62% Of Women Say They Would Like to Receive THIS Gift Item For Ladies!

GiftFinding the perfect gift item for ladies to impress all the women in your life may seem difficult—especially if they are the kind of women that already have everything they could ever want or need.  Here’s the good news.  62% of women, say they would like to receive a gift certificate for the holidays or anytime of the year! That makes gift shopping a breeze, doesn’t it?

So with so many gift giving opportunities always approaching all year long, finding gifts that the women in your life actually want, used to be a daunting project—but not anymore.  You can easily give amazon gift certificates to every woman on your list,.  Amazon gift cards NEVER expire and they carry no fees!

Or…you can choose from the list of gifts for women below.  The gift items listed below have been hand-picked by women for women.  That way, you can find something for the women in your life, without losing the element of surprise.

  1. Treadmill Desk – For the working woman who always wants to stay fit! Whether she works from home or just always has extra tasks to get done once she’s home from the office, the desk allows her to complete any task, and the treadmill allows her to get in her workout. This is perfect for the woman who loves to multitask, who finds her everyday workout too boring, and who would love to make her workout do double duty so she has more time with her family. Regardless of the occasion, you really can’t go wrong with this gift.
  1. Clothes Steamer – Have you ever noticed how long it takes to iron something? Even something simple like a pencil skirt? To get those perfectly crisp lines and to banish all wrinkles, even a simple ironing job can take a half hour. Whether she’s a busy mother or a busy professional (or both), most women just don’t have time to iron everything that needs to be ironed and actually get places on time. They have to get up early just to make sure everything for the day is ironed, or else go out in wrinkly clothes. There is an alternative, however, that you can give to the busy women in your life—a clothes steamer. It seriously cuts down on ironing time and actually refreshes clothes (in case she didn’t get a chance to do laundry).
  1. Juicer – Juicers weren’t just a 90’s craze. For the busy woman who maybe doesn’t always have time to eat her daily value of fruit and vegetables, a juicer can be the perfect gift, especially since she needs to avoid the processed sugars and chemicals in commercial juice brands in order to stay healthy and stress-resilient. She’ll be able to squeeze a few more servings of the good stuff into her diet, without having to put up with the crap that food companies sneak into their juice. The nutrients in fruits and vegetables can help the body fight stress, promotes a healthy immune system, and can even boost the mood, making them a perfect present for any woman in your life.
  1. Mixers – Is there a woman in your life who likes to bake? Or who would like to bake if she had the right tools? Until you have a mixer, you might not realize how fun and relaxing baking can be. A mixer does a lot of the heavy lifting, and they are easy to clean and extremely durable. If you pick from the most popular brands of mixers, they can last for decades without needing any kind of maintenance or repairs. Best of all, they come in a vast range of sizes and colors, so you can find a model that will match her kitchen and her needs. If she doesn’t need a giant mixer, she doesn’t have to have one!
  1. Blenders – Blenders are another kitchen tool that are often overlooked as gifts for women and even as useful kitchen appliances. The right blender, however, can make anything from cold smoothies in the summer to hot soups in the winter, and just about anything in between. Having a powerful blender means you can make sauces, and salsas, and salad dressing, and so much more—quickly and easily. A blender is a great gift for the woman who likes making her own meals, but needs a tool that will speed up the process while also broadening the range of meals that she can make.

The five gifts mentioned above AND the Amazon gift certificates are woman-approved and have been hand-picked by women for women! Any busy woman will love any of these gifts, designed to make her life easier, happier, and more stress-resilient! Happy gifting!

About Darlene

Darlene is passionate and enthusiastic about helping women simplify their lives, develop stress resilience, regain balance, and find happiness, despite the personal storms life throws at them. She has published a popular series of stress management books which focus on simple, practical and healthy stress relief strategies, as well as provide FREE resources and services that help women become more stress-resilient.


  1. Darlene Unsett says:

    I Love, love, love gift certificates, especially for Christmas! I rush out and spend them at all the after Christmas sales and have a blast. The best time to shop is after the holiday not before. Last year I got about five hundred dollars worth of clothes with a one hundred dollar gift certificate – Merry Christmas Darlene!

    • Hi Darlene, so you are clearly part of that 62% of women who give gift certificates a bug THUMBS UP! Squeezing $500 worth of clothes out of a $100 gift certificate is AMAZING!! Clearly you are an expert shopper! Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us.

