Are You Always Angry? You’re Making Yourself Sick!

arguing-couplesAre you angry all the time?  Do you fly off the handle at little things?  When you’re angry is it virtually uncontrollable, causing you to go into an almost blind rage, yelling and screaming and cursing and maybe even getting physical as well?

If so, you’re doing a tremendous amount of damage to those around you, especially if they’re children.  A child’s sense of security and well-being is tied in to how the adults in the home act and when they are uncontrolled, a child’s entire world is turned upside down.  And of course anger can affect your job, your spouse, your neighbors, and so many others.

You Are Making Yourself Sick!

But have you ever considered how anger affects you, especially your physical health?  People that are always angry and that have no self-control often suffer from ulcers, digestive disorders, headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, vomiting, acid reflux, interrupted sleep, severe weight gain or loss, dizzy spells, thinning hair, acne, dry skin, elevated blood pressure, heart disease, and heart attacks.

There are many reasons for these physical problems but those reasons are very much tied to anger and the physical reactions it brings about in the body.  Unfortunately many of these problems are very serious and some are potentially fatal.  Elevated blood pressure, heart disease, and other cardiovascular diseases can bring about an early death.  Interrupted sleep can actually cause brain damage and a buildup of toxins in the blood.  It can also mean falling asleep during the day at inappropriate times such as when behind the wheel of a car which then can have tragic results.

Obviously there may be other problems that can cause these health problems but if you have a temper problem and also notice problems with any of these other conditions, chances are they’re related.  Temper brings about a chain reaction in the body that elevates the heart rate and produces adrenaline in very unhealthy ways and in unhealthy measures.  Most of the systems of the body also overreact, including the digestive system and respiratory system.  This overreaction on their part can cause damage when left unchecked.

Control Your Anger To Live A Longer, Happier Life

Are you always angry? There are many reasons to consider learning anger management skills but of course the damage your temper does to your health is one very important one.  Everyone deserves to live the longest, healthiest life possible and if anger is in your way of that long and healthy life, isn’t that a good enough reason to learn to control it?

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