport SureStep 3-Step Trampoline LadderCheck Price JumpSport Trampoline Anchor KitCheck Price

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Exercise Anywhere with Step Aerobics Equipment

Step Aerobics is a fun exercise routine that would get your heart beating faster while you are having more fun building a stronger, more stress-resistant body. Step aerobics equipment is quite small and can be easily accommodated at home and be carried to the gym and just about everywhere. You can now enjoy a great workout anytime and anywhere you want. And we know how much natural stress relief a good workout can get you!

Step Aerobics Equipment is not just portable but easy for you to adjust to your workout needs. You can add more blocks for a more intense workout, and take away the blocks for a more manageable workout. So your aerobics plank can grow with you and your workout abilities. It is convenient to carry around to the gym, or place at any part of the house for a good workout.

Step Aerobics is usually a very exciting and upbeat form of exercise, which also comes with great fast music. It can do wonders to get your heart-beat pumping in a fun and uplifting manner. Now you need not use excessive weights and make exercising seem like torture. It can now feel like a fun dance class. Dance your stress away with fun rhythmic movements on your step aerobics equipment today.

 The Step F1010W Original Health Club StepCheck Price Tone Fitness Aerobic Stepper – Step AerobicsCheck Price The Step F1004 Step Workout SystemCheck Price

Step Aerobics can do wonders to make you feel alive and happy again. The workout can be as strenuous and you want it to be – and still stay fun. Add fun music to give it a boost while you get a great cardio workout and get your blood flowing. A good cardio workout can get you feeling a lot better and more energized. And you definitely would feel less stressed as well with the stamina to get through your busy day!

 The Step F1090 Step Body FusionCheck Price Stamina Aerobic StepCheck Price Escalade High-StepCheck Price

A good step aerobics routine can also help tone your muscles and help you look thinner and more in shape. Looking and feeling good certainly makes you a happier, more confident person. Step Aerobics normally does not require hours to give you a good workout – all it takes is 30-45 minutes. You can achieve so much more within a short span of time. A good set of step aerobics equipment is certainly a great gift for someone who is stressed and hard-pressed for time to enjoy a good workout.

Take a look at these step aerobics DVD’s that, with the right set of exercise equipment, would make having a great workout at home a breeze. These DVDs come with workout routines that can give you a great start to adding step aerobics to your exercise schedule.

 Step Aerobics Exercise DVD by GiladCheck Price Viva STEP AEROBIC General Fitness And Trim LegsCheck Price Kathy Smith Timeless: Step Aerobics WorkoutCheck Price Everybody Steps: A guide to step aerobicsCheck Price Seasun Zieger’s Z – Fit Super Step AerobicsCheck Price Absolute Beginners Fitness: Step and Dance Aerobics WorkoutCheck Price

Step aerobics can certainly be easy to add to your routine – for you to enjoy a good workout right at home. You can get cardio and toning exercises done right at home for a healthier and stress-free lifestyle. With aerobics equipment that doesn’t occupy much space and that can be adjusted to your workout needs and abilities, you can exercise right in the privacy of your own home.

What do you think of step aerobics equipment? Would you prefer step aerobics sessions at the gym or enjoy this form of exercise at home?

Enjoy a Stair Stepper Workouts Right At Home For Natural Stress Relief

Twist and turn to blast stress and get in shape by doing an effective stair stepper workouts right where you are!

Take a look at these stair stepper workout equipment that are so small they can fit almost anywhere. And don’t underestimate its power.

A twist stepper workout done right can eliminate stress and do wonders to tone the legs, thighs and entire lower body and make you slim into shape in a much shorter time. Add some hand resistance and you can also work your upper body muscles all while twisting and turning.

Home workouts can be made so much easier and convenient with these small in home exercise equipment.

Simply position the stair stepper right where you want it and when you need it. You could keep your twist stepper workout machine in front of your TV and enjoy an invigorating workout while watching your favorite show! Now toning your muscles need not be an added chore to your busy day. Being active while in front of the television also makes TV watching more beneficial to your health.

A stair stepper workout is a great all round exercise routine that is perfect for you if you are pressed for time. If you need results within a short time and would normally find it a great challenge to squeeze in the time to hit the gym, then a stair stepper workout may be perfect for you. All it takes is 20 minutes of twisting and turning and you can bust stress, tone your body and look healthier in no time. Make it more exciting by playing your favorite fast beat music for a more rigorous workout.

 Sunny Health & Fitness Twister StepperCheck Price Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle BarCheck Price Sunny Mini Stepper with Resistance BandsCheck Price

Climbing up and down stairs can do wonders for your stamina and energy level. Now you can enjoy those benefits even if you do not have stairs, or can’t use the stairs much during your daily routine. Stair stepper exercises are certainly a great way to get stronger and feel more energized to go about their daily routine. You don’t need an enormous elliptical machine at home, nor do you need to walk up and down flights of stairs when bad weather prevents you from heading outside for your usual walking as exercise routine.

A healthy body and mind is essential for a stress resistant life. If you could use an energy boost and would love to feel more active and energized through the day, then you should definitely get these stair stepper exercise systems and start twisting your way to less stress and better health.

 Skinnygirl Workout Mini Stepper with TubesCheck Price Sunny Adjustable Twist Stepper, PinkCheck Price Exercise Stepper (Steel) (14.25Check Price

Stair stepper workouts are now easier and more affordable. They are easy to set up, can be used anywhere at home with minimal adjustments, and can also be stored away easily between uses. A good stair stepper workout does not take too long. With shorter workout sessions you can get lots more stress-busting effects.

Do you enjoy a good stair stepper routine? Does it get your heart pumping when you do a great step workout? Do you think these stair stepper workout systems could help you beat stress and achieve better health right at home? Let us know what you think. Just use the comment form below!

Invest In Fitness Equipment For Natural Stress Relief

Let me make one thing clear.  You can easily get natural stress relief by investing in a good pair of walking shoes and getting a vigorous walk 3-5 times per week.  You don’t really need any expensive equipment.  But there are times when bad weather conditions or other work commitments “disrupt” you’re walking schedule.  That’s when it could be really beneficial to have a home gym or other fitness equipment so that you can get a good work-out at home.

What Should You Get

Personally, I like aerobics and strength training, and there are a lot of exercise DVD’s with accompanying equipment that appeals to me.  I don’t want to spend $900 on a treadmill or some other sophisticated exercise machine, but if those appeal more to you, that is fine too.  Click the images below for some of the most popular and effective fitness equipment available at

Invest in a Home Gym

Another option is to invest in a home gym for a reasonable price that can ‘work’ the whole body. If you click  the images below you will  see various multi-station gyms that offer as much benefits as a gym membership without the inconvenience of having to travel to the gym each time you want a workout.  But there are other benefits as well such as not having to pay a membership fee year after year.