  2. Charley Green says:

    I’ve never heard someone recommend a clothes steamer as a gift before. Do they really work? I really hate ironing; it’s one of my least favorite chores and I’ll just wear wrinkles if I’m not going anywhere important. I know my wife hates ironing too. Maybe she’d like something like that. I’ll look into that. Have to be careful though, I once got in trouble buying her a carpet cleaner for her birthday.

    • Hi Charlie, if you wife hates ironing as much as I do, she’ll love the clothes steamer. Better run it by her first though, just to be on the safe side. Or better yet, buy this gift for yourself and then YOU can do all the ironing! I bet she would love that idea. The clothes steamer takes all the hard work out of ironing so there is no reason a “guy” couldn’t do it. LOL

      • Willow Sampson says:

        I don’t like to shop, and I don’t like to fuss over things. I’m a pretty straightforward person.

        I just wish for something simple that gives me more time, like that clothes steamer.

        Anything that makes my life easier, I’m in favor of it.

  3. Angela B. says:

    I’ve seen those treadmill desks, and think they’re a great idea. I’m a writer which is obviously a sedentary occupation, and would love to be able to multi task – work and exercise at the same time. Maybe if I start talking about how much weight I’d lose and how healthy I’d be, my husband will get the hint. But seriously, I love that our society has gotten more health conscious and that people continue to come up with ideas like this. I agree, this would make a great gift.

    • Sonja Luther says:


      We women don’t want to see people waste their money on buying gifts for us that we don’t want or can’t use. That’s why it’s always just easier to say that we’d like gift cards. But this list takes a lot of the guesswork out of buying good gifts for us, since it was assembled by other women.

      Guys, just look at the list and ask yourselves what she would like the most. I bet that you can imagine how she would feel when she opens a gift.

      I don’t know about other women, but I love to have something that’s a little practical but also has an ounce of surprise and I love to feel pampered. That’s why the desk would work for me over something like the steam cleaner. True, that would be helpful and practical, but for me, I would feel showered with love if I got that desk.

      So now I’m planning how to drop hints. I think I’ll forward this link to a few girlfriends and they can talk it up for me!

      Thanks, Darlene!

  4. Karla Case says:

    I agree with Darlene about the gift certificates. My husband and I really have everything we need, but of course our children and grandchildren occasionally want to give us gifts. We always tell them to get gift certificates. It’s great to have a free night out to the movies or a restaurant. I also love to shop on line, and Amazon gift cards are a favorite. You can’t use gift cards for so many things anymore, and I recently heard that now they have to make them so they don’t expire or lose their value. Does anyone know if this is true? Great article. Thanks

    • Hi Karla, thanks for stopping by. As far as I know, the Amazon gift cards do not expire. If anyone has any additional info on this, please share.

      • Monica Hill says:

        Karla and Darlene, Amazon gift cards NEVER expire. There are federal and local laws that prevent most cards from having an expiration date, but there are exceptions. Any cards bought within the last 7-10 years probably don’t have one, and if they do have one, the expiration date has to be printed on the card. This is actually good news for me, because I have a ton of cards of varying kinds and would never remember.

        I have to admit to being one of the 62%, but now that I see that juicer on the list, I think that would make me really happy. It’s time for me to shape up and go more natural in my food and drink choices.

        Have a merry one, everyone!

        • Monica, Thanks for clarifying about the Amazon gift cards. The feature of NO EXPIRATION DATE makes it even more appealing as the TOP gift idea for women. I am definitely one of the 62% too… but the treadmill desk is awesome too. I already have a juicer. :-)

  5. Chantelle Clark says:

    I personally love getting blenders as a gift, or a gift certificate. The reason being is because not only do I love making fruit and vegetable smoothies, blenders are also great for making frosty margaritas. I tend to make a smoothie everyday, so I end up using my blender every single day. If your woman or girlfriend doesn’t have one of these in the house, definitely consider getting her one.

    Gift certificates on the other hand can be taken one of two ways: either that it’s a cop out gift and you just didn’t know what to get (this is unlikely but is still a thought that may come up) or is a wonderful gift because they can use it on whatever they want. Often this is the best choice for those who you may not know very much about say like a new girl you’ve just started dating.

