Best Herbal Tea For Insomnia

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Insomnia can cause some real stress, but you can fight it with these natural remedies.

If you have occasional trouble sleeping or have chronic insomnia, it may seem impossible that a simple cup of tea can help relieve your sleeplessness. If you are tired of being tired, there are actually teas that will help ease your body into sleep, often just as effectively as sleep medications, and without any of the nasty side effects. When you no longer want to be a slave to an irregular or nonexistent sleep schedule, it’s time to take control and use the best herbal tea for insomnia. A cup of one of these types of teas will help calm your body and mind and let you sleep.


Everyone knows that chamomile is calming. It’s also on the list of best herbal tea for insomnia. It’s long been billed as a tea for those that have trouble getting to or staying asleep. Chamomile has such a strong reputation for calming, it is actually added to lotions and shampoos to calm the skin and reduce irritation and inflammation. This is exactly what it does when you drink it as a tea. A warm drink soothes the system and when  you add a steeping cup of chamomile to your sleep routine, it can actually act as a sedative, lulling you to sleep.


As far as I am concerned Linden is the very best herbal tea for insomnia. Linden’s uses are wide and varied, including treating stuffy noses, alleviating breathing problems, relieving headaches, and other issues. One of its lesser known uses is as a sedative tea. Like chamomile, it is widely used in lotions and serums to treat external inflammation and itchiness, but it can also be effectively used to help the sleepless beat insomnia. Along with its sedative benefit, it can also lower blood pressure, soothe a sore throat, and bring down a fever. This tea is perfect for those whose trouble sleeping is connected to breathing issues or illness.


In the list of teas that are known to put people to sleep, valerian always closely follows chamomile. Well known for its sedative effects, this plant was used even in ancient times to curb anxiety and help people sleep. Valerian can actually take a few weeks for its full effect to work on a person, as the body and the mind get into the habit of drinking the tea and letting that tea soothe the body. It is definitely one of the most popular choices and there is actually more scientific evidence to support claims that this tea fights insomnia than there is to support claims about chamomile.  Some folks use the actual root for maximum sleep inducing effects.   Others prefer the convenience of valerian capsules.  Try it in various forms and see which one works best to help you get more restful, stress-busting sleep…every night!


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