Are These Outside Stressors Ruining Your Marriage?

biggest-causes-of-stress-relationshipSometimes problems in a marriage are caused not so much by two people in the marriage but by outside stresses.  Some things just seem to cause so much pressure and stress on two people that their relationship with each suffers.

These outside stressors might include:

  1. Prolonged unemployment
  2. Stresses on the job
  3. Financial problems
  4. Death in the family
  5. Caring for an elderly parent or other relative
  6. Having a sick or special needs child
  7. Physical injury or illness to one spouse
  8. Surviving a traumatic event, such as an accident or crime

Why do these particular problems cause so much stress in a marriage?  Usually it’s because one or both spouses are expecting the other one to handle things in a manner that’s different from how they are handling things, or they become so wrapped up in this stress that they neglect their relationship. 

It’s also true that sometimes one or both spouses will feel so stressed that they begin to take their frustrations and anger out on each other, and this of course wears away at the marriage bond.

Another common factor is that one spouse feels so depressed, guilty, or angry at the situation that he or she just cannot face the other spouse without feeling as if they have let him or her down.  This makes it difficult for there to be a positive bond in the marriage.

It’s important to be aware of how these stresses can affect your marriage and take steps to keep them from wearing away at your marriage bond.  Sometimes just understanding that you’re upset or angry over something outside the marriage can be enough to keep you from taking things out on your mate or from resenting him or her for situations outside their control.

Communication is also important.  Talk about your feelings openly and honestly, and allow your spouse to do the same.

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