    • Hi Chantelle, great points. Thanks for sharing. I like getting personalized, home made gifts best. Home made gifts really show that you care and took the time to make something personalized just for me. But Amazon gift certificates can be awesome too, especially for high ticket items that I may not want to “splurge” on for myself. :-)

      • Winona Petit says:

        One year I simply wrote letters to everyone I wanted to gift. I used special textured paper and decorated each one with a lot of found items — buttons, ribbons, dried flowers, etc.

        I dug deep and explained to each person why I loved them and what made them special.

        I was actually poor at the time and that’s why I chose to make presents instead of buying them. The weird thing is that I still hear from people how much they appreciated them. And people still have them – some are hung on walls and some are in files, but at least some of them have survived the test of time.

        It was a life-changing season for me. I not only had something unique to give, but solved the stress of not being able to express myself through expensive gifts.

  6. Mindy Morris says:

    I would really like a nice blender or mixer. I recently tried to start eating healthier and would love to be able to make smoothies from fresh fruit. I work at the library and see all kinds of books with smoothie recipes. They look wonderful, but you have to have a good blender to make it work. I’d also like to have a bread maker. Same reason, so I could make healthy homemade bread. I hope my husband is listening.

  7. I’m the type of person who is always busy. I work part time at a very stressful job, am going to school full time and just don’t have the time to work out or relax anymore. I used to go to the gym all the time but since starting school full time, I just can’t find the time. I don’t even find the time to get outside much anymore for walks! It’s really bringing me down, and when I saw that you had a treadmill desk as the top gift option for women, I thought, “sounds like a great present for me!”

    I would love to be able to walk or run on the treadmill while working on school work at home. Definitely going to take a look into one of these and maybe throw a hint or two towards my spouse for Christmas!

    Great list!

    • Hi Tash, Thanks for the comment. The desk treadmill was apparently made with multi-tasking women in mind…LOL. ( Aren’t we all). With so much to do and so little time being the motto for most of us, this treadmill desk could help busy women kill two birds with one stone, i.e. work AND stay healthy at the same time. Glad you enjoyed the list. Send the link this article to your spouse…I think he’ll get the hint. LOL

  8. Kendra H. says:

    I’ve always wondered about juicers and their purpose. I knew that they were used to create juices that would be straight from the fruit and be perfect for those going all organic or natural. Perfect for those trying to stay away from excess sugar and chemicals. But I’ve never felt the need for one as I tend to get most of my fruit through smoothies done in a blender, or bought from Freshly Squeezed which is an all natural fruit vendor that creates fruit smoothies with or without yoghurt and other pro-biotics.

    I think though that having a juicer could really add some benefit to a household. You can teach your children about the benefit of natural fruits, and show them how much better it tastes than that store bought stuff.

    I do buy a fruit smoothie drink every once in awhile from the grocery store, but you can really tell the difference between one made without added sugar, and one with it.

    Maybe getting a juicer would be a great gift.

    • Hi Kendra, thanks for sharing. Sounds like you are already living a healthy lifestyle. Good for you! A juicer is definitely the ideal gift that could benefit the entire family. Embracing a stress-resilient lifestyle by eating healthy is the best gift anyone can give to a loved one. We juice three times a week. I don’t know what I would do without our juicer.

  9. Jessica W. says:

    My Mom used to iron clothes all the time and I always wondered why it took her so long to do it. I think one shirt ended up taking at least 15-30 minutes depending on how wrinkly it was. As a kid I guess wrinkles just didn’t phase me and I thought it was funny that she spent so much time on her clothing when she could be doing other things.

    Now as an adult with a professional career, I understand the importance of being wrinkle free and as professional looking as possible. But of course being too busy all the time to actually iron my clothes makes dry cleaning super expensive. Wouldn’t mind a clothes steamer to make it easier!

    • Hi Jessica, so true! Unlike my mom, who seems to take delight in spending hours ironing clothes, I simply do not have the desire nor the time to actually iron my clothes. This clothes steamer is the perfect solution for busy women like us, who need to look good in and out of the office. :-)

  10. This is a wonderful list for women! I didn’t know that Amazon Gift Certifications didn’t expire, I am guessing that is the same across both Canada and the United States? Might just have to get my woman one of those so that she can fill her Kindle with new e-books.

    Love the addition of the juicer and clothing steamers – I think these are a little more non-traditional, or not thought of as often as traditional things such as work out equipment, or small kitchen appliances. I am a fan of giving gifts that are practical rather than just something that they want – this way if they want it and it is practical, it has a longer value to it.

    • Thanks for sharing your comments Glen. It’s a fact! 62% of women say they would like to receive gift certificates. This makes gift giving really simple and easy for guys looking for the “perfect” gift for the women in their lives. Amazon gift certificates are perfect for last minutes shoppers too. Happy gifting! :-)

  11. I can attest to how great those treadmill desks are. A little pricey, but worth every penny. I use one not only when I’m writing email (takes a bit of getting used to, but after a few days now it is second hat), but even just for watching TV. I don’t let myself watch TV before 9:00 PM unless I’m using the treadmill desk as well. I can multitask – TV, Treadmill, and a project on the desk surface usually. I’m not a big TV watcher, but it has helped a lot. Takes away the temptation to watch for me. And, I like getting steps in while getting work done. Great idea Darlene!

  12. Beverly Green says:

    I really miss my mixer. I had one for years, but it finally gave up the ghost after Thanksgiving. It was an old-fashioned, handheld one, but it worked great for a long time. I whipped up many a recipe with that.

    I have to admit that I am a little blown away by the amazing features on some of these gourmet mixers. I could really go to town with one of these. Brushed chrome, 12 speeds, handle on the bowl, a countdown timer! And so much more — you can even get cash back on some of them.

    I’ve got to favor the Komen Foundation one. My sister had breast cancer and fortunately pulled through. Every day is a gift.

    • Hi Beverly, My mom is the TRUE baker in our family and I try to “follow in her footsteps”…so a really good mixer is something practical that
      I would really like to have. Right now I use a hand held mixer. I am so happy to hear that your sister is a cancer SURVIVOR! My sister was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4 last December! THANKFULLY she pulled through. We have so much to be thankful!

  13. Charisse Cappello says:

    First of all, I’ve just got to say how helpful this list is. To make life easier, all of this stuff can be purchased online and delivered, which is really great when the weather starts kicking in and making it hard to get around. Also, I love figuring out ways to avoid long lines.

    I actually calculate how many hours I saved when I shop online. Then I do something evil with that extra time – like go to a chick flick with some girlfriends!

    • Hi Charisse, Thanks for sharing. Shopping online to save time is SMART, and going to a chick flick with some girlfriends is not evil at all. You deserve some “me time” and some fun in your life too. That’s being balanced which is essential to keep stress at bay.

  14. Sissy MacDougall says:

    There is something so soothing about feeling nourished. I have a high-stress job and I have to provide some “me” time and practice good self-care. I do work out on a regular basis and soothe myself with aromatherapy and good music. I keep my private life separate from the stressors at work, so that’s working pretty well.

    Lately I’ve been feeling that I need more nourishment on a cellular level, so the juicers seem to be the most appealing choices on the list. I know from personal experience that bringing the body up to a peak fitness and health level serves well on the job.

    Thank you for a thoughtful and diversified list.

    • Andrea Robinson says:

      I would love the juicer, too! It looks so great and I’d love to have delicious, healthy drinks that I could make myself!

      To be honest, I’ve always wanted one since I saw Jack LaLanne demo one on TV. Just seems so healthy.

      The thing that worries me a little is the calorie content. I’m not exactly a lightweight, so I don’t want to overdo it!

      On the other hand, I hear that it’s so satisfying to drink natural juices that it helps tamper down the appetite … anyone else know anything about that?


  15. Maggie Smith says:

    Well, I was reading this list and clicking on all the links and I started to worry — what would be the best one!?

    And then, I thought, “Hey, the whole point is that gift-giving is STRESS-FREE!”

    I have a tendency to get overwhelmed, but I also see the funny side of things, and I thought it was wild that I was stressing while on a stress relief site!


    Suffice it to say — there is a great list of choices here, and if , like me, you really don’t know — JUST GO WITH THE GIFT CARDS! You have a 62% chance of being right!

    Thanks for the wise words you’ve given us throughout the site.


  16. Francie Eschenower says:

    We all know people who don’t like whatever present you give them. You might have listened to their every word, trying to pick something that meets their specifications exactly, and yet, when they get it, they don’t like it.

    I am just curious as to how you would return a gift that was bought online, and if they have to pay extra shipping for it. Is there a way, maybe on Amazon or whatever, that you can specify that you’ll pay return shipping charges if the person doesn’t like it?

    • Hi Francie, Good point. I am not sure how that works. A gift certificate would eliminate that problem for sure. :-) If anyone knows how returning a gift that was bought online would work, please chime in.